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Chapter 11: Jealousy and Denial

"Are you sure about that, what happened to Ronald Weasley?" Severus asked trying to understand.

"He is as well, you can have 2 best friends, Draco is the one who knows about his home situation and Ron is the one who refuses to allow Harry to spiral all the way into his depression. We all have parts to play Professor; you of all people should know that," Daphne answered.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked cautiously.

"I think you know what she means. The next time you see Draco and Harry arguing or fighting pay close attention to their faces, Harry always apologizes after he says something offensive and Draco's eyes are full of worry that Harry will one day finally believe the hate he is spitting out. You don't need to be a Slytherin to see how close Harry is to the edge." Pansy muttered out with a shake of her head.

"Thank you for that insight, next time I will keep an eye out, but right now I have a meeting with the Headmaster, sleep well my little snakes." Severus said quietly as he headed to the portrait hole.

"Goodnight Professor," The rest of the Slytherins chorused before they headed back to their respective dormitories.

As Severus headed to Albus's office, he couldn't fathom how all this came about, he felt like he landed bizarre universe. When he arrived in the Headmaster's office he was glad to see that Albus was alone, but he was looking as old as his age for once.

"Albus I found Harry," Severus said not wanting to prolong the good news.

"You did? That's marvelous, where was he?" The old man replied, though he had his own feeling that he knew exactly where the boy had been as well.

"You're not going to believe where I found him," Severus replied a look of disbelief on his face.

"His dorm room in Slytherin I'd say, judging by your expression," Albus replied dryly, not in the mood to play this game now.

"His dorm room in Slytherin? How on earth could you know that Albus? We all know that Potter is a Gryffindor. Headmaster," Severus said wryly. He couldn't even surprise the old man, he supposed Albus could be All knowing when he wanted to be.

"As of last week he was sorted as a member of both houses," Albus informed him.

"What? Why wasn't I told of this new development?" Severus asked suspiciously.

"I'd assume it was because your snakes are unsure of your loyalties and wanted to protect Harry. Speaking of which how is he?" Albus asked, eager for a bit of information on one of his favorite students.

"Suffering from nightmares and visions. He was passed out when I left," The potion master replied with a shake of his head.

"I'll have to ask Remus if Harry complained of having them, to him tomorrow," Albus replied thoughtfully.

"Why would the wolf know anything?" Severus asked a little to calmly.

"Harry and Remus meet once a week to talk," Albus answered promptly, watching the other man's reaction to that closely.

Severus pushed the jealousy that tried to surface into the back of his mind. Harry wasn't his kid, and so what if the child allowed him to take care of him for a bit, it wasn't like he had much of a choice.

"Oh, well please keep me informed Albus," the dour man said quickly just wanted to be alone now. He had quite a lot to think about.

"Of course Severus," Albus replied before he popped another lemon drop in his mouth as the man left his office.

Severus left Albus's office and walked down to his quarters. Thoughts were crossing his mind every minute. Harry was in Slytherin and he had most of the snake's support. Knowing that he had to wait until tomorrow to discuss this situation with the boys as they were currently sleeping, he allowed himself to indulge in a glass of fire whiskey.

~*~*The next day~*~*~*~*

When Harry woke up the next morning after a rare rested sleep, the first thing he realized was he had fallen asleep in the Slytherin dorms. He threw a pillow at Draco to wake him up but the other boy just groaned at the contact and rolled over. As Harry was getting his towel so he could take a shower, the door to the dorm opened. Expecting it to be Daphne, Harry didn't turn around as he grabbed his clothes, and was startled to say the least when he heard Snape's voice instead of hers.

"Good morning Mr. Potter," Severus said cordially, wondering how the child would try to talk his way out of this. He knew the truth but as far as Harry was concerned, the Slytherin Head of House did not.

Harry would later deny it but, he screamed a high-pitched wail that he had no idea he was still capable of making. However, he had finally succeeded in waking up Draco as well as the rest of his Dorm mates. Harry tried to hold back a grin as the boys positioned themselves in front of him with their wands raised. They made a comical sight dressed in only; boxers, pajama pants, or sleeping gowns.

Severus huffed this was the 2nd time in 24 hours that his snakes had raise their wands to him. Did all their respect for him just fly out of the window when Harry Potter was involved?

"Good Morning Professor," Harry replied weakly, trying to figure out how they would explain this. They hadn't want to Snape to find out he was a part of Slytherin house this way.

"Lower your wands gentlemen," Severus said in a dangerous voice. He was glad to see that though a few wands faltered, Nott, Zabini, and Malfoy's, stayed strong. Before anything else could happen, Daphne burst into the room.

"Guys he's ok, he swore the vow last night, he won't hurt Harry," Daphne exclaimed, knowing that the punishment for cursing a Professor was very brutal. And they respected their Head of House and didn't want him as your enemy.

"How did you guys get him to swear the unbreakable vow in the first place?" Harry wondered out loud.

"We tricked him," Daphne replied with an abashed look on her face. "We needed to know the truth," she added when she saw dual frowns on both Harry and Draco's faces.

Harry shook his head at her explanation but there was nothing he could do for it. He had been sleeping when everything had gone down. He allowed himself to breathe of sigh of relief when they finally lowered their wands. No one was at risk of getting cursed now.

"How long have you and Mr. Malfoy been friends Mr. Potter?" Severus asked when no one made a move to say anything. He could get his answers now because most of them centered around these two individuals.

"Since the second half of first year Professor," Harry said off-handily before he retook his seat on the bed. It was being even more clear that he wouldn't be getting a shower at this moment.

"I thought you rejected his offer of friendship that 1st year? It was all over the school," Severus pointed out, slightly confused now.

"Oh he did, publicly humiliating me in the process," Draco said with an aggrieved sigh remembering the embarrassment that he had felt.

"You deserved it, you were a little prat back then," Harry shot back.

"Yes he was, even Vincent and Gregory agreed and that is saying something," Theodore replied pointedly.

"Anyways something happened to me because of that and Harry found me. And instead of leaving me to suffer on my own he helped me out with it and never told anyone else. The friendship started there," Draco said wryly.

"And how did Mr. Potter become an honorary snake?" Severus asked.

"After his 2nd year when it was revealed that he was a parselmouth the rest of the school turned on him. But Draco wouldn't turn his back on Harry, he even risked getting beat up to bring him in here. The first few months Harry started coming in here without Draco, it was terrifying. But after showing a few secrets that he knew in our common room, He was made a snake and that was that," Blaize answered easily.

"Not to say that everyone felt the same way. Some snakes had to be obliviated because they threatened to tell their parents. After intercepting an owl and dealing with the scare that came along with it, Draco and Theo came up with the wording on the vow," Daphne replied.

"A clever idea, I must say," Severus said feeling quite proud of the ingenuity of his Slytherins.

"Well since its clear you guys don't need me to tell him anything since you all are already in the know, I'm going for a shower," Harry murmured as he stood up again and grabbed his clothes before heading into the bathroom.

"Finally, Uncle Sev knows!" Draco exclaimed out with a dramatic sigh of relief before he flopped on the bed.

"I take it you wanted to tell me but was outvoted?" Severus asked in amusement.

"Yes, everyone figured with how connected you are to their parents, that it was a bad idea from the start. But I knew better," Draco said with a cheeky smirk.

"Harry's schoolwork, has it ever seemed like it was too easy for him?" Severus casually asked.

Draco frowned at that and said nothing; it wasn't his place to tell Harry's secrets. He had gotten into this discussion with Harry numerous times, but his friend did what he wanted to do.

"I have no idea what you're insinuating Uncle Severus," Draco lied boldly, his eyes flickering to each of his roommates. He knew Daphne wouldn't say anything because she had a soft spot for Harry.

Severus saw the look his godson had given his friends; and he wasn't surprised when they all hurried to nod their heads in agreement to his words. Knowing he wasn't going to get anything else out of them, the potion masters bid them goodbye and left them to their own devices.

~*~*~*Line Break~*~*~

When Harry came out of the shower, the Professor was already gone. Which is why he was slightly surprised when he was accosted by Theodore as he made his way to his bed.

"Snape was asking about your school work, he seemed suspicious about the grades you were getting. Draco cut him off before he could try to manipulate us into answering anything though," he told the raven-haired teen quietly.

Harry gave an uncomfortable shrug at that. "Well he did go and visit my relatives house, he was bound to find something. The man is very thorough; I don't quite care anymore about hiding my intelligence. I know longer care about what Granger thinks," he said with a sneered that would do the man in question proud.

Draco turned around from where he was looking for his Transfiguration book and frowned at his friend. "Don't do that, you look like Uncle Severus. And since when do you call her that?" He muttered out, he could care less about the mudblood. He had told Harry for years that she was ignorant and uneducated and only just now the boy was starting to see the light.

This was a sore subject when it came to the friends, mostly because they were always at an impasse when it came to her. Draco hated the fact that Harry had made him get to know the girl, and then this year Harry himself wanted nothing to with her. It was a bit of I Told you so in Draco's favor but the raven-haired boy was only just seeing that now.

However, the girl could be a right bigot, even he knew that and Harry had enough of her. She would soon find herself with no friends, and Draco could only smile gleefully at that day. She wouldn't know what hit her, the girl had gotten so bad that even Weasley was coming to the light.

Harry shook his head in irritation, but he wasn't going to go there. At least not completely anyway. "When she grows up, or gets her act together I will. Until then I will call her whatever the hell I want," he spat out. "She's an ignorant little wench, who needs to do a little bit more growing up,"

Draco nodded eagerly, he agreed completely. However, he knew he couldn't be overzealous with his reaction or Harry might have a heart and go back and befriend her and he didn't want that. The Slytherin could admit when he himself was wrong, and he was wrong about a few Gryffindors but Granger wasn't one of them. What did that mean for Harry?

~*~*A Month later~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Harry could admit that 4 odd weeks later, after his weekly sessions with his pseudo Uncle Remus, he was starting to feel quite good about life again. Not to mention the man and he were becoming quite close, which he liked as he could use a few adults on his side. With that aside; He was starting to wonder just on earth had gotten into his Potion's Master.

He would have thought that since becoming Half Slytherin, Snape would have wanted to take him aside to talk to him. None of that happened, not even regarding his remedial Potions that the Headmaster had said he needed to resume the lessons. Even if, he himself personally was confident in his own mind shields, that wasn't the point. Why hadn't the Slytherin sent for him yet?

Being the half Gryffindor that he was, it didn't take long for him to come to his own conclusion and finally do something about it. It was maybe the second week in October when he finally made his way down to the man's office. It was an hour or so before dinner so he knew that the man would be there.

After knocking on the door, and being let in, he shut the door behind him and took a seat on the chair that was facing the man's desk. He could see stacks of papers on the man's desk so he took a hunch that he was grading. But he didn't feel too bad about disrupting the man, because he needed some answers.

"Professor, can we talk?" Harry asked quietly when it seemed the man was just content to just sit there in the silence.

Severus nodded, before he set his quill down. "Of course we can Harry. What can I help you with?"

"I was wondering if I would have to take 'remedial potions' this year?" Harry asked quietly.

"Do you think you actually need to take them?" Snape's eyes narrowed as he tried spot the lie the child was now doubt going to spout.

"Well last year, you said I was a dunderhead who failed at occluding, so I would assume so," Harry stated carefully aware of the critical eye the man had turned on him.

At Harry's answer Severus put a privacy charm around his office and finally quit stalling.

"I know you are a smart boy Harry; you are extremely smart even. But I can't figure out why you are consistently scraping by with barely Acceptables in your classes. Are you intentionally trying to fail?" The Slytherin Head of House asked in an incredulous tone.

Harry sighed he was not expecting this; he didn't honestly know what to do. He didn't want to lie to the man, not after all that he had done for Harry. But at the same time, he didn't want to tell his secrets.

"I worked hard to make those A's Professor," Harry replied carefully, hoping that his teacher wouldn't catch on and read between his words. But he wasn't totally surprise with the man's question. After all Snape wasn't a spy for nothing and he caught it.

"But you can do, better can't you?" Severus pushed.

"Yes sir I can," Harry answered with a quiet sigh knowing the jig was truly up.

"Well, why don't you?" Severus wanted to know why Harry hid his potential from the rest of the world. This child could be so great, if he would just apply himself to his work.

"Because I was always expected to do worse than Dudley at the Durselys. And when I got here I would've attracted more attention then I already had, I just wanted to blend in and not stand out," he said wryly.

"That's not going to work here anymore; I want you to do your best without showing off. And if you don't, believe me when I say you will be getting a lot of detentions until you do," Severus said with a smirk.

"How would you do that?" Harry asked curiously.

"As half your Head of House, it is my job to make sure you succeed. I'm going to treat you just like my snakes, since you technically are one. I want you working up to your full potential so you can go far without anything getting in your way," Severus added. He didn't know what the child planned to do with his life outside of Hogwarts but he would be making sure that the child had many options to choose from.

"I've never had anyone care about my grades before," Harry said slowly unsure of how he felt about that now.

"Now you do. Truthfully Harry, do you need help to occlude your mind? I found your book on mind magic and protections. Can you honestly say you need help in that area?" Severus asked skeptically.

"No sir," Harry replied softly, wondering just how the man would take that.

"Then why did you lie to me just now Harry?" Severus asked in confusion.

"Because I wanted to spend time with you," Harry softly responded.

Severus had to strain to hear Harry's answer, and when he did he felt happiness swell within him. Clearly he had made an impact on the child, and this was proof. Not many students (sans his godson) wanted to willingly be in his presence. "Did I not tell you that you could visit me anytime, when you were released from my care?" He asked quietly.

"Yes, but I thought you were just doing it to be polite, not that you meant it," the raven-haired boy replied with a sigh. Clearly he was about to be proved wrong on all his points.

"When have I ever done something just to be polite?" Severus asked with a raised eyebrow. It had been 5 years; the child would know at least that, if nothing else.

"Never," Harry replied with a dry smile as he caught the man's knowing look.

"Do you trust me Harry?" Severus asked suddenly, wondering what the child's answer might be now.

"Of course I do sir," Harry replied without hesitation.

Severus grinned inwardly; they had come a long way since their discussion on trust. "Then know that I will never say something like that to be polite, alright? I have no use for such lies," the Slytherin told him firmly.

"Yes sir, I suppose I can understand that," Harry replied with a grin.

At the child's gleeful expression, Severus almost told Harry about the guardianship but at the last moment he didn't. He wasn't completely sure, even given this conversation what the child's views on that might be. He sighed inwardly before resigning himself to let the child know over the winter holidays. Which led to him furrowing his eyebrows as he realized something.

"Harry are you spending Christmas here at Hogwarts?" The Potion's Professor asked quietly.

"Yes sir I am. I always do," Harry replied quietly, his head going down a moment later.

Just when the teen thought he and the Slytherin were having a moment, the man had to ask the question that made the child feel the most shame. He knew he wasn't wanted at home and he was okay with that. It was just harder to deal with, when others found it out.

Severus remembered back when he had been a child and he himself had spent every Christmas at Hogwarts to avoid going home. Oh, how much he wished that someone would invite him their home with them but never did. He knew how much that longing started to hurt after a while and he wanted to ease some of the child's heart ache. And with his position of the child's guardianship, he could do just that.

"Would you like to spend Christmas with me?" Severus said watching carefully as the child's head snapped up so fast, the Professor was worried for a moment that the boy had hurt himself.

"I would love to do that sir," Harry replied quickly. He was grinning so hard that his cheeks hurt but he didn't mind the pain at this point.

"Good we'll discuss this in depth when it gets closer to break. I will send you a missive to come and visit me and we will discuss it then," Severus responded easily.

"Yes sir, thank you so much for this. Bye!" Harry called over his shoulder before he raced out of the man's office to head to the Slytherin Dungeons.

He couldn't wait to tell Draco about this! Ignoring the chatter in the common room, he hurried up to his year mates (and his!) room, not surprised to find them all on their bed in various states.

"Guys you will never believe what just happened to me," Harry started off as he threw himself on Draco's bed.

"Daphne asked you out and you said yes and then she kissed you?" Theo asked with a cheeky grin.

Harry flushed before he rubbed his neck in embarrassment. "No, not quite that no," he said with a cough.

"Then what?" Blaize asked questioningly. It had been a while since they had seen Harry so happy and excited and he wanted to know why that was.

"Snape invited me to spend the Christmas Holidays with him. I'm not sure where he goes but he doesn't always stay here in the castle. Nonetheless he wants me to come with him," Harry said excitedly.

"Nice, we might even get to meet up a bit then," Blaize said cryptically, knowing that his mother and the Professor were good friends.

Before Harry could asked what Blaize meant by that, he found himself being quickly shoved off the bed and onto the floor. Frowning he looked up to find that Draco of all people seemed to be the one who had done that. The blonde boy seemed to be angry with him, which had Harry confused. What the hell was going on?

"Draco, what the hell has gotten into you?" Harry asked as he stood back up to look at his friend in disbelief.

"You have gotten into me; you are always ruining everything and then you play that innocent act like you have no idea what the fuck is going on. I don't buy it Potter," Draco spat at angrily at the boy in front of him. The anger threw him for a loop, but the emotions he was currently feeling weren't terribly unsurprised.

Harry stood there for a moment, with his mouth agape as he tried to figure out what he had done. Swallowing thickly as he glared warily at the blonde boy, his mask popped back into place. Harry's happiness faded and once more his face closed off yet again. Before anyone could say anything, the half Slytherin bolted out of the room, Blaize trailing after him not a second later.

"Fuck," the blonde Slytherin whispered out once Harry had fled the room. He had seen the expression on the other man's face and he knew he was in the wrong. The anger was gone in an instant and all he felt now was shame and a whole lot of hurt.

"Nice going Draco," Theo sarcastically. "Way to be the same little jealous git you were back in 1st year," he said with a shake of his head as he turned around from the other boy. He was giving Draco a moment to gather his thoughts before he laid it on him.

Draco didn't give the Nott heir a response, too busy dwelling on the teen's words. Theodore had a great point, he had been hurt and jealous that his Uncle Severus, his own godfather had invited Harry to spend Christmas with him. Why hadn't he invited Draco as well? The blonde Slytherin ran his hand agitatedly through his hair, upset at himself for hurting Harry in such a way. He knew how much Harry wanted to have an adult to take care of him, and have someone to go for the holidays. That didn't stop the jealously though.

Theo sat up on his bed so he was facing his friend and snapped to get his attention. "Listen up you selfish git, I'm only going to say this once," he started off.

Draco snapped to attention then and frowned as he looked at his friend. "What are you saying?"

"Shall I spell it out for you then, dear cousin of mine?" Theo said sarcastically before he got serious. "I cannot believe how you just let your jealously get to you back there. Harry doesn't have anybody left in this world to care for him. You've got your parents and Snape; he doesn't even have a Godfather anymore. Snape was probably giving him a chance to spend Christmas with someone who would care for him, almost like a family.

In a sense this will be Harry's first real Christmas and you made him feel guilty about being somewhere he would be accepted. Besides who's to say that Snape wasn't going to invite you too. Did you not think that you being there would help make the transition smoother for Harry?" Theodore said tightly, feeling like he could punch the blonde boy for his thoughtlessness.

Draco was feeling ashamed at the end of Theo's tirade and wasn't sure how to reply to it. Thankfully he was saved from it, when an owl flew into the room and landed on his bed. Recognizing it as his godfather's owl Draco's stomach dropped at the implications of that. As he opened the letter to see what it entailed, he felt like he might sick up. For in the letter was his invitation to spend Christmas with both his Godfather and Harry.

Theodore shook his head as he took in Draco's expression. "You better go and fix that, you're a Slytherin for Merlin's sake, stop being impulsive and acting like a Gryffindor. You hurt Harry. I'm gonna go see if Blaize caught him." Theo shook his head as he walked out leaving Draco with his thoughts.


Harry was running fast; he didn't know where he was going but he needed to get away from Draco. What had he done to warrant Draco's anger? Maybe the blonde boy thought that he was trying to take Snape from him? The Slytherin had to know that, Harry would never do that. He would never intentionally hurt his mate like that. His feet led him to Myrtle's bathroom, and as he heard Blaise's footsteps behind him he hurriedly opened the Chamber and closed it behind him.

This prevented him from being followed, especially because he didn't want to hear any excuses. He just honestly needed to think, and be by himself for just a little while. As he came to the main chamber he looked around it, almost blankly before he realized something was missing.

"Ssssssammy? Where are you?" He hissed out, looking around for his familiar. The snake didn't come and he frowned, before assuming the little snake was out hunting.

Feeling awfully sorry for himself and hurt beyond belief, he just wanted to feel better. Not even fully aware of his actions, he conjured up a pen knife. Sliding down to the floor, he looked at it for a moment before he rested the item against his arms. The metal was very soothing but it wasn't exactly what he wanted.

He wanted to hurt, he wanted this emotional pain to cease and go away. Almost methodically he carefully started to carve into his leg, sighing in relief as the physical pain registered almost immediately. His thoughts cleared up and he could think about what had happened in the dorm room with Draco. This was his coping mechanism, how he felt better. And he knew that if he didn't cut too deep, no one had to know that he had started up again.

Harry had missed having such clarity, and honestly was it a terrible thing when it made one feel good like this? He watched his cuts almost reverently, taking the time to admire them before he heard something. He could hear a faint hiss and so he knew Sammy was back. Quickly banishing his knife, and glamouring his cuts to stop them from showing and bleeding he relaxed as he waited for the snake to make its way towards him.

~*~*~*Later that night~*~*~*~

Harry spent the remaining part of that day with Sammy, who he was sure could smell the blood on him but the snake remained as tactful as one could be. That night when it was time for dinner, Harry found himself once more at the Gryffindor table, knowing that if he sat at the Slytherin one he might punch Draco.

As he took his seat with Ron, he could see the blonde boy trying to get his attention but he ignored him. He was done giving in to, rich snobby children. He took that time to catch up with his Gryffindor friends who he had been a bit neglecting a bit, and he valued their friendship.

"What's wrong Harry? Why are you over here tonight?" Ron asked quietly, he wasn't totally oblivious and could see the Slytherin table trying to subtly get his own attention.

"Felt like being in the lion's den tonight," Harry said quietly.

"Did something happen with Malfoy and them? Shall I go talk to them for you?" Neville quietly butted in.

Harry would have normally said no, if it had of been Ron who had asked. Because he knew that would raise a lot of heads in the great hall, especially if Ron was blunt and went directly to Draco himself. But Neville asking was a such huge deal, especially considering last year. His friend's confidence was growing and he wasn't about to hinder it.

Not to mention he was sure that he was seeing something light up around the pureblood; a curious something when it came to mentioning a certain Slytherin and Harry wanted to know what that was.

"If you could, that would be great," he replied gratefully. He knew Neville at least would be discreet and they would be intrigued but not worried or suspicious if they saw him talking to Draco. And by them; he meant solely the Professors.

Neville looked at the boy in surprise for he had been sure that his friend would have said no. But he hadn't and he wasn't going to muck this up. "Right, I'll be right back then," he said before he stood up from the bench.

Harry hadn't meant at this very second but he nodded and turned to watch the Gryffindor make his way to the Slytherin tables. Despite his initial thoughts, he could see every head seem to turn as one as they followed the dirty blonde who most in their first year had swore he had been a squib.

Neville was confident, he knew if he wanted a chance with a Slytherin pureblood, he needed for them to see that he had power. And Power he had, Harry and He and Ron had their power levels tested and all had been surprised at the results.

"Heir Malfoy, might we be able to speak?" He asked formally, knowing that everyone else was listening.

Draco was surprised that Harry had sent Longbottom but not too surprised. He would have thought that the boy would have been much too afraid. He didn't have the stutter he had in their first year. Not to mention the other male had filled out quite nicely.

"Is it of importance, Heir Longbottom?" He replied smoothly.

"That depends, it does have to do with Heir Potter-Black. Is he considered important to you or not?" Neville asked pointedly, he hated being so formal but he had no choice now. He ignored the gasps from around the table at his declaration of Harry's status in the wizarding world but it was nothing they could do about it.

Draco gave a curt nod before he stood up from the Slytherin bench and started walking out of the Great Hall with the Gryffindor. He was slightly surprised to find that Neville was just a bit taller than him, and the other teen had lost all that fat and he looked good. Where had that thought come from?

Oblivious to the other boy's thoughts, Neville gently pulled the Slytherin boy to a quiet corner once they were clear from the Great Hall. What he had to say wasn't for prying eyes or ears and he didn't want anyone to hear them or jump to conclusions.

"What did you do to Harry? He looks dead in the eyes again. And more importantly, how are you going to go about fixing it?" Neville said jumping right into the questioning.

Draco swallowed thickly as he remembered earlier that day and what he had done to his friend. He sighed before he ran a hand through his hair. "I was jealous, of something so stupid. I regret my rash behavior so much," he sighed out.

"What do you have to be jealous about Harry for? You have loving parents, and a godfather and you have wealth upon wealth. Everyone is jealous of you, and even me actually," Neville said with a rueful grin.

"It's embarrassing now, but would you tell Harry that I'm sorry?" Draco asked, trying hard not to focus on the fact that Neville said he was jealous of him.

"No, you hurt him, and I won't do your dirty work for you. You apologize to him, there is no easy way out of this for you," he said seriously.

"Well, how do you suppose I do that now? In case you are unaware he's ignoring me at the moment," the Slytherin said with a loud sigh.

"Yes, that much is known, he's going to ignore you for a while unless you catch him unawares and apologize," Neville said with a sigh, very much aware of how closely they were to each other.

"How would I go about doing that?" Draco said with a sigh, Harry knew the castle better than anyone. If the boy chose to avoid him, it was like the castle aided him in his plight.

"I'm not totally sure at this moment, but he's hurting and if you're the cause of this you need to fix it. I would be willing to help you if you'd like," Neville offered quietly, pretty confident that the proud boy would deny his offer.

Draco surprised the both when he nodded yes. "I would like that," he said almost shyly.

Neville grinned brightly in return. "Great, I'll let you know tomorrow when we can meet up and plot," he said happily.

"Plotting is what Slytherins do, you don't want someone to confuse you with a snake do you?" Draco said teasingly.

"I don't mind; I find myself enamored with a snake as it is. To be cunning can't be all that bad," Neville said lightly before he turned and walked away.

Draco stood there for a moment, wondering who had caught the Longbottom heir's eye and trying to figure out why he suddenly felt so downtrodden at the fact that it couldn't possibly be him.

~*~*~line break*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"How was it? What did he say?" Harry said the moment Neville appeared back at the lion's table.

"If you're done, we can head to the Tower and I can tell you. If I told you now, it would be all over the school," he said as he glanced at their housemates around them who was clearly listening in to their conversation.

Harry nodded and he and Ron followed Neville to the Gryffindor tower so the other boy could enlighten him on what had happened.

~*~*The next morning~*~*~*

Harry woke up the next morning in disbelief, and anger. Last night, Neville had informed him that Draco Malfoy of all people, had been jealous of him. Seriously? So, what if the boy's godfather invited him over, who's to say that Draco his supposed friend wasn't going to spend the Christmas holidays with his own parents.

His own parents, if Harry might add were alive and doing quite well. Thinking about it, just made the half Gryffindor even angrier and he went out of his way to avoid, one Draco Malfoy.

~*~*A few days later~*~*

Harry wasn't totally ignorant; he knew that Neville and Draco had met up a few different times and he had realized his hunch was correct. Neville liked Draco, but he had no idea if the feelings were returned and he couldn't ask because he currently wasn't talking to the Slytherin.

He wanted to discuss this with someone but bringing it up in their weekly session with Moony, the man only stated that the boy was jealous. But he never said why that was. It was like no one knew, they just expected him to forgive and forget. He pondered their might be something about that, as the anger had left him tired and drained.

The truth of the matter was Harry really wanted to tell Snape about it but he was scared that Snape was going to take Draco's side and revoke the invitation. That just made him feel even more awful, how could everything go sideways so quickly. In potions that day Harry was paired with Theo, who kept looking at him with this Peculiar expression.

"What is it?" Harry finally asked tired of Theo's stares.

"He was jealous Harry," Theo says getting straight to the point.

"I don't understand why he could," Harry replied tiredly. He had gone through the reasons so many times in his head for the past couple of days.

"He thought you were taking Snape away from him," Theo answered quietly.

"But I wasn't," Harry said softly, how in the hell could Draco could think that of him.

"You know that, I know that, but he didn't; but now he does. He's sorry Harry." Theo replied quickly.

"So why doesn't he just apologize to me then?" Harry pointed out bitterly.

"Because you go out of your way to avoid him, we miss you too you know," Theo blushed and hurried to explain his wording, "Daphne was the one who said that." He added quickly.

If Harry was being honest with himself, he missed them too. "Maybe I should tell Snape that I can't spend Christmas with him anymore. Will that make Draco happy?" Harry asked, he didn't want to but with friendships some sacrifices had to be made.

Theo shook his head quickly. "No Harry, Snape invited Draco for Christmas too, not 5 minutes after you left," he explained remembering the expression that had been on the blonde's face.

Harry turned around to look at Draco, whose face looked dejected as he felt. Draco was paired with Ron who had also seemed to know that the blonde wasn't in the mood and was steadily focused on the potion as a result. The red-head had done a lot of growing up this past summer, but he wanted to know what had been the catalyst for it all.

Draco finally looked up to find Harry staring at him, not knowing if Harry was going to hurry up and turn around to ignore him still, he took that time to mouth 'I'm sorry'.

Harry gave a curt nod, but he didn't glare at the boy like he would have before the small talk with Theodore. He knew he would probably have to talk with Draco, and he would, because he was interested to know at what was going on with him and Neville.