Natalie Becket spent all of her free time in the ruins, if anyone wanted to find her, that's where they'd look. They would always find her with her sketchpad on her knee and her box of pencils beside her. Sometimes the subject of her art would be sitting in front of her, like a fox from the surrounding woodland that was standing on the wall, or the local robins that build their nest in one of the crevices in the old ruins, but Natalie often drew from memory too.

She would sit for hours in the ruins, trying to get the colours perfectly right as she listened to the birdsong around her, enjoying the peace and quiet away from her university. Her art degree was going well, but she always preferred to draw outside the classroom, to be surrounded by the creatures she was drawing rather than using a pixelated image in the classroom.

It was on a random Thursday, like all of the others, when she bumped into a man on the way to the ruins.

"Oh, sorry about that" he said to her before he continued on the path towards town. Natalie watched him go, confused by the sight if the young man that looked so familiar for some reason, but she was sure she'd never seen him before.

She pushed the thoughts from her mind and continued walking to the ruins, but the thoughts returned when she found a group of familiar faces sitting in the ruins. They were a small family that Natalie was sure she knew, but she didn't know where from.

She shrugged and took her usual seat on the wall, opening her sketchpad and her box of pencils. One of the young boys climbed on the wall and looked at her drawings over her shoulder as she flicked through them.

She turned to face him and he scampered away like a spooked animal, making her frown. Her frown deepened as she got to her drawing from two days ago, her jaw dropping a she realised why she recognised the man earlier and the family.

"No way" she muttered, looking up at the family and then back to the sketchpad.

"You're correct" a voice echoed from behind her, making Natalie jump before she slowly turned to face it's source

"Your current theory, that the foxes in your drawing and the family who have just been here are one and the same is correct" the voice explained. It belonged to the young man from earlier.

"The father fox" Natalie whispered to herself, picking up her pencils and slowly getting to her feet. The young man nodded, his auburn ears sticking out above his medium length hair of the same colour. As Natalie slowly backed away she could just make out his tail behind him, the chunk of fur missing from it proof of what he was telling her.

Natalie shrieked as she backed into another young man, who pulled the pencils and sketchbook out of her hand. She looked up at him as she tried to take them back, only to back away as she saw his rows of sharp teeth he revealed as she attempted to reclaim her possessions.

"I wouldn't try that if I were you, Rob still hasn't mastered the transition yet so it could get very ugly" the young man with fox ears said, right next to her ear. Before she could scream his hand was clamped over her mouth.

"Don't worry Natalie, you're just going to sleep for a bit, that's all" he told her. She tried to free herself for a few moments before her world went black and she was released.

"Where on earth are these shapshifters hiding?" the Doctor grumbled as he hovered in Earth's orbit. A beep caught his attention and he looked up the ceiling.

"Yes, that pun was on purpose, now can you help me find them please? Preferably before they start killing" he told it. His comment was followed by a whirring noise which was quickly replaced by a nice 'ding'.

"Thank you" he said as he pulled the screen towards him. With one quick look at the screen, the Doctor started to flip levers.

"I'll land you a safe distance away, then go in and fix their ship, then come back again. I just hope they haven't started killing already" the Doctor told the TARDIS as it landed with a thump inside the ruins of the old castle.

The Doctor grabbed his jacket and ran out the door, stepping directly into the teleporter as it activated, taking him straight onto the shapeshifters' buried spaceship.

"Well that worked" he murmured as he started scanning the walls around him. He listened to the sonic screwdriver give him the result before he ducked into the shadows, just in time for a shapshifter to walk past carrying a young woman. The Doctor waited until the shapeshifter's fox tail had disappeared through the doorway before he ran for the nearby door.

"Oh, aren't you a beauty" he mumbled, looking up at the blue engine shining twenty feet above him. The Doctor looked around the room quickly and, making sure he was alone, he climbed the ladder towards the engine to get to work.

Natalie awoke in a small bed surrounded by silver. She blinked to take on the small metal room properly, her pencils and sketchbook was sat at the bottom of the bed and a fox cub was curled up on them.

Her head dropped back onto the thin pillow as her most recent memories returned and she had to resist the urge to jump out of the bed as she realised where she was. The fox cub looked to her for a moment and, registering that she was now awake, hopped off the bed and slid through a small door that was invisible to Natalie, leaving her alone in the small metal room.

"How the hell did I manage to get myself into this mess?" she asked herself, gazing up at the ceiling of her metal prison and trying to figure everything out.

The Doctor emerged from the shadows again once the small fox had walked past. He snuck back to the teleport and activated it, dropping him directly inside the TARDIS. He ran over to the control panel and grabbed the newspaper clippings sat behind the screen, flipping through them quickly.

"Artist, she was an artist, oh come on where is it? I was only reading it this morning- aha!" The Doctor dropped the rest of the clippings on the floor by the seat and sank into it as he reread the article.

"Oh dear" he muttered a few minutes later. There was an odd whirring noise from above and he looked to the ceiling as he got to his feet.

"Sorry, can't talk now, if I don't get to her soon she'll be the first death!" he shouted up to it as he sprinted to the door.

Natalie jumped as she heard a strangely metallic hiss, scanning the room quickly before she discovered the source of it, a door appearing in the metal wall.

"Finally, you're awake" the shapeshifter said as he walked through the door. Natalie looked up to him with a scowl and he chuckled.

"Of course you knew I was awake, your little spy disappeared a while ago" she retorted, pulling herself into a sitting position and leaning against the wall. The shapeshifter walked further into the room, revealing his fox tail with the missing chunk of fur.

"Why do you say that with such disgust? We've done no harm to you" he asked.

"No, you just robbed me of air until I was unconscious and then took me to your little ship and left me in a room with no door" Natalie replied sarcastically, causing the fox-man to raise an eyebrow.

"Now now, there's no need to be so harsh Natalie, we were only doing what we need to protect ourselves. We couldn't have you telling the world we were here" he explained, leaning against the metallic wall with a small frown. Natalie was too busy watching the door closing, wondering if she could make a run for it.

"I wouldn't try to run if I were you, even if I didn't manage to stop you, you'd be caught by one of the many shapeshifters on this ship" the shapeshifter told her and Natalie turned to him.

"Stay out of my head!" she snapped. "How do you know my name anyway? I don't know yours" The shapeshifter chuckled before he answered.

"We know your name because we see you every day, as for my name, it's Rin" the shapeshifter answered. Both Rin and Natalie looked to the wall as the door appeared and slid open once again.

Natalie looked quickly to Rin before she jumped off the bed and bolted for the opening door, sliding through the small gap and into the corridor.

"Stop her!" Rin shouted into the corridor as he tried to take chase. Natalie just kept running through the maze of tunnels, avoiding the grasp of the other shapeshifters in the corridors, Rin's commands echoing behind her.

Two shapeshifters with wolf ears stepped out of the elevator in front of her and she turned to run into the adjoining corridor, only to be faced by two more shapeshifters. Natalie spun around in a panic, but found herself boxed in.

"I told you not to run" Rin mocked as he caught up with the group. Natalie tried to turn to him, but he moved forward and grabbed her arms, pinning them behind her back.

"I don't think so" he whispered in her ear. He turned to address the group next. "Looks like we have to speed up the plan, get the procedure room ready"

The two other fox-men and the two with wolf ears nodded to Rin and disappeared down in the elevator while the rest of the crowd dispersed as Natalie began to panic.

"W-wait, what procedure?" Natalie couldn't keep her voice steady as she asked her question, so it wavered with her fear. Rin chuckled and pushed her towards her room.

"Just a bit of DNA manipulation, nothing much, enough to turn you into one of us without destroying you completely" he answered. Natalie kept her feet on the floor in an attempt to move no further, but Rin continued to push her along the corridor.

An oval appeared in the wall and Rin pushed her into her room, Natalie turned to see his grin as the gap closed, sealing her in. Natalie pulled her knees to her chest and let her head drop onto them, her unchecked tears dropping onto her knee.


Okay, this is yet another of my OC stories. An 11th Doctor one, not that you know that yet because the bowtie is mentioned it the next chapter.

Disclaimer: I own Natalie and Rin, everyone else belongs to the BBC.