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10:36 EST

"Robin to cave, mission completed. Threat nutreulaized," he dispatched over his comm link. Robin looked up wearily at his teammates, who were standing with their hands on their knees, exhaustedly. He didn't blame them. The fight against the ice villans hadn't been easy. All the odds had been stacked against them, yet they'd somehow managed to beat those evil icicles on their own turf.

"Congratulations, team," Red Tornado responded in his robotic voice. "Return to bioship for deportation."

"Copy that," Robin answered. "Miss M," he yelled out. "Call the bioship."

Too tired to even respond, M'gann simply concentrated for a few seconds. It didn't take long before the faint sound of a whirring engine could be heard from above.

"I believe it is time to go home," said Aqualad. Never had any words sounded better coming from the atlantean.

Just as everyone began to straighten up and walk towards the ship, the sky became overcast. The wind picked up, blowing a frenzy of snow everywhere. The team dropped to the ground and covered their ears. Streaks of blue lightning spiraled down towards the earth. Then, they heard a loud BOOM, so powerful that it knocked them off their feet.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Artemis yelled, the sound still ringing in her ears.

"I... I don't know," Robin said, still in complete shock. "Wally?" he asked turning to the speedster. If anyone knew anything about strange scientific phenomenons, it was Wally West. He was one, after all.

"I'm not sure." Kid Flash replied. He pulled his goggles over his eyes. "I'm switching to infa-red vision."

He could see strange waves emitting from a central point, but what that point was, he couldn't exactly make out. His teammates watched in anticipation.

"What is it?" Miss Martian asked anxiously.

"I can't say for sure, but it looks almost like zeta radiation. Mixed with something else, of course. It looks like it's coming from something... Hang on..." he strained his eyes for a better look. Whatever it was, it had heat radiating from it. A conclusion dawned on him. "I... I think it's a person!"



"Is that even possible!?"

"Hang on, I'm going to go get a better look." Wally said.

"Wait!" Robin warned. "KF- it might be a trap!"

But it was too late. The speedster had already taken off running, sending snow flying in his wake.

"Come on." Artemis said, readying her arrow. "Might as well save Kid Idiot's lousy behind. Again."

The team ran, okay, more like jogged quickly, after Wally. "Hey," Superboy shouted as they approached. "What's going on?" Wally didn't move a muscle. Didn't reply. Just stared at the body lying face down on the ground. "Um... hello?" Superboy asked again. Suddenly, his breath caught in his throat. The g-gnomes at Cadmus had shown him images of the world, taught him practically everything there was to know. But none of that had prepared him for this.

"Whoa..." someone said, but even with his super hearing, Conner was to distracted to know who said it. His eyes widened at the sight of red and yellow in the fresh snow. The team was staring down, at an unmoving, other Kid Flash.

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