The people of Washington, one of the few habitable places left on the nuclear-torn earth, began to frantically move towards the shelters erected in the wake of the destruction caused by the rebellion against the Commandos. A large blimp, a sight that was very familiar to them, began to make its way along the Washington skyline. Soldiers and militia scrambled to find any sort of weapon to defend the only place they had left to defend. The blimp began to descend in the rubble of what was once a very important office complex. The unprepared men began to run towards the landing point with everything from pistols to sabers, completely encircling the blimp.

Out stepped Talins, hands in the air, followed by Cortex, dressed in his attire from when he was the World Leader. Behind him marched Coco and Pinstripe, lasers in hand. "Please, I'm fine, gentlemen," Talins calmly stated, "Lower your weapons. We don't want to make a mess of things." They hesitantly obeyed, allowing Cortex and the others to march up to the Capital building.

A crowd gathered at the steps of where Cortex and Talins stood, too afraid to come any closer. Many were speechless, while others were angry and yelling. Many believed that Cortex had been killed in the rebellion, giving them a false sense of hope that the world could be restored to its former glory.

"Greetings my former subjects." Cortex's voice boomed over the hushed crowd. "I know you have missed me as much as I have missed you." He pushed Talins to his knees. Talins let out a small "oomph" as he collapsed. "It seems that you thought you could get yourself a new leader while I was on vacation." His laser pressed into Talins' temple. "It seems, however, that you have been taken advantage of once more. This man, Joseph Talins, is not who you think he is. He runs the world's most powerful criminal syndicate, and was behind me taking over you insects."

Talins smiled at the ground hearing no sound from the crowd. "Why would the people here believe you, Neo? You're a terrorist and an evil dictator. These people won't fall for your lies." Talins stood up, embracing the crowd. "You have torn apart familes, governments, friends, and even social order. These people have encountered Death and spat in his face." The crowd began to cheer.

Coco reached into a leather case she was carrying and pulled out a camera, handing it to Cortex, who began to grin from ear to ear. "These people will believe me, Vice President, because I have evidence right here." He held up the camera, and it began to hover above Talins' head. He backed up, as the crowd began to talk in hushed whispers.

The camera's lens opened, projecting a hologram on the platform in front of Talins and Cortex. It showed Talins walking into a room and Cortex standing on the other side, with a large table between them.

"Relax, Neo, it's me, Joseph Talins. I came here to directly inform you of the project that I decided to heavily invest in, but I guess the board already mentioned that to you." Talins' smile immediately faded from his face. The video continued. "Sit, Neo. We're not strangers here." The hologram of Cortex sat in the chair across from the projected Talins, while the real Talins began swiping at the projection, trying to stop it. "Now, Neo, you are one of our most loyal and valuable assets, so I'm willing to tell you anything you want to know about this project, and why it means so much to me personally, along with the rest of the board." The video ended, and Talins and the crowd were speechless.

"You wouldn't think that I wouldn't record our meetings, would you, Joseph?" Talins slowly turned to Cortex, with the most grimacing face he had ever had.

"You…YOU!" Talins ran at one of the guards off to the side and snatched his handgun. The people began to scream. Coco and Pinstripe moved forward, but Cortex waved them back. "All of our hard work! Neo, do you know what you've done?! Decades of work has been rendered moot! You will pay for this, Neo Cortex!" He lifted his gun, only to fall on his back. He could feel a sharp pain in his chest, and as he looked down, he could see blood pouring out from his coat. Talins pressed his hand, but the blood continued to pour out. He looked up at Neo in fear as the life faded from his eyes.

Cortex leaned down in front of him, laser in hand. "Sorry, old friend. No one double-crosses Doctor Neo Cortex." He stood back up and fired another shot through his head, finishing the job. Coco and Pinstripe began to round the crowd back up as they tried to escape. Cortex shot all of the guards around him, coming at him from all sides. He then stepped forward and began to speak over the crowd, calming them down enough to listen. "Your traitorous leader is dead. Your Leader is in hiding. Now begins the second rule of Neo Cortex! Bow down to your returning master!" People hesitantly began to fall to their knees in defeat. A few brave people remained on their feet, looking Cortex in the eyes as tears fell from theirs. "It looks like we have some rebels already. Very brave of you." The people began to tremble as the families and friends on their knees next to them begged for them to get down with them, but to no avail. "Well, loved ones, I'll give you one minute to say good bye to the three men still on their feet. One…two…three…" Immediately, he fired his laser at each of their heads, blasting them apart without warning. The blood spread over the ones around them who began to scream as blood covered their faces. "now, if we have no more 'freedom fighters', why don't we all make our way inside of the capital building. Pinstripe and Coco here will help you get settled." The blood-ridden, sobbing crowd slowly began to file into the building as Cortex and Brio remained with the dead body of Talins, lifeless at their feet.

"W-what is our next plan of action, D-doctor?"

"It's time to take our spot back as the rulers of this world, Brio. We'll need our Lab Assistants, since many of our Commandos are missing. Bring back the hoverboards as well. I want to be prepared for any attack this time." Brio nodded and headed towards the blimp. Cortex turned to see the crowd filing in.

An old woman collapsed, stopping the flow of traffic. Coco approached her, and began helping her up. Pinstripe turned to her. " Whatya doin, blondie?"

"She collapsed, Pinstripe. She's sick. I'm just trying to get her out of the way."

"No, you teach her a lesson." Pinstripe walked over and kicked her back down on her face, putting his gun to her back. "If you don't want a bullet in your BRAIN, I'd suggest scootin' a little faster, bag!" Pinstripe barked in her ear. She began to weep, her family unable to help her as they continued on inside.

"I-I can't walk very well! My legs are too weak!" She frantically cried out between her sobbing.

Pinstripe was indifferent to her suffering. "Well then, I guess you've made your choice then." He cocked the gun and pulled the trigger, but the laser was knocked out of his hand. The old lady, who screamed as the shot went off, covered her head with her hands, tensing up. Pinstripe, shocked, turned to see Coco angrily staring at him.

"We're not killing innocent people, Pinstripe. She did nothing wrong." Coco once again helped her up; having two men in line carry her inside. "I didn't know that you were such a heartless bastard, Pinstripe."

Pinstripe was taken back. "This is our life, toots. It's what the Doc has trained us for. We're the extent of his trigger finger. Got it?"

Coco moved closer. "You know what, Stripes? I DON'T got it! I thought you were better than picking on a sick, old woman. You're pathetic." Coco dropped her gun and walked inside with the crowd.

Pinstripe could only stare at her as she faded into the line of pain moving into the capital. "Stupid bitch," he mumbled under his breath.