Author's Note: Yet more fluff, with no end in sight. What is it about text/email/instant-message conversations that make them so damned fun to write?

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"I guess this means I need a new doctor at the base," Daniel said sweetly, and Janet laughed.

Their coffee cups had long since been emptied, but the cafe was quiet and they were in no hurry to leave.

"Yes you do," she replied. "And I'll need to tell General Hammond why."

Daniel could see that she looked slightly nervous at the thought, and he smiled. "It'll be fine," he said. "I'm a civilian, so it's not like we're breaking any rules."

He thought for a moment, then sighed. "Unlike Sam and Jack would be, if they ever get some sense and just go for it."

Janet's eyes snapped up to meet his, and then she nodded. "Actually, do you mind if I just text her?" she asked. "I should ask how things are going on her date."

Daniel nodded eagerly, and Janet could see how interested he was in any gossip that might result.

Careful, Janet, she thought to herself. Let them tell him in their own time.

She took out her phone and typed a quick message, then sent it to Sam:

How's it going? I'm having coffee with Daniel!
We kind of talked about... us. :)

Sam and Jack had walked through the park for a while after leaving the cafe, and eventually found themselves passing by some clothes stores. Sam's eyes flicked to a window display automatically, then she noticed that Jack had stopped. She glanced back at him with a puzzled look on her face.

"You want to go in?" he asked, nodding towards the store, and she was unsure what to say. Jack grinned, and closed the distance between them. "It's fine," he said. "Let's go take a look."

She smiled at him, still slightly unsure, and he took her hand.

"Couples do this stuff, y'know," he said simply.

"But you'll be bored," she said.

"I'll be with you," he replied, and her smile became dazzling.

"I love you," she said, her eyes shining.

"Back atcha," he quipped, tugging her hand towards the store.

Sam's phone chirped just as they reached the door, and she reluctantly fished it out of her purse. She flipped the phone open, and pressed a button to display the message. "Oh!" she said, prompting Jack to raise an eyebrow, so she showed him the message too.

"Way to go, Danny boy," he drawled. "'Bout time. Maybe our first double date can be in Hammond's office."

Sam jabbed him in the ribs, and immediately started typing a reply, turning the phone away from Jack so he couldn't see the words:

What? FINALLY! So happy for you two!
We're great. HE SAID IT!

"Oh my god!" Janet squealed as she read the message, covering her mouth with her hand.

"What did she say?" Daniel asked, wide-eyed and leaning forward, and Janet turned her phone over so the screen faced the table top.

"Um, just... girl stuff. She said that everything's fine, and that she's really happy for the two of us," Janet replied, watching his face carefully.

"Huh," Daniel replied, unsure how to respond. "Well, that's great. She wasn't... surprised, or anything, though?"

"Nope," Janet said. "I might have kind of mentioned you before. Once or twice."

Daniel blinked twice, and then blushed deeply. It was only after several seconds that he grinned bashfully. "Oh," he said quietly. "Well, I'm very glad that you did. I've been thinking about you for a long time, Janet. I hope you know that."

Adorable, she thought, reaching across the table to take his hand.

He looked down at their joined hands for a long moment, smiling wistfully. After several seconds, he looked up at her.

"I like feeling this way about you," he said simply, and she beamed back at him.

"Me too," she said, squeezing his hand, and he nodded.

"You'd better say thanks," he said, tilting his head towards the phone, and she smiled again, reluctantly releasing his hand and picking up her phone again.

Oh honey I have never been so happy!
That man is a keeper. Did you say it back?!

Sam read the message, grinning from ear to ear. "This electronic girl talk is kind of fun," she said, and Jack rolled his eyes.

"I'm gonna confiscate that thing later," Jack said, with a lazy grin.

"Just one more," she said, already typing rapidly.

Yes! I LOVE HIM! Now he's grumbling about me
being on the phone, so will catch up later! x

She sent the message, flipped the phone closed, and dropped it back into her purse. "There, all done."

"Should I ask?" he said, and she shrugged, grinning widely. Jack only shook his head. After a moment, he spoke again.

"So Danny and Janet playing doctors and nurses, huh," he mused. "That's traumatic."

Sam laughed, screwing up her nose at the image of her two dear friends together in that way. "Jack," she said. "I don't think they're quite there yet. I don't think they'll rush into it. Will they?"

Her cheeks flushed as she realised how loaded the topic was. She glanced up at him again and saw his dark brown eyes watching her face carefully.

"They're probably wondering the same thing about us," he said.

Her stomach flip-flopped and she felt a wave of desire chase through her again. And you'll wait as long as I ask you to, she thought. She saw only love, respect and patience on his face, and in an instant she came to a decision.

"About that," she replied, causing Jack to raise an eyebrow, "We stayed at your place last night."

"...Uh, yeah," he said, as she took closed the space between them and put her hands on his chest.

"I was wondering if you'd stay with me tonight," she said, looking deep into his eyes.

Jack slowly swallowed, then lightly placed his hands on her hips. "I just... of course I will. I just want you to know, if you're not sure..."

"Six years, Jack," she said gently. "I think that's long enough, don't you?"

There was a moment of silence, then identical smiles broke out on both their faces. Sam's cheeks were pink, and her eyes were the most vivid blue he'd ever seen.

"Yes ma'am," he replied.