May 11 2014

Chapter 15: Molly Coddled

For the next few days Covington kept spending more time with Rebecca and Molly. Baloo and Kit didn't mind since now Rebecca wasn't as tense and focused in the business, resulting us with more free time. But Molly and I had formed a secret alliance against Covington, which meant that she'd keep kicking him on the shin whenever he was getting too close to her mother or her doll . I would offer to babysit her every time I had a change, keeping him away from the doll as often as possible.
The plan worked about a week. Then the next Friday Rebecca told me Covington would be having supper with her at her apartment.

"-And you want me to look after Molly, right?"

"Oh, no" she shook her head. "You're a good babysitter but this time Molly will be staying in her room. She'll be staying with us so I can keep her from causing trouble like she has for the last few days. She should start to get use to having him around, I just don't understand why she's so mean to him."

"Maybe she has a feeling the guy will be trouble" Rebecca looked confused.

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, since you asked, I have that feeling too. I don't trust that guy."

For my surprise Rebecca smiled. "I understand" she said.

"Wait, what?"

"You are worried if he's good to me, right?"

"That's not what I-"

"Don't worry about it. Covington is charming, intelligent man and I'm happy with him-"

"What is his first name?" I interrupted her. She looked surprised.


"I asked what's his first name".

"Um..." Rebecca looked down.

"Let me guess; you don't know it." She didn't say anything. "I don't know much about relationships but I'm pretty sure one of the first things is to know each others names."

"It's okay if he hasn't told me his name!" Rebecca tried to save herself. "I'm sure that he will tell it to me tonight"

"Why hasn't he told it before?"

"Maybe we've been so happy he hasn't realized that he hasn't told it to me."

"Ooooor he keeps it a secret on purpose" Rebecca got frustrated.

"Look, I don't have time for this, I have to get home and prepare the supper". She took her coat and walked out of the office, leaving me standing there.

"Fine!" I yelled after she left. "Go ahead and have a nice supper with Jerkington!"

I huffed a little and sat down on the big armchair. Why wouldn't she listen?

"Is the war over?". I turned around. Baloo and Kit came out from the kitchen.

"Guys!? How long have you been here? I thought you were still on the way back."

"We came back only few minutes ago" Kit said and took a seat on one of the lower steps of the stairs. "So what were you guys arguing about?"

"I give you three guesses"

"Lis, I don't get what's with you an' Covington. He doesn't seem that bad of a guy."

"I told you before, there's just something about that guy I don't like."

"Well, maybe if you got to know the guy better..."

"Ugh, this is getting nowhere." I stood up. "I'm going to bed".

"But it's only six p.m."

"Hasn't stopped me before" I walked to my room and threw myself on the hammock. It twisted around and my face made a contact with the floor again. Freaking perfect!


I lied on the hammock for sometime, feeling a bit guilty for snapping at Rebecca and guys, before falling asleep. Cartoon dreams could get pretty tiresome when they circled around the stuff going through ones head. Ever since the Jerkington had shoved up my dreams were about that idiot turning Rebecca against Molly and me. Then the doll would came alive and kick him and his toupee to the kingdom come and back.

But this time I didn't get to that part of the dream since I was awakened by sounds coming from the office. I saw Baloo and Kit, but for my surprise Rebecca was there too.

"-But you called me".

"But we didn't Becky."

"What's going on here?" they turned to look at me.

"Elisabet, tell me it was you who called me".

"Called you?"

"Yeah, about someone breaking in here!" I was confused.

"Sorry, that wasn't me. And there has been no breaking in here as far as I know."

"Something's wrong" Rebecca looked puzzled. "Covington said that you guys called-"

"Did you hear the phone?"

"Well, no-" she looked at me "Are you saying he lied to me?"

"Well, we didn't call" Baloo said.

"And we've been here ever since we got back" Kit added.

Rebecca didn't seem to know what to think. Then I noticed something.

"Where's Molly?"

"What? Oh, I left her with Covington" she froze for a second. "You don't think he'd do something-"

"I think we'd better go there" Baloo said. The four of us got into Rebecca's car and drove off.

When we got to her apartment there were no sign of Molly or Jerkington. Molly's room was a mess; there were toys around on the floor and her bed was half destroyed, like someone had rammed into it.
We thought that they could have gone to Higher for Hire. Rebecca was getting more worried and worried as we drove back. Once we got there we checked every place but there were no sign of them there either.

"I knew there was something fishy about him." We were in the office, Baloo and I were walking in a circle, while Rebecca was calling the police.

"It seems you were right after all" he told me.

"I hope Molly's alright." Kit said.

"She better be, if Jerkington knows his own good"

Suddenly we heard a sound of plane door. "The Sea Duck!" all of us said in unison and hurried to the plane. And surprise surprise, there was Covington. With Molly's doll but no Molly.

"Covington?" Rebecca was surprised.

"I thought you were supposed to be babysittin'!" Baloo growled.

"Well.. I.." Covington started. Then he suddenly cried out: "Oh Rebecca, darling, forgive me! Molly's been kidnapped!"

"KIDNAPPED!?" Baloo and I yelled and he took Covington by the shirt collar.

"Calm down you two, I'll handle this" Rebecca said and pushed Baloo a said. "KIDNAPPED!?" She yelled even louder and also took Covington by the collar.

"She's been taken to Skull Island, until they get this doll" he said and showed the wooden doll.

"So let's give it to 'em, c'mon." Baloo was ready to go.

"Oh it's my fault she's gone!" Covington acted like a martyr. "If only I wasn't allergic to pain. I shall deliver it!" he was ready to walk out but I stopped him.

"And you think we'll let you walk away with the doll? What's stopping you from sneaking away?"

"Yeah, haven't you been sniffin' around after this doll from the start?" Baloo hold Jerkington's hand with the doll in it.

"I have no notion what you could possibly mean" he said and yanked his hand from Baloo. "I feel responsible for Molly that's all"

"Don't worry, Covvy, we're all going. We'd never make you do this all by yourself" Rebecca told him.

"Thank you so very much" he muttered. Kit and Baloo went to the cockpit and Rebecca followed them. I turned around and kicked Jerkingtons shin.

"OW! What was that for?"

"That was for Molly" I walked into the cockpit and I heard him muttering.

"Why do they always go for my shins?"

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