Six months after their first date, Sherlock and Molly were curled up in his chair, Molly laying across his lap reading a book, Sherlock with one arm under her and one arm holding his phone, which he was furiously one-thumb typing on. It was a common sight in 221B - the detective and his pathologist, busy with their own things, but clutched together as if they couldn't bear to be apart. Mrs. Hudson had learned to knock before coming in when she knew Molly was there, because they were not always good at making it into the bedroom before things got heated.

"Molly?" said Sherlock, setting his phone down on her abdomen.

Molly looked up from her book. "Hmm?"

"Can you make tea? I'd love some tea right now." He gave her his best puppy-dog eye look. Molly rolled her eyes and sat up, swinging her legs down to the floor. She turned and kissed him, briefly.

"Only because you're so cute."

"I was counting on that." said Sherlock, smirking. Molly playfully swatted him as she stood up, stretching.

"Tea actually sounds nice." She made her way into the kitchen, pulling the tea tin down from its spot on the shelf. She opened it, not really paying attention, and reached in to grab the spoon she knew was in there.

Her hand closed around something much bigger than the spoon, however. It was a small box. Peering in, she lifted it out and stared at the small velvet box. Then she turned to Sherlock, realizing he was now standing in the doorway of the kitchen. She looked at Sherlock, then back at the box.

Sherlock smiled at her and pointed to the box. "Are you going to open it?"

Molly stood, frozen. She looked at Sherlock again. He was standing, hands clasped behind his back, but she could see he was nervous.

"Did this..what?"

Sherlock stepped to her, standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist. "Open the box, Molly Hooper."

Molly slowly opened the box, gasping when she did. A beautiful amethyst and diamond ring, princess cut in a channel setting, glittered up at her. She looked up at Sherlock, who leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead. "Doctor Hooper, will you marry me?"

Molly spun around, clutching the box between herself and Sherlock as she stood on her tip toes to kiss him. "Of course I will!"

Sherlock reached between them and plucked the box out of her hand, removing the ring and sliding it onto her finger. "I wanted something you could wear under your gloves at work." he said, kissing her hand as the ring found it's new home.

Molly stepped back and held her hand up, watching the ring glitter and shine under the fluorescent lights of 221B's kitchen. "It's perfect, Sherlock."

Sherlock smiled down at his pathologist, then took her by the hand and led her by the hand into the bedroom, where they celebrated their engagement for the rest of the afternoon.

Thank you again to everyone who has commented, shared and read this fic, coming along with me on this sherlolly journey. This was my first sherlolly fic and your constant approval and encouragement has meant the world to me. I am currently working on a small series of fics (about 1k words each) that follow series 3 and fill in the "blanks" of the timeline with some unrequited sherlolly. It starts here s/10176474/1/Missing-Scenes-from-Series-3 and I've already got two or three more written, I will probably post them once a week for a while.

I intend to write much more sherlolly. Thank you for reading! 3