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Chapter two: The wonderful art of diplomacy.

He wanted to be somewhere else. In a nuclear factory with an overheated reactor, on a sinking submarine, a plane going through turbulence; hell, anywhere, but away from here.

No such luck. As Alec Trevelyan reopened his eyes, he was still sitting in the chopper with Violett next to him and the question she had asked was still hanging above him, like a giant piece of rock about to fall. One thing was sure. Staying in the machine and staring off into space wasn't going to make the mess they were in go away.

What was he going to do, then? Go hug Natalya, shake hands with Bond, and then maybe the four of them could drop by for dinner at Fidel's mansion to use their stay in Cuba to the full? As appealing as the option seemed, he didn't think the others would share his point of view. He chuckled quietly and was awarded by Violett's astonished stare.

"What is so funny?"

"Oh, I've just been considering our options ."- he answered, grinning.

"You must have come up with some genius plan, if you're so happy." - she looked at him half- hopefully, half skeptically.

"I'm afraid not, unless you have a party dress somewhere in your sack"

Her eyes grew wide and she started to wonder, if he maybe had a fever, or had hit his head and it was affecting his sanity now.

"Uhm. What do you mean?"

His smile faded suddenly and changed into an angry expression, as he spotted something over her shoulder. She looked around and saw Natalya running in the direction of the chopper with a machine gun. In the same moment, they heard a noise at the back of the helicopter, obviously the door opening.

"Never mind" - Alec answered, getting up. He looked out to the back of the chopper, all the while realizing the needlessness of such action.

It was empty. Bond was already running to meet up with Natalya. Trevelyan returned to the cockpit.

"I suppose we will have to shoot our way out of this one" - he said, passing a gun to Violett and taking his.

She grabbed his arm.

"Alec, wait"

He turned around and looked at her expectantly. She took a deep breath, as if making an important decision. Now or never.

"I. think I have an idea"

"I'm listening"

"There's no time to explain it now. Just stay here let me go talk to them alone"

Trevelyan looked at her disbelievingly and somewhat suspiciously.

"Talk to them?! Are you out of your mind?! They're going to start shooting the moment you stick your head out of the machine." He reloaded his gun and was beginning to position himself for shot next to the door.

"No, they won't if I shout I want to talk. At least let me try. " He was eyeing her even more suspiciously.

She grabbed both of his arms and looked him straight in the eyes. "Alec. Please, trust me. What do we have to lose?"

What, indeed? They were running out of options. If they began shooting, they risked disabling their machine and that meant being left at the mercy of Cuban authorities or the back-up forces Alec was sure would soon arrive to Bond's aid. Besides, he knew his right hand could come up with a brilliant plan in a critical situation. She managed to prove as much throughout the time she had worked for him. He sighed. "Alright. This plan of yours better be good. Go."

Violett uncocked her gun, cast him what was probably supposed to be a reassuring glance, and was gone.

Alec sat down next to the door and leaned his head on the metal wall. What in the world was he doing? He just let the last of his living employees, his right hand, go negotiate with his greatest enemy.

Negotiate about what? What could they possibly have to offer in exchange for their lives? He felt like slamming himself on the face for his stupidity. He shouldn't have agreed. He should have shoved her back into the cockpit and fly the hell away from here. Natalya and Bond would probably have shot them down before the machine as much as lifted a meter above the ground, but it somehow seemed wiser than sitting down here, waiting for devil knows what. Why did he tell her to land here in the first place? His own actions were a mystery to him. If there was a contest for The Greatest Idiot of the Whole Universe, Alec thought, after today, he'd be its unbeatable champion. First, he saved Bond's life, now he laid his fate in a woman's hands.

What if Violett was a traitor? What if she was an undercover MI6 agent, assigned to infiltrate the Janus Syndicate, gain the trust of it's boss and destroy him? It would be so like the English way of settling things. Well, he had checked her background very carefully before letting her into the organization. She was perfectly free of any connections to England or America. A Polish computer genius with every reason to hate the Soviets, like he did. According to his sources, they had murdered her grandfather and imprisoned her father when she was little. He couldn't help thinking she would have fixed the satellite ten times sooner than Boris after Natalya had changed the codes. Only instead of taking her with him, he had left her in the truck outside the satellite site to coordinate their escape after their task was accomplished. It proved another wise decision to earn him the title of the Moron of the Year. Well, on the other hand, if she hadn't been on that truck there would be no one to have a "gut feeling" and go to his rescue and he'd be an Alec-pie under the rubble left from the satellite.

No, Violett couldn't be a traitor. She had had millions of occasions to betray him after he made her his right hand and let in on most of the Syndicate's secrets. She knew enough to destroy him and hadn't done it, then why would she do it now? He simply couldn't believe it. Well, his belief wouldn't change a thing if she came back and just put a gun to his head. Bond could offer her freedom in exchange for turning him in. Why shouldn't she accept it? Alec Trevelyan was finished and she, with her abilities, could find another job in a day. Why would she doom herself with him? Loyalty? Alec almost chuckled. Did such a thing even exist? The word seemed archaic. A thought flashed through his mind, that the last time he heard it was from Bond's mouth. Hell, he was in really big trouble if he started betting his fate on other people's loyalty to him.

Now there was nothing left to do, but wait.

* * * *

All the horoscopes say that Libras are talented diplomats. 'It better be damn true, if I am to pull this thing off ' -Violett thought to herself, as she jumped out of the helicopter with gun pointing at the pair standing in some distance before her. Natalya's gun was now in Bond's hands, pointing at Violett's middle.

"Don't shoot, I want to talk!" - she shouted.

Bond didn't move or say anything, but the bullets hadn't ripped her chest as yet, so it was a sign he heard her and was at least partly inclined to listen. She went on towards him until they were a few steps away from each other. She was unnoticeably breathing deeply the whole time, trying to calm her racing heart and clear the war of thoughts that raged in her head. She was going to need loads of diplomatic talent and even more luck to go through with her plan.

She knew it was insane. Worse even, it was practically impossible. And exactly because of that it might work. One way or the other, it was the only chance to get Alec out of this mess, even if she had to do it against him. But first she had to deal with Bond.

007 looked at her with his famous poker expression.

"You said you wanted to talk. I'm listening."

'Ok, here it goes. ' Calling all the confidence she had and pushing it into her voice, she said,

"I have an offer you should be interested in, Mr. Bond."

007 raised one eyebrow and looked at the girl before him half skeptically - half intrigued.

"I've heard that sentence many times before. Those that said it usually ended up dead. What could you and your boss possibly have to offer me?"

Violett didn't flinch at the obvious threat. She returned his casual smile:

"Something that is most precious in today's world - information. All that the Janus Syndicate has gathered about the Russian secret service and terrorist organizations around the world. Names, connections, account numbers, planned transactions and operations, headquarters localization.Should I continue?"

The skepticism disappeared from Bond's face. He smiled a little wider, although the smile didn't reach his eyes. They were cold and calculating.

"No need to. I think I can fully appreciate the value of your offer and I must admit it is a great price to buy two lives for."

"It's not life I want to buy."

Bond could barely suppress the surprised expression that started to form itself on his face.

"What, then?"

"I don't think the word 'buy' is accurate in this case at all, Mr. Bond. It is more like a bonus to what I already offered you."- she hesitated for a beat, then added,

"A return of one long lost MI6 agent and a qualified new one."

As the meaning of her words sank in, Bond's carefully built - up casual fa├žade crashed into pieces and his mouth dropped open. He just stared at her.

Violett expected no other reaction. That was probably how she herself looked when the idea first came to her head. Now he should just burst out laughing into her face and she could call herself a psychic.

But was the idea really so stupid? Provided Bond let them go, if she had asked him to let them fly away, provided they miraculously got through the Cuban militia and Bond's backup, what would they do? Bond and MI6 would never stop hunting for them, not to count CIA, FBI and other government and terrorist organizations, which would find it delightful to see the head of the Janus Syndicate dead.

How long could they run? And what guarantee did they have that Bond would let them go, if she asked him to? Why was this option worse than all others? If it worked out, they were winners on every front - no one would find out that Alec Trevelyan was the boss of the Janus Syndicate, he would again be a British agent with a license to kill, and have on his side the people who would otherwise be his enemies. If they ran, it would be them against the whole world. Now THAT was insane. They had nothing to lose.

Well, at least Alec. A thought occurred to her that it should seem strange to her that she always thinks of him and herself together - "we this", "we that". Things would be much easier if she thought only about herself. She was almost 100% sure Bond would let her go if she betrayed Alec. She would find a new job within days - whether it was at a government or terrorist organization or just an ordinary computer company. She would be a perfectly free woman, if only she started to think "I" instead of "we". Only there was no "I" anymore. She had numerously cursed herself when she realized that a couple of months ago, but there was nothing she could do to change it. Alec Trevelyan became the center of her universe even if she meant a zip to him. Had he been in her place right now, she would probably end up with a bullet in her head, she thought bitterly. Well, no matter how stupid and pathetic it was of her, SHE would rather die with him than betray him, so there was no point in thinking about all the "what ifs".

"Am I in any way unclear?" - she asked sweetly, enjoying the thought that she just made the famous James Bond drop his jaw and stand speechless.

He recovered quickly: "Not at all, you are perfectly clear, I just wonder whether you are serious."

"I assure you I am perfectly serious." - she hit the ball back.

" Well, then I'm afraid I will have to doubt in your sanity, Miss."- he looked at her expectantly.

"Call me Miss Insanity, if you will, but I suggest you reconsider my offer. It may bring more profit to you than you think."

She didn't fall for this old trick. She promised herself he would never know her name, unless he accepted the offer.

Bond was clearly getting sick of the game.

"Please, you cannot seriously assume MI6 would take back a traitor and his associate with open arms in exchange for some scraps of information!"

"MI6 doesn't have to know about it. " Violett looked straight in his eyes.

"Oh, that is even better!" Bond snorted, "Now you want me to protect the traitor and become one myself!"

"Not a traitor, but someone that used to be your friend, James. And, from what I have seen several minutes ago, someone that saved your life." -she pulled out the first ace from her sleeve, "And as to the 'scraps of information' - you could take out several major terrorist organizations thanks to them. "

She saw the momentary flinch of pain in Bond's face after her first sentence, but his expression turned back to poker face within seconds.

"Well, well, you know a lot about your boss' past.Did he also mention the way he betrayed me? "

"You perfectly know the reasons of his betrayal." Violett was getting angry. The whole conversation was going the way she feared it would go. She had hoped to remind Bond his friendship with Alec and awaken whatever positive feelings remained in him for Trevelyan, but if she was wrong and there was nothing left but pain and hatred, all was lost. The fact that Alec had repeatedly tried to kill Bond in the past weeks didn't help, either.

"How do I know he won't do it again? Did he suddenly discover in himself forgiveness and love for England?" Bond's tone was dripping with irony.

'Shit, shit, shit!' Could things get any worse? Violett barely stopped herself from slapping Bond on the face out of pure frustration. Fine. It was time to be painfully honest.

"Because he wouldn't have anywhere to go." - miraculously, her voice didn't shake.

The further the conversation went, the more desperate she was to convince Bond. The less likely it seemed he would agree, the more determined she felt. As if something cracked inside her and she did it just to spite God.

Bond looked at her quizzically and left her words without a comment.

"As to the information you claim to possess. Do you think MI6 wouldn't be able to get it out of you both, whether you agreed to convey it or not?"

He really knew how to get on her nerves. In her mind, she called herself the psychic of the year. The list of unwanted questions he could have asked was complete. Pity she couldn't foresee the ways out of trouble, just the trouble itself.

" The information is on a disk, hidden in a safe place. To get its localization you would have to catch us first. And the only way you can catch us is if we are dead. Kinda hard to get anything out of us then, huh?"

Bond was silent. The last sentence stunned him again.

Violett's voice got deadly calm and cold.

"If you refuse the offer, Mr. Bond, Alec and I will fly away. You can shoot us down. You can send special troops to capture us. But you will NOT get us alive."

She didn't recognize herself. The words she said came to her head suddenly and she noticed with surprise she meant them. And she knew Alec would think alike. Funny how desperate one can get.

"The decision is yours, James. If you don't give a damn about Alec, think about your precious England and what this information would mean to her."

She adjusted the gun in her hand and put her finger on the trigger. Bond's gun was uncocked as well and still pointed at her chest.

"So, what's it gonna be?"

* * * *

This day was getting better and better. If it continued that way, he'd probably be in a space rocket on its way to the moon with a glass of martini in his hand, before the evening came. Speaking of martini - a thought occurred to him that maybe he just had had too much of the "shaken not stirred" liquid, all this was the effect of his drunk imagination and soon he would wake up in a hotel bed with a blonde by his side and a hangover of the century raging in his head.

Unfortunately, things weren't this simple. Sometimes real life can be stranger than wildest fiction, but this. This just reminded a very bad joke. First, Alec Trevelyan saves his life. Right. Now he wants back to MI6.

And Soviets backed capitalism.

Of course, it could all make perfect sense - Trevelyan knew he was finished, when Bond disabled the satellite, so he came up with a plan - he saved his life to get a way back into MI 6 and carry out his revenge later. Yes, but then Alec would have to think his once best-friend had no brain at all. A child wouldn't fall for such trick. What in the world was he trying to accomplish? Did he get so desperate that he grasped even the craziest option of getting out of trouble? No, he wouldn't do that. At least the Alec he once had known wouldn't. He'd rather die than go begging for mercy. Surely, he didn't mean to return and serve the country he hated! What were his motives, then? It was beyond James.

More important question was - what was HE going to do about it? Certainly, he couldn't accept their offer. Or could he? Outwardly he acted as if it was obvious he had no slightest intention of even considering it, but it wasn't that simple. Everything in him screamed "no", but there was also that silent, but persistent voice that whispered - 'why not?'

' Hell, there's a thousand reasons why not' - he snapped in his thoughts at the little voice, but it didn't shut up. The words "used to be your friend" rang on and on in his mind. Damn, this girl knew which chord to strike! He repeated himself that he didn't give a damn about what he and Alec once used to be and that he could send him to hell any moment. He wouldn't be the first person close to him that betrayed him and died at his hand. Spy has to be prepared for such possibilities and can't let them interfere with his job. But, as he realized some time ago, hanging over that satellite, he was not only a spy, but also a human being.

And Trevelyan had been the closest friend he ever had. Oh, yes, he was mad at Alec for betraying him and everything he thought they both believed in. Not only mad. Hurt. All those years, he cherished the memory of his friend, fought his enemies, imagining he was avenging 006. And all the while this bastard was alive and well, preparing a laser blow for his country. It made him so angry!

Now he could take all that anger out, by pulling the trigger of his machine gun and emptying its magazine into the girl's chest and then into Trevelyan's chopper. But would it bring him relief? Would the pain disappear?

Human feelings aside, he also had to think about the MI6. The information the Janus Syndicate had gathered would be like a gift from heavens. Of course if the girl was telling the truth. The girl. She was a riddle to him. Almost a kid, how old could she be? 24 at the most. Bold enough to stand before him and make an insane offer in the tone of a condescending princess when she was on the lost position and her life was at stake. Well, maybe that's what made her this bold. And there was something about her, in that defiant gaze of her blue-green eyes and the tone of her voice that made him think she was telling the truth. Both about the information and the will to join MI6.

Damn, he was really considering this!

He didn't trust Trevelyan further than he could throw him, but if anything happened, he was going to be on his own territory and surely wouldn't allow himself to be fooled again like nine years ago. He could end it all here and now, but suddenly he realized he didn't want to. It couldn't end like this. Besides, he wanted to spite those voices inside him that said he had lost all humanity and became an automaton in service of the agency. If he agreed, he'd be taking huge risk, but he was always a gambler, after all. He could win a lot in this game.

Time to throw the dice.

He lowered his gun.

"All right. We have a deal." - he shot the girl his killer smile.

She just stared at him wide -eyed..

"You mean."

"I accept your offer." - his smile grew wider. Ha, now HE made her speechless.

"Great." - she attempted to keep her face expressionless, but failed miserably. She was simply too stunned.

"I'll go tell my boss" - she turned back to the machine, in a little robot- like manner.

"Wait." - he called after her, still smiling "I think we should shake hands on it. And maybe you could finally tell me your name, Miss Insanity?"

She turned back to him and grasped his stretched out hand, but didn't return his smile.

"Certainly. I'm Violett. Violett Cole."

She let go of his hand and started on her way to the machine.

'He agreed. He actually agreed.'

It was impossible. She was hallucinating. Cuban sun must have got to her.

No. 'He really did agree. Ok, I have to stop thinking like this', she said to herself , coming up to the chopper.

Only now did she realize, how little she believed in the success of her little plan. She was sure she would die, ripped by dozens of bullets from Bond's machine gun. Hell, she was certain these were her last living moments. Well, life is full of surprises.

And she may as well still die today. Alec had no idea what plan she had come up with. And when he found out, he was going to kill her. Unless she would be able to convince him.

'Damn, I'm betting an awful lot on the horoscopes. '

Taking a deep breath and saying a quick prayer to Gods of all the religions she could think of, she entered the helicopter.

* * * *

"ARE YOU COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR MIND?!" - rage and disbelief were fighting each other on Alec's face.

"See, Alec, this is exactly why I asked you to promise you wouldn't blow up on me when I tell you about my plan" said Violett in a small voice, taking two tiny steps away from Alec, who loomed over her menacingly.

"And could you please speak a little more quiet? I don't want Bond to think we are stepping out of the deal"

"THERE IS NO GODDAMN DEAL." -Alec started, completely ignoring her request to keep his voice down, then stopped abruptly-

"Wait. Are you telling me he agreed?" - he asked, a little quieter.

"Yes. He actually did." -Violett said, a triumphant smile on her face.

Alec's jaw dropped.

"Oh" - that's all he could utter and just stared at her stunned for a few moments. Bond. Agreed. To take him back to MI6.

He finally recovered himself:

"Well, that doesn't matter, because I'm not going to do this! How could you go and arrange something like that without consulting me first?! You offered him the information I've been gathering for years in exchange for letting me give up everything I believe in? That's ridiculous! "

"Alec, please, just think about it. What else can we do? They are not going to let us get away. And even if we somehow manage to escape, what then? The Syndicate is dead. We're finished. How long can you run? Do you really want to live like this?" - she put her hands on his arms, but he shook them off violently.

"And what sort of life is THIS going to be? You expect me to just forget about everything, shake hands with Bond and go back to serve the country I hate?! What's next - Christmas in July?!"

"James isn't the one that betrayed your parents. Besides, if you go back, you have a chance of discovering who DID betray them. You could get your revenge, on the right people. If you run, you'll lose that possibility forever." -she spoke with calmness, looking at him pleadingly.

Suddenly Alec's eyes narrowed.

"Since when do you call him by his first name? Oh, I see." -suddenly he grabbed her by the neck and pinned to the wall.

"So, what did he offer you? Money? A place in MI6? Or have you already fallen for his charms?" -his fingers were digging deep into her throat and she could barely breathe.

"Let .me.go " she gasped out and pushed Trevelyan away with all her force, then looked at him angrily.

"If I had betrayed you, you would be dead by now. After all this time, I thought I deserve for your trust. Face the truth, Alec. You're finished. This is your only chance. I went there to help you. If this makes me a traitor, then.." - she put the gun he held in his hand to her chest

" Go on. Just pull the trigger." - she stared straight into his eyes, holding her breath.

Damn, she was right. He was finished. Where could he go now? What could he do? Start rebuilding his organization? From what, the ashes? When he escaped from MI6 nine years ago, he had connections and means to create the Syndicate.

Now he had nothing.

Except a whole bunch of enemies on his tail.

Still, everything boiled in him at the thought that he would be serving the country that destroyed his life. Had he really fallen that low? Wouldn't death be better? Maybe he should just put a bullet in his head like his father.

No. This would mean letting THEM win. This would mean breaking the vow he made on his parents' grave.

'You would have a chance of discovering, who DID betray them'

Yes. He would. He hadn't done that nine years ago because he was too blinded with hatred to all the English. Now he hated them too. But there was nothing like punishing the exact person that hurt you.

Would they still be alive? Well, he would never know if he didn't check. Even if they were old and in their death beds, he would make them pay. The last thing they hear will be the names of Constantin and Maria Trevelyan and the last thing they see will be his face. There was no other way he could accomplish that, than going back to MI6.

He didn't have to destroy the world to carry out his revenge.

And Bond agreed to take him back, as insane as that sounded.

It wasn't over yet.

He lowered the gun.

"Now, don't get so dramatic, Violett" he chuckled. "Let's try this plan of yours."

The girl let out a deep breath and thanked a whole Pantheon of gods in her thoughts. Boy, this guy could change moods in a second.

"Finally. I'm beginning to get tired of willingly putting myself before loaded guns" she sighed.

"What, you pulled this trick on 007 as well?"- Alec grinned.

"Something like that"- she said pulling her hair from her face.

Trevelyan chuckled some more, tucking the gun behind the belt of his pants. He apparently had no intention of apologizing for calling her a traitor. Well, what else could she expect of him?

They heard footsteps approaching the chopper. A moment later Bond's head poked through the door. Natalya was right behind him, scowling at them, clearly not happy about the course of things. The machine gun was hanging idly on James' shoulder, assuring everybody the deal he made with Violett was still standing.

"I hope we are not interrupting anything?" he said, looking quizzically at them both "We just got a little bored with standing in the blazing Cuban sun. Or maybe you are having second thoughts about our arrangement?"

"No, of course not." Violett hurried with an answer, but Bond was looking at Alec.

Trevelyan stared back at him without saying a word and suddenly the atmosphere in the machine got terribly tense. Violett almost panicked, thinking that maybe Alec changed his mind.

"The deal is still valid" -Trevelyan finally answered, voice icily cold.

Violett almost gasped with relief. Right, she forgot one thing when she decided to execute her plan - that there would be two giant, hurt manly egos clashing every second and she'd be the one responsible for keeping them at bay.

'What the hell a have I gotten myself into?'

"Good"- Bond replied- "I only wonder why you had to get your work done by a woman, Alec"-he added, voice dripping with irony.

Violett's heart sank and she gulped loudly.

"She volunteered." Alec answered casually and Violett almost threw her arms around him and kissed him for it.

"Besides, knowing your love of the fair sex, I don't think you minded that. You're probably already bored with your strawberry friend."- his irony perfectly mirrored Bond's.

Natalya looked as if she was going to throw herself on Alec and scratch him . Violett was considering the option of kicking him hard in a painful place and Bond.. Bond just put his poker face on.

As to Alec, he had already disappeared in the cockpit, apparently very pleased with himself.

'Shit', Violett thought,' if their every conversation will look like that, I'm going to start growing ulcers in no time'

A few moments later they heard the roar of engines and a group of helicopters landed on the field. Alec came back from the cockpit and Bond looked outside.

"It's my backup" - he said, seeing Jack Wade getting out of one of the machines. The man run up to Trevelyan's chopper.

"James! Good to see you ! Is everything all right?"

"Perfect" Bond said, casting a sideways glance at Alec.

"Then let's get the hell out of here. Castro's troops are on their way and I'm not in the battle mood. Oh, one more thing." He passed Bond a satellite phone.

"It's your boss. "

James put the phone to his ear with an 'Exactly what I needed right now' expression.

"Hello, M"

Violett and Alec exchanged a look.

"Mission accomplished. The satellite is destroyed."

"Well done, James. What about that other thing you were supposed to take care of?"

M's words were heard clearly by all people present in the helicopter.

007 glanced up at Trevelyan. Both men just looked in each other's eyes for a few moments. Violett instinctively touched the gun at her belt, knowing they would have no chance anyway. Alec's face was unnervingly calm, as if he was watching a boring movie, not looking at a man who was about to decide his fate.

"It's been settled. The head of the Janus Syndicate is dead. It was Ourumov..."

".And I am bringing back an old friend. I'll make a full report when we get home." - he switched the phone off.

Dead silence reined.

"Well? What are you waiting for? "- said Wade impatiently,

"Get your butts out of here. I got my own plane to catch" He took the phone from Bond's hand and slammed the helicopter door shut.

Alec took Violett to the cockpit and Natalya sat next to Bond.

"I hope you know what you are doing, James" she said grimly in her Russian accent.

"Yes. Me too" Bond answered and stared out of the window.

The machine started off and soon they were flying over the sea. This time Alec was piloting and Violett looked at the water below them.

Trevelyan noticed she was smiling to herself.

"What are you thinking about?" - he asked

"Oh, nothing." she said, looking up at him and smiling even more "Just that I love my zodiac sign" ,and returned to the view outside the window.

Alec blinked at her with surprise, then shrugged and concentrated on the instruments.

They flew for a time in silence.

"Violett, tell me something." Trevelyan started


He hesitated. The question's been bothering him, but somehow he found it hard to ask it.

"Why did you do that? I mean, you could just turn me in and get a nice job at some computer company."

She looked at him, apparently surprised by the question:


'I would die for you

I would die for you

I've been dying just to feel you by my side, to know that you're mine I would cry for you

I would cry for you

I will wash away your pain with all my tears and drown your fear I will pray for you

I will pray for you,

I will sell my soul for something pure and true, someone like you See your face every place that I walk in

Hear your voice every time that I'm talking

You will believe in me, and I will never be ignored I will burn for you

Feel pain for you

I will twist the knife and bleed my aching heart, and tear it apart I will lie for you

Beg and steal for you

I will crawl on hands and knees until you see, you're just like me Violate all the love that I'm missing

Throw away all the pain that I'm living

You will believe in me, and I can never be ignored I would die for you

I would kill for you

I will steal for you

I'd do time for you

I will wait for you

I'd make room for you

I'd sink ships for you,

Take the cross for you

Make me a part of you

Because I believe in you

I believe in you

I would die for you'

".I just always wanted to know what' it's like to be a secret agent" -she smiled, but it was more like a grimace.

Alec chuckled. She turned back to stare through the window.

Men are blind. Fact.

To be continued.

Author's note: I hope I'll not get flamed for what I did in this chapter. I know Alec's returning to MI6 is hard to swallow, but just wait for the fun it's going to bring! I tried to make the reasons why both Bond and Trevelyan agree for it as convincing and believable as possible, that is why, among other things, it took me so long to write this chapter. Did I fail or did I succeed? Please tell me in your reviews!( One more thing - the fact that Violett's name sounds English although she is Polish will be explained in one of the next chapters, so if anyone wanted to flame me on that, check mate. ( Oh, one more thing - a tiny disclaimer -the song I used in this chapter, "#1 Crush" belongs to Garbage and I don't claim any rights to it, except that I'm maniacally playing it every day. Stay tuned for more to come!