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1.) I Have Found Her

Back in the royal gardens of the kingdom where King Maximillian and Queen Constantina reigned and his royal highness, Prince Christopher lived, that one afternoon, a mysterious, simple yet beautiful girl dressed in rags, presumably from the village was sharing a rather awkward but meaningful conversation with a dejected Prince Christopher. That girl happened to be none other than Cinderella; the girl at the ball who caught Christopher's eye and eventually captured his heart. As she spoke with him, noticing his defeated and miserable state he was in, part of her wanted to throw her arms around him and reveal who she was. But another part of her was afraid and anxious, knowing that a simple village girl like her who has always gotten used to being treated like a lowly maid of the house instead of a well-treated one or even a daughter would be a rather unusual match for someone like the prince. Christopher, on the other hand, though doubtful of his actions, was becoming quite suspicious and more and more curious by the minute. He knew that no matter how hard the herald, steward, royal guards or the questionable secret service tried, none of them could find the missing girl. But whenever he looked at the servant girl who stood right before him, he felt as if he had seen her face before at least once in his life. Believe it or not, he had a feeling that this girl almost looked exactly like the lovely, mysterious maiden he danced with at the ball, though he still wasn't so sure if she really was.

Then, an awkward silence filled the garden as Christopher sat silently, avoiding eye contact with Cinderella as she abruptly turned away from his sight, preparing to scurry back home; back to the lonely life she led without a single soul in her household to listen to her and back to those days of constantly being rushed around with her chores with one order mounding after another in split-seconds before she could even get her first task done...back to the moments she would spend in her own little corner, all alone in her own little chair. With those thoughts clouding her mind, without speaking another word, Cinderella walked away from where the prince was seated with a quick pace, her distance growing farther and farther by the second. The young man was on the verge of losing all hope until he glanced at the slipper that sat right next to him on the squared velvet cushion and turned his eyes back to the maiden.

"Stop!" he hollered before Cinderella could flee. She turned around and met his blue eyes once more, looking at him with confusion and cluelessness, asking herself, 'what does he want from me now?,' not in an aggressive manner but purely in a curious state.

"Has anyone tried the slipper on you?"

"No, your highness," she replied meekly yet wondering why the prince asked such a question to one he thought was a stranger at the moment. All of a sudden, she remembered...the slipper was to be tried on every single maiden in the kingdom until the missing girl was found.

Without hesitation, he carefully lifted the ever-so-fragile glass slipper from the velvet cushion and walked straight to the young maiden and bent before her feet. Now was the long, anticipated moment that both Prince Christopher and Cinderella had been waiting for. For the prince, he knew and could tell that there was just something about her that always seemed to shift his mind back to the night he danced with a certain girl and at that moment, it felt like a game of chance. It could be one or the other. It is either the slipper would fit or the slipper would not fit, but he would never know until he actually tried. As for Cinderella, the feeling was different. She knew that she was the girl at the ball that Christopher fell in love with and she knew that he was the very man that she danced with and also fell in love with that night. When she observed his actions, bending down on one knee, reaching for the shoe that she was wearing just to take it off, an outburst of excitement and butterflies were present at the pit of her stomach, she could hardly contain herself. But she managed. Either way, there was no turning back for the both of them.

Christopher was filled with nothing but anxiety as he took her shoe off of her foot, silently hoping and praying that this familiar-looking girl was truly the one. Once he lay both his bare hands on the glass slipper, his heart was racing faster than his mind was spinning and he could almost hear his heart pounding against his chest as the slipper was getting closer to her foot. As the slipper was approaching her toes, Cinderella couldn't help but smile, knowing that his dreams were on the brink of coming true. Her dreams were on the brink of coming true. In less than a minute, knowing that the slipper would already fit, she too knew that Christopher would start to see her differently as no longer the stranger he thought she was.

When her foot was slowly but surely being placed into the slipper, beginning with her toes, all the way to her heel until it touched its bottom-most base, Christopher's face lightened up all of a sudden. His smile grew wider, his eyes were glistening and his heart felt something far greater than happiness. He felt unending bliss and for the first time in forever in his life, he felt joy beyond compare. Christopher looked up with loving eyes to those of Cinderella, who was also on the verge of tears. After all this time, after she ran away from the ball at the stroke of midnight, Cinderella thought that she would never see him again. They both thought that they would never see each other again. But now, the very moment they thought was impossible was happening before their very eyes.

The now joyful prince stood up and took her hands in his, looking into her eyes in a way he never did before.

"I have found you," Christopher exclaimed, still captured in this moment of bliss, "and I still don't know your name."

"My name…is Cinderella," she replied, her eyes still glistening as she stared into her lover's eyes, still in shock and disbelief but joyful because of what has happened just now between them. Christopher moved even closer to Cinderella and cupped her face in his hands, looking more and more lovingly at her as the minutes passed.

"The most beautiful name in the world…"

And with that, the prince pulled her into a long, passionate kiss; one filled with love, joy and celebration of the dreams they had that they never thought would come true. At that one lovely moment, one too romantic and true to go unnoticed, it was just them two; Prince Christopher and Cinderella. They stood alone together in the middle of the royal gardens without anything or anyone to ever come between them again. Not even Cinderella's stepmother or Portia and Joy could stand in her way ever again for as long as she lived. In this time of bliss that they shared, all they had was each other.

Neither of them knew, or cared to even hear, the footsteps of the Herald rustling through the grass and the fallen leaves. Still keeping his straight and noble posture despite feeling sorry for his friend, the prince, he decided to check on him to see how he was or find out if he had cleared his mind yet. But behind the bushes, the sight his eyes caught a glimpse of was one he never expected. There, he saw Christopher and a stranger girl who he has never seen before in each other's arms in a prolonged embrace that seemingly felt like eternity but one he presumed was warm and full of love. The Herald dropped his jaw, shocked at what was displayed before his very eyes, but at the same time, he felt his urge to smile. And so he did. His expression of shock turned into a somewhat nearly goofy grin, which was quite out of character to his position, as he swiftly ran back into the doors leading to the inside of the castle.

Once the large marble doors closed behind him, he jumped excitedly for joy and dashed through the palace halls, not even caring about what the rest of the servants were thinking, no matter how unusual his disposition was of a herald. On the left side of the carpeted staircase with marble bannisters, the royal steward was reading a scroll of the list of orders appointed to him by the king and queen. He was thoroughly focused on the layout made of his duties until a screeching noise of the slippery floor caught his attention and all of a sudden, the excitably frantic herald slipped and knocked him clean off by accident, thus knocking off his concentration.

The herald stood up, picked up his hat and brushed the sides of his uniform until he caught sight of the fallen steward, both his black hat and scroll on the ground, and reached out his hand to help his comrade up.

"I'm sorry about all this, my friend," he chuckled as he helped him regain his posture, still in his pleasant mood, forgetting the formalities of his royal position, "I didn't happen to see you there."

"It's quite alright," the steward replied, brushing his sleeves and fixing the yellow feather on his hat, "But for goodness sake William, what's all the rush about? You certainly don't seem like yourself after all that girl-searching with the slipper. I merely expected you to be tired! Tell me, what is going on?"

"Save all the questions for later!" the excited herald exclaimed, "But for now, I need their royal majesties at once!"

"Well, what do you have to get so excited about?" a confused and pressured steward asked, "Besides, now isn't the time to disturb their majesties. You know how the king gets when he is—"

"—not right now, my stiff and stalwart friend! Just get the king and queen to come down to the gardens right away and I'll explain the rest later,"

William, the herald, exclaimed even more excitedly as he forcefully but joyfully grasped the hand of his shaken and clueless comrade up the carpeted stairs of the left-wing stairwell, all the way to the bedroom of the king and queen.

"No, really William, what is going on?!"

"Shh…later, my friend, later!"

Meanwhile, after Christopher and Cinderella shared their longest embrace they have ever felt for the first time together, they slowly pulled away, still feeling the warmth they had in each other's arms. They looked into each other's eyes once more, smiling because of their presence, but something caught the prince's eyes right then and there. More tears were falling in Cinderella's face the more she looked into Christopher's eyes; those bright blue eyes she thought she would never gaze into again. Christopher placed his hands on her shoulders, his face growing concerned when seeing his lover cry.

"Is there something wrong…Cinderella?" he asked her with concern in his voice, though taking joy in saying her name for the first time.

Cinderella looked up at him, trying her best to hold in the remaining tears to prevent them from flowing, though holding on to the thought that she finally had the freedom to share her feelings with someone who truly loves her for who she is; someone who will understand how she feels no matter what it is.

"Oh no, it isn't that at all, Christopher," Cinderella started, "It's just that all this time, I thought that we were dreaming and I thought that I would never see you again. Ever… But now, here we are, together again. I-I never thought that this would happen, I…I thought that this would be…impossible."

Nothing could stop her tears from falling because of the surprising, unexpected turnaround of events that happened all in one day. But Christopher was there to make her feel safe, secure and loved, as he wiped away her tears with his fingertips.

"Someone once told me, ten minutes ago, that impossible things are happening everyday," he smiled as he gathered Cinderella in his arms once more, "I love you, Cinderella."

"And I love you!" she beamed, finding herself in his embrace again, laughing off her tears of joy, forgetting about all those years of being treated lower than she should have for that one moment, "You'll never forget that…won't you?"

"Never," Christopher replied, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, still clinging onto the embrace.

While they were still stuck together in each other's arms, little did they know that not one but four sets of footsteps coming from the entrance of the garden behind the bushes. The young couple turned their eyes to see the king, queen, herald and steward jump over the short hedge-like, rectangular bushes, which was quite unlike them at all, only because of their excitement.

First, the queen pushed through the bushes, followed by the herald and the steward, but King Maximillian was unfortunately stuck in the plant due to his constant weight-gaining streak, as brought up by his wife, of course.

"Why, Chris!" Queen Constantina pleasantly beamed, though surprised at his change of expression since she last saw her son, "You……"

All of a sudden, her majesty was at a loss for words.

"Yes, mother?" Christopher laughed at his mother's unusually flabbergasted behavior. The queen turned her eyes to the young, beautiful maiden who stood, smiling, hand-in-hand with her son.

"…you…you found her," she finally blurted out calmly, "Didn't you?"

The prince simply smiled at his mother and nodded, holding Cinderella close. Queen Constantina chuckled in a motherly manner and smiled sweetly and widely at the joy she saw in Christopher's face.

"Oh Christopher," she leaned over and hugged her son, giving him a kiss on his cheek, "I just knew you would find her. I knew it all along!"

"Really, did you?" King Maximillian joked, though he was too happy for his son and his future daughter-in-law, "Never doubted the boy for a second, my dear?"

"Oh, hush now Max," his wife teased back, "None of that matters any longer. What matters now is that our son has found the one he loves. That's all there is to it!"

"You see, your majesties?" their loyal herald cheerfully chimed in, "I told you that there was some good news around here after all."

"And you never told me anything!" the steward glared at his comrade, "Did you, William?!"

"Lighten up for once, my friend, does all this discussion really have to matter right now?" the herald responded dreamily, "Isn't it obvious that his highness found his happiness in the girl who he's been longing to share the rest of his life with?"

"So this is what it was all along?" the steward said, trying to figure out what his comrade was trying to explain, "He's happy over finally finding the missing girl..."

"As her majesty said, that's all there is to it. Now you know," he smiled charmingly with his straightforward response.

"I see..." the steward replied, doing his very best to keep his stiff and serious demeanor, but failed because of the happy moment happening right before him.

While this moment of pure joy and bliss was still happening among the young couple, the queen and two of the royal servants, the silence was broken by the sound of struggling rustles from the bushes' leaves, only to find out that the noise was coming from behind the scene; from a still stuck King Maximillian.

"Maisie, gentlemen!" the king called out, smiling and chuckling as he attempted to wriggle off of the series of plants, "Perhaps a little bit of assistance is needed over here?"

All of them turned their heads to the stuck king and shared a little moment of laughter with each other, the herald and the steward included. The queen covered her mouth with both her hands, trying to hold her laughter from becoming boisterous, which was not as proper for someone in her position. 'Oh, that husband of mine...still gaining lots and lots of weight to this day,' she thought.

"Oh, Maximillian," she laughed, "Your weight has never changed after all these five years, hasn't it?"

"Maisie..." he complained, "Don't just stand there and laugh, my dear. Help me!"

"Alright, alright darling," she replied, shaking her head jokingly, "Just rest easy and we'll get you out of there."

Cinderella couldn't help but to give a slight giggle at the king's little mishap, hoping she wouldn't in any way offend the royal couple and their son, but he too laughed lightly for he knew that everyone was one the same page and it was quite normal for his father to get himself into little awkward and comical situations. The herald, the steward and even Queen Constantina headed toward the thick bush that he was stuck in, grabbed hold of the sides of his body , and with a tight, steady grip, pulled him off, resulting in the king rolling over to the ground and the royal servants falling into the grassy surface. The queen slapped both her hands together to get the residue of the fallen leaves off of them and took her husband's hand to pull him up.

"I suppose that did the trick!"

"Maisie, I thought you preferred to keep your hands in their daintiest at all times," reminded the king as he brushed remaining fallen leaves off his clothing.

"Well, my dear, sometimes there are exceptions, even if it means doing a favor for his majesty," she replied pleasantly, clasping her hands together the way she always did.

"And I do suppose you're absolutely right, Maisie," he remarked, turning to the herald and the steward, "Thank you for your assistance gentlemen. That will be all."

And with that, both servants bowed to the king and queen and headed back into the castle. The herald, in turn, stopped and turned around to wink at the prince and received a smile from him in return. After the whole 'bush' situation, Christopher believed it was time to introduce his future wife to his parents.

"Well, I'm certainly glad that's over," a relieved Queen Constantina whispered to her husband as he looked at her and chuckled in return.

"Excuse me, mother and father," Christopher addressed his parents politely, "There is someone I would like you to meet."

Thus began Cinderella's introduction to her in-laws, also knows as, the king and queen of the village, the cities...and the kingdom.

"This is Cinderella; the love of my life," he introduced, beaming with excitement, "Cinderella, these are my parents. You remember them from the night of the ball, don't you?"

"Of course I do, Christopher," she exclaimed, then turned to the king and queen, smiling sweetly and bowing to them in respect.

"It's lovely to meet you, your majesties."

The king and queen looked at each other and smiled, signifying that just by Cinderella's first impression, they knew that their son had chosen the perfect bride that they were just about to get to know.

"I thought you looked quite familiar, my dear," King Maximillian remarked, taking her hand to give it a kiss.

"I bet you knew, your majesty," Cinderella laughed lightly, "I just remembered that I even had a chance to dance with you at the ball. Of all people...the king!"

"And of all people you danced with, you danced with my son," the king chuckled, amused by her amazement, "I must say, Christopher took an instant liking to you, did he?"

"I suppose he did," she replied humbly, just getting used to a rather informal conversation with her future father-in-law.

"And I believe he told me, it's as if you appeared by magic," he continued, "Is that true?"

"I...don't know," Cinderella answered honestly, followed by a giggle that escaped her lips. KIng Maximillian chuckled once more and turned to his wife.

"Maisie, have you met this girl before?"

"Yes, I did darling," the queen replied with a smile and a look on her face that said, 'isn't it obvious,' "We both have, at the ball, remember?"

"Indeed we have, my dear. She's a quite charming young lady, you know?" he said excitedly, "Hm, I like her already! And I know for a fact that you will too."

Queen Constantina smiled at her husband, then turned to approach an already beaming Cinderella.

"Hello, Cinderella," she greeted the young maiden with a warm smile.

"Hello, your majesty," Cinderella bowed once again, "It's nice to meet you."

"Likewise dear, it's a pleasure," Queen Constantina said as she took her hand and shook it.

"You know something? Christopher told us so many wonderful things about you while we were in the middle of trying to find you. He almost lost all hope and everything this afternoon before you came along."

"But he didn't, your majesty," she explained, "You see, he almost gave up every inch of his hope, nearly thinking it was impossible, but he didn't stop believing in what he was wishing see me again. And because he believed, it happened! Just like I'm always told; impossible things are happening everyday."

Cinderella's last statement seemed to put a smile on the royal family's faces, causing the queen and king to feel comfortable with her a little more.

"You know what, Cinderella?" the queen began.

"Yes, your majesty?"

"I think that Christopher, the king and myself, and all of us agree that this entire kingdom is really going to like you...very much. Did you ever think about that?"

Cinderella was flattered.

"I never thought about it before, actually," she replied earnestly.

"Well, my dear, I believe that today is the day you should start thinking about it more often until it is implanted on your mind. Because, believe me when I say this... the kingdom will learn how to respect you, then they'll start to like you until in such time, eventually it will be safe to say that they'll love you."

Cinderella, Christopher and the king's faces lightened up after such a remark given by the queen herself on the very day she officially met her future daughter-in-law.

"Thank you, your majesty," she smiled.

Queen Constantina smiled back and all of them made their way to the castle's doors. Christopher and Cinderella walked hand-in-hand while the king and queen strolled behind them, arm-in-arm.

All that time, it seemed that everything was perfect...well, almost everything. Christopher found Cinderella again, introduced her to his mother and father, it was just pure joy for him and her as well. Little did Cinderella know, however, that there were some people waiting for her to return home after staying hours away...her step-family.

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P.S. If you didn't know the Steward and Herald, the Herald is the royal servant who sings "The Prince is Giving a Ball" and the characters known as 'Lionel' in the 1997 musical version, but in this story, he is called 'William' because my friend who played the herald named him that way. As for the Steward, he and the chef are the ones who sing "Your Majesties" in the 1957 Julie Andrews version, but in my school's adaptation, our amazing director made his character more predominant and made him stick alongside the herald in most scenes (he even gets to play the trumpet too when the herald announces that the prince is giving a ball and try on the slipper to the ladies of the village). What's his name, you ask? You'll find out in a further chapter! Even I don't know when, but I promise, you'll find out right away.

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