A/N- So for anyone wondering that this story looks familiar, that because it is. This was my very first fanfiction I wrote. I put it here but my writing back then was horrible, I was going through and correcting it and I was cringing, I just couldnt fathom people reading that. I was too focused on the mistakes. Anyways I took this down to fix it, I added a bit more things to the story too. Bascially this story is complete, it is 17 chapters plus and epilogue, however I just need to go through and finish correcting. It contains no slash and its a bit dark in the beginning but his has humor. This isnt a new story for everyone who is thinking finish your current stories..I am..this one is already written. Anyways enjoy.

Chapter 1:

Harry Potter quickly boarded the train with his head hung down, thankful that his hair had grown out a lot in the summer. The 6th year was glad for the temporary reprieve of his mini disguise as he didn't want to bump into anyone at the moment. His hair covered his scar and a tiny bruise on his left cheek. He walked through the train until he found a empty compartment and pulled the shades down. Locking the door with a complex locking charm, he breathed a sigh of relief. He so didn't want to be found like this. Harry took a breath and watched impassively as his glamours started to fall and and then the tired teen slumped to the floor.

This summer was by far the worse he had ever had. Dumbledore may have thought that he was helping Harry by telling the Durselys that Sirius had died, but they mocked and blamed him about it every chance they got. With the threat of his convicted godfather gone, they had no such qualms about hurting him.

He could feel the blood seeping through his thin t-shirt and and he sighed harshly. It hurt to breathe thanks to his broken ribs, and he had never felt so weak then he did in that current moment. Harry carefully took a seat, being careful not to lean back to hard not wanting to aggravate his wound. He wishes he could just close his eyes and never wake up; as he is so tired of fighting this alone. Honestly he just wished that for once someone would notice that something was wrong and help him. The train ride was silent on the way to school as it was just him and no one else. However it soon passed by quickly and all too soon he felt the train stopping, they were there. He quickly got dressed into his robes and stood up before reapplying his shields.

Harry walked off the train with his head down; oblivious to the stares he is receiving as he took a seat in the carriage with some unknown Hufflepuffs. He could hear them talking about him, wondering he he was but he ignore them. He didn't have the strength to even go there. As the carriages finally stop he looked up at Hogwarts to see the castle in all of her glory; he is finally home. He steps through the doors with the rest of his peers but finds himself unable to go to the great hall to eat dinner with everyone else. He's not sure he could even stomach food at the moment in time.

At least not the rich food from Hogwarts. But then again, only eating maybe a slice of toast a day would do that to a person. At the moment the only thing on his mind is heading to his dormitory and sleeping off all this pain. He knew that today seems so long because he's in agony. But once he has a night to sleep it off, and if he manages to knick some potions he knows he will be fine. He's gone through this so many times, it's a wonder he's still sane. With that in mind, he turned away from his classmates, intent on his dormitory.

He finds however that his feet has other plans and soon he is in front of the entrance to the 2nd floor girl's bathroom. The bathroom where Moaning Myrtle haunts and hardly has any visitors due to the ghost's wailing. Harry walks inside and tiredly lays down on the cold ground. He hisses in pain as his glamours fall once more, only this time it is because he is overcome by his exhaustion to keep them up any longer. He cries softly to himself at the excruciating pain from the injures, it's too much for him to bear.

He chokes on his sobs, trying to stop them, but his ribs don't like that, and he has no choice but to cry in earnest. It isn't long before finally cries himself to sleep. The hours pass by and his eyes still remain closed, as his breaths start getting shallower and shallower. His body is succumbing to his injuries and he is still all alone. He is not aware that his body is losing so much blood by bleeding on the inside and out, but he dreams on, he has no worries now.

In his dream he see his mother with her vibrant red hair, but instead of smiling at him with her identical green eyes she is crying softly. His breath hitches, he doesn't want to see his mother cry. Was he the cause of that? Why isn't she happy that he's here with her? And then he see his Dad and Sirius shake their heads softly as they look at him before they reach out to grab and hug him. He cannot stop the way he feels in that moment, he had never felt so much love then he did there.

"It's too soon, it's not your time," Lily breathed as she looked at her son before she hugged him tight.

His breathing starts getting even more slower, and unbeknownst it to him, someone was watching him and calculating. Harry struggles to catch his breath, all the while his mind is at peace in his happy dream. Harry's not tired or hurt here, he never wants to leave this place. As he takes what would be his last breath he hears

"Harry stay with me," from a dark and silky voice he had never thought say his name in such a gentle tone. It's all so confusing, and he wonders why.

Severus frantically tries to revive Harry but can't get his pulse. He sends a Patronus to Poppy and Dumbledore to come to them immediately. He berates himself for staying ignorant of Potter's home situation when he himself knew that the child had all the signs. His eyes take in the state of the child's body and his eyes narrowed, he would not fall apart right now.

He had a child to save, he could never live with himself if he didn't try. He had failed Lily and he was not about to fail her child. On the next Enervate his put a lot of his magic into the spell and was rewarded for his efforts when the boy coughs and looks up at him eyes bright, with pain and sadness that he never wanted to see again in those emerald green eyes.

"Why can't I stay with my Mum? I'm loved there and I don't hurt. Please Professor can't I stay?" Harry whimpered out hoarsely, in his haze he's not even aware that he is pleading to Snape of all people.

It broke Severus's long forgotten, cold heart as he heard Harry's cry to stay with his mother but he knew he couldn't leave just yet. The child was still too young, and had a long life ahead of him. Severus shook his head before sighing.

"It's not your time yet Harry, and I'm so sorry but I can't let you leave." He said in a sad voice. He was sad that this child had to suffer through all this pain, and sad that he couldn't grant the child the wish he so desperately wanted. But what kind of man would he be if he let this child die, when he hadn't even had a chance to live yet? He would fight for this boy, until he himself gained the will to live. He would not fail Lily again.