Dear Notebook


May I start by saying, I do not see the point in writing this. I heard that many people write diaries to express emotion. I am simply bored.

The Kira case is proven difficult and it is taken up a lot of my time as of late. Recently, all leads have dried up and I have found myself at loose ends. I have been passing the time by watching funny cat videos on YouTube. Cats are very entertaining creatures.

I also watched a film series called Twilight. I do not believe in vampires but I hardly doubt they would sparkle. It is not even mildly scary. Though, I suppose it would be very distracting. Also, why do the werewolves feel the need to take off their shirts every 5 minutes. I do not see the attraction in strutting around half naked all the time. Although I do have a slight dislike of wearing shoes, clothes are a very useful thing to have.

Light is looking at me strangely again. I have no idea why. Due to the fact that I still have suspicions about him being Kira, he is still handcuffed to my wrist. This means we have been spending a lot of time in each others company. On the whole it is a pleasant experience but sometimes I catch Light looking at me with an almost hungry expression on his face.

I have deduced that there is a 43% chance Light Yagami is a vampire.

I must go now. Watari is serving cake.