For those of you confused about the title, this is a Doctor Who, Sherlock (specifically my Sherlock Girl AU) and Labyrinth crossover I may make a few other references to other fandoms later, but these are the main 3.

The Baker Street family stood together as the Cybermen discussed their fate. The group of Cybermen turned to them.

"None of you can be converted. You will be deleted" the Cybercontroller stated. John wrapped an arm around Mary's waist, just as Sherlock pulled Molly close, leaving Eve and Sophia standing between the two couples.

"That won't be necessary" a voice shouted from the opening door. The group turned to see Goblin King walk through the group of Cybermen. He stood in the centre of the grey room, between Eve and Sophia, and looked to the Cybercontroller.

"Those you cannot convert because they are supernatural creatures join my kingdom, you know this" Jareth lectured, ushering the six out of the door. Without another word, Jareth turned around with all of his dramatic flair and walked out with the Baker Street six, leaving the Cybermen standing like statues.

"Very good timing Goblin King" Mary commented. She fell into step beside John, both of them walking behind Jareth. Sherlock and Molly followed while Eve and Sophia walked alongside the Goblin King. The group made their way through the maze of corridors, past groups of the metal men marching to join the invasion force.

"I would have been here sooner, but a group of those Cybermen tried to destroy the Labyrinth" Jareth replied, glaring at the lone Cyberman that tried to stopped them. It lowered it's arm as it saw Jareth, allowing them to path.

"Hold on, if the Cybermen are causing this much trouble on Earth, how is the Doctor oblivious to it?" Eve questioned when they started walking again. Jareth's signature smirk returned as he rounded a corner.

"Oh, he knows, how do you think I got here?" he answered. The door opened in front of them to reveal a man in a light brown trenchcoat leaning against a familiar blue police box, hidden among the scrap machinery in the room.

"Ah, finally! You took your time!" The Doctor shouted to Jareth, who nodded.

"Blame the robots" Jareth stated. The Doctor opened the door of the TARDIS and motioned for them to enter, having to push Sherlock through the door as a Cyberman patrol came round the corner.

"Yes, I know, it's bigger on the inside. I'll explain it in a minute, right now we have to get out of here" the Doctor answered before Sherlock even voiced his question. The Time Lord locked the door behind him before he ran to the controls, flipping levers and pushing buttons until a familiar sound reached everyone's ears.