Hello again everyone! Don't be mad at me for not writing a new chapter for a while, but I've recently started on the Percy Jackson series. If this chapter gets a little weird, don't worry. It's just what happens when I try to mix Pokémon, Phineas and Ferb, lucky charms and Microsoft word. It's not pretty.

"Nice job James, they got away!" Jessie yelled

"Oh, now everything's my fault?!" James yelled back

Jessie and James were arguing while Meowth mumbled "maybe I shoulda transferred to Cassidy and butch's unit. They argue a lot less..."

Team rocket was stuck up on top of the strange building doing what they do best after their plan fails. Blame each other. They didn't even notice the strange man coming up on the roof.

"Oh hello." The man said in a strange accent.

Team rocket started whispering to each other until Jessie and James yelled "prepare for trouble!" "Make it double!"

INSERT REST OF MOTTO HERE (sorry guys, I really didn't want to type the whole thing again.)

"Meowth, that's right!" Meowth said as they all posed. "Oh how cool! You have your own motto! Here, you can hear mine!" the man said as he pulled out a tape player and pressed play. "Doofenshmirtz evil in-cor-por-a-teeeeed" came out of the player. Team Rocket looked at him, confused. "You call dat a motto?" Meowth asked him. "Well, it's actually more of a jingle." The man said.

"So, who are you supposed to be again?" Jessie asked him.

"My name is Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz." He replied, "Your names are Jessie, James, and Meowth, right?"

"Wait, how did you know that?" James asked.

"Uh, dude. You just said it in your whole motto thing." Doofenshmirtz replied.

"No we-" Jessie started. Team rocket then had a sudden realization. They did say their names in the motto. "Never mind." She said with a hint of frustration in her voice.

"So, exactly how did you get on my roof?" Doof asked (I can call him Doof, right?)

"Well, somebody made a bad decision by not listening to me." James said, glaring at Jessie.

"Yes, James, I messed up. Get over it." Jessie said.

"We made a bad business decision wit a magikarp salesman. Never trust dat guy." Meowth said.

"I'm not entirely sure what a 'magic tarp' has to do with it, just explain what happened." Doof said.

"We bought a device that was supposed to create a portal to our team headquarters, but for some reason it brought us here. And then some unwanted tagalongs broke the device." James explained.

"Well come inside. I think I might be able to build you guys an inator that will help." Doof said.

Meowth whispered "Jessie, are we really gonna trust dis guy?"

"think, Meowth! We were trying to steal a Pikachu. If we use this guy, maybe we'll still get what we want." Jessie replied. And with that, they followed the man into the building.