Jellylorum curled up beside her human, Cameron, her old bones shaking under the force of her purrs as thin elderly fingers scratched the length of her back. She listened to the beeping of the heart monitor and Cameron's ragged breathing. It wouldn't be long now, she could smell it on him, the inevitable. Jelly was just glad she was allowed to be with him, the hospital had fought against allowing the queen to be with her owner and friend, but Cameron's family had ultimately won the argument when they were able to prove that the presence of Jellylorum was beneficial for the old man. In truth, being with him was just as beneficial for her. After Cameron had been taken to hospital, Jelly had stopped eating, heartbroken and narrowly escaping being put down. At a record breaking forty-two years old, the Munchkin queen would not have blamed the younger humans in Cameron's family for taking her to the vet one final time to meet Everlasting and all the Jellicles she had outlived, but this, this was better, this was what they both wanted to be together in their final breaths.

"Poppy..." Cameron rasped, dull browns struggling to find the frail calico.

Jelly mewed weakly and crawled onto his chest, perking her whiskers in a smile, giving him and affectionate slow blink.

Cameron smiled and blinked back, "Tell me a story," he laid his hand on her shoulders.

She arched into his touch and purred, thinking back to when she'd first met her life long friend...