Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas Book 1 Part 1 of 3

May 13th, 2000

Location: Groove Street, Los Santos

It was another ordinary day in Los Santos, there was an empty whole in Groove Street that can only be described as noticeable by few. A couple years back the Johnson boys killed several OJ's and a few crooked cops. Carl sat in his house, watching the reruns of MTV's Spring Break which took place on the Santa Maria beach. It was just another day in the house for Carl until he got a call on the phone. "Hey kid, I can make you and your brothers millionaires", said the guy on the line. "Keep talking", Carl said, "Meet me outside of the Four Dragons Casino tomorrow at 3:45, and make sure no one follows you".

Carl went next door to tell Sweet, his brother, about the call he have just received. "Niga that's sounds like a load of bull shit you just got yourself into to me", said Sweet. "Nah man", Carl said, "This seems legit man, come on we haven't been able to make things work in San Fierro yet, what's a little extra cash gonna do, plus we do need to fix that shit house of a garage up anyways and maybe put a little more cash into the show room floor of the dealership". "Alright brotha I trust you on this one, I'll see you tomorrow then, we leave at 11:25", Sweet said.

Carl decided to go for a ride, so he went to his garage and pulled out his red Dodge Viper. He decided to get some new threads for him and his brother, suddenly OJ Loc jumped out in front of the car, Carl slammed on the brakes just in time and jumped out of the car. "The hell you doin Loc", Carl said. "I just need a ride over to the mansion man, I heard some shit went down there and some punk ass manager sent his guys to destroy the place", Loc said. "Aight then hop in". Several things were going through Carl's head as he was slamming the stick shift on the Dodge Viper, they blew several lights, but who gave a shit the LSPD never stopped anyone for running lights. As they got past the Vinewood sign they saw that the house had smoke coming from the upstairs windows and multiple explosions went off In the distance blasting what seemed to be several large wholes in the side of the house. 2 jets screamed across the sky overhead followed by helicopter. Suddenly 2 men in black suits repelled down the rope into the mansion.

Part 2 is coming soon