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"Mommy is going to read you a story tonight, okay Tsu-chan?" Nana asked her daughter as she tucked her in under the covers. The little girl grinned widely and nodded her head. Tsuna loved stories, especially the ones that had monsters and knights that killed them with swords - or pickaxes like the ones her daddy told her.

"Alright," Nana said back, although she didn't know what kind of story to tell her daughter. Tsuna loved all of the violent stories, but Nana always secretly wished her daughter would prefer the ones with princesses. "Once upon a time there was a young girl-"

"Oh oh! Can she be a knight?" Tsuna interrupted, knocking the sheets off in her excitement. Nana sent her daughter a quick glare and Tsuna crawled back under the sheets.

"Not this time. This girl was a princess. She was kind, warm-hearted and beautiful. Just like you," Tsuna pouted but she seemed mollified by the compliment. "One day an evil wizard put a curse on the princess. And she fell into a deep slumber. But just before she fell asleep the wizard told her only a kiss of true love could break the spell."

"Couldn't a knight just come kill the wizard and end the curse that way?" Tsuna asked innocently. Nana wondered how the girl could regard murder so easily but only shrugged.

"This wizard was immortal," Nana explained. "The only way the curse could be lifted was with a kiss. So, many knights took up the job, thinking they would be the one to wake the princess. But as they lined up to kiss her, they all fell in love with her looks and not with the girl. Thus none of the kisses were of true love."

Tsuna's eyes glossed over from boredom but Nana continued on anyway. "Eventually the strongest knight out of the entire bunch showed up-"

"Did he have guns?" Tsuna asked, suddenly interested again.

Nana sighed but gave in. "Sure. He had two guns strapped on his belt, but he vowed only to use them if he absolutely had to." Tsuna nodded at the adjustment and closed her eyes. "Anyway, unlike the other knights this one was not distracted by her beauty. See, he knew this princess personally and had already been in love with her for a long time. So when he kissed her, he did it out of true love. The princess awoke from her slumber and the two lived happily ever after."

Tsuna snored lightly, and Nana kissed her daughter's forehead. "Goodnight," she said then turned off the light.


"Pass it here!" one of the boys on Tsuna's team shouted at her. Tsuna purposefully botched the pass, letting the volleyball fall straight between her arms. "A-are you kidding me?" her teammate asked incredulously.

"That's No-Good Tsuna, for you!" another teammate shouted angrily. Tsuna bowed her head to hide the small smile forming on her lips. For some reason she loved it when people called her that.

Normally people would hate to be called No-Good, but secretly she's the one that started the nickname. Though no one knows that. No one knows a lot of things about her her actually. For starters, that she's a girl. You could ask anyone at Namimori Middle School 'What gender is Tsunayoshi Sawada?' and even the teachers would tell you a boy.

That's the way she liked it though.

"Since YOU ruined the game," one of her teammates seethed. "YOU have to be the one to clean up the court."

Tsuna nodded, trying her best to look upset about it. In reality, she would rather clean up by herself. The less time she had to spend around other boys the better. P.E. was always the worst time of the day for her. The teachers separated boys from girls, so she would have to spend an entire hour with only guys. She didn't even like being around one for a minute much less a whole slew of them for an hour.

"Here you go," the teammate from before said as he shoved a broom into Tsuna's hands. Unfortunately, his fingers brushed her's for a fraction of a second. A vicious shiver ran the length of her spine and she jumped away from him, dropping the broom in the process.

"Jeez, you can't even hold a broom right. No wonder you flunk all of your classes..." he shook his head, then turned and left. Tsuna quickly picked up the broom, but found she could barely hold it. Not just her hands, but her entire body was covered in a cold sweat. She couldn't stop shaking either.

Ever since the incident that happened when she was little she hasn't been able to be around boys, especially touch one, without having a fit like this. You'd think pretending to be a boy would only cause her to be around other ones more but as long as she put on the No-Good Tsuna routine no one even bothered her. Sometimes she wished she could dress like a girl, but seeing how much other girls get harassed for wearing a skirt she wasn't too eager to put one on.

Just as Tsuna finally finished cleaning up the gym, she heard something through the open window. "Whaaat, is that weird?" the voice of a girl asked and giggled. Tsuna could recognize that voice anywhere. Kyoko Sasagawa. Over the years Tsuna always wanted to talk to Kyoko, and be friends with her. But Tsuna could never convince herself to risk it. If even one person at school found out the truth about her she would always be afraid that everyone else would find out too. Sure, she trusted Kyoko but Tsuna could never bring herself to.

Tsuna sneaked over to the window and hid under the bottom slate. Like always Kyoko was with her friend Hana, but a boy was making his way over to the two girls. Tsuna wanted to tell him to go away and leave the girls alone, but she kept her mouth shut.

"Oh Mochida-senpai," Kyoko greeted him with a quick bow. Tsuna realized she actually knew the guy. He was a year older than them and captain of the Kendo Club. Not to mention a total asshole. Tsuna had the misfortune of hearing him in the locker room once. The amount of girls he strung along was disgusting.

"Well, I'll be going. I don't want to intrude," Hana winked at Kyoko, then turned to leave.

"Don't leave her alone with him!" Tsuna quickly covered her mouth, but it was too late - she shouted that out loud.

"What was that?" Hana asked, turning back around. Tsuna hits the deck before Hana can see her. The other girl calls out multiple times but Tsuna stays down and stays quiet. Even after a few minutes Tsuna is too scared to stand up, so she army crawls her way out of the gym.

"Well that was close..." Tsuna whispered to herself once she was finally in the clear.


"Hey, Tsunayoshi!" Nana shouted from downstairs. "I got a call from school. You came home in the middle of class again, didn't you?" Tsuna quickly tried to come up with a lie, but honestly after the little anxiety attack from earlier, and what happened with Kyoko Tsuna didn't feel like finishing the rest of the school day.

"What do you plan to do with your life?" Nana demanded as she stomped up the stairs.

"I don't know," Tsuna responded half-heartedly. To be honest Tsuna didn't care much about what happened tomorrow, next year or even ten years from now.

Nana slammed the door open, and barged into her daughter's room. Over the past few years Nana has gotten fed up with her daughter's attitude. She had figured when Tsuna hit middle school that she would drop the whole boy act. Instead, she didn't embrace becoming older, Tsuna fought it. She even started to bind her chest everyday and wear baggier clothes to hide her changing body.

It wasn't that Nana disagreed with Tsuna's choices, but after several years of therapy a doctor had insisted that Tsuna wasn't transgender. Acting as a boy was just how she coped with the incident. Rather than just suppressing her problems Nana wanted her daughter to get past them. At this point she feared that by the time her daughter finally got over things it would be too late to turn her life around.

"I'm worried about you, Tsuna. I'm not saying that you have to go to an amazing high school or college, but I don't want you to mess up your chances at a happy life. You can't just sit here and do nothing everyday." Nana grimaced, but Tsuna just shrugs her off.

"I like my life the way it is, Mom," Tsuna pouted indignantly.

"Well, Tsu-chan, lucky for you, you have a mom that is willing to take action for you." Nana smiled brightly at her daughter, but there was a hint of mischievousness behind it.

"What did you do?" Tsuna groaned.

"A Home Tutor is coming over today," Nana's smile widens as she passed her daughter a flyer. "I found this cute little flyer in the mail and just knew it was the right thing for you."

"Will raise your kid to be the leader of the next generation-" Tsuna read allowed, but stopped before she could finish it. "You have got to be kidding me? This sounds like a total scam!" Nana glowered at her and took back the flyer.

"It's probably a tutor from a professional business school for men. Maybe he'll even where a suit," Nana gushed, hugging the flyer to her chest.

"You're hoping it's a guy?" Tsuna asked incredulously. "But you know-"

"Ciaossu!" a high-pitched voice broke into the conversation. Tsuna looked down to see a toddler standing about a foot from her. He was one of the most adorable babies she'd ever seen. The toddler was in a cute little suit and a fedora - basically a shrunken version of an Italian James Bond.

"Well he's wearing a suit..." Tsuna mumbled to her mom. She had to hold back the urge to pick him up and squeeze the life out of him. He was just so damn cute.

"I've arrived 3 hours early, but as a service I'll evaluate you now," the baby continued, as if Nana and Tsuna knew what he was talking about.

"Hey, whose kid are you?" Nana asked delicately.

"Hm? I'm Reborn, the Home Tutor," he explained, lifting an eyebrow.

Tsuna couldn't help but laugh. "I told you it was a scam, Mom," Tsuna stuck her tongue out at her mom. "I was wondering what kind of person could make such a ridiculous flyer, who would have thought it was a baby?"

Reborn only glanced at Tsuna analytically - like he was sizing her up. "So you're Tsuna?"

"Yeah," Tsuna responded, getting down to his level. "I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can learn from y-" Before Tsuna could finish her sentence Reborn swiftly kicked her in the gut, knocking her out.


When Tsuna finally woke up her cheek was soaked with slobber. Quickly, she rubbed away the spit, and tried to remember how she fell asleep in the first place. And how she got on the floor...

Then she remembered Reborn, in fact he was asleep right next to her. Tsuna scrambled out of the way, afraid to touch him. She wasn't sure if he would cause her to have an attack but she didn't want to risk it. After a few minutes of silence she couldn't stand letting him just sleep on the floor in her room.

He is a baby after all... sleeping on the floor may not be good for him, not to mention his parents are probably worried sick. Tsuna grabbed a pillow off the bed, and started poking his foot with it. Before she knew what was happening she was on her back, her tie held tightly in Reborn's hand.

"D-did you just-" Tsuna stumbled, trying to get her breath back.

"I have no openings," Reborn told her as if he was giving a lecture. "My true line of work is assassination." Reborn quickly pulled open his briefcase, and assembled a gun. "My real job is to make you a Mafia Boss."

"A Mafia Boss?" Tsuna asked, confused. A part of her thought that sounded really awesome, but she had to remind herself to keep up the No-Good Tsuna act.

"I was assigned by a certain man to train you to become an astounding Mafia Boss," Reborn explained, pointing the gun directly at Tsuna. She scooted a little farther away from him, not necessarily from the gun, because she was pretty sure it was a toy, but she didn't want to risk him actually touching her.

"Ummm, are you okay?" Tsuna asked reproachfully. "You didn't fall and hurt your head or anything?"

"Should I shoot you?" Reborn asked her, ignoring the question. He pointed the gun at her head, and despite herself she actually felt a little scared. The gun may be a toy... but it was a really convincing toy. "Actually, not now," Reborn's tone changed completely. He disassembled the gun and quickly put it back in it's case.

"Wha?" Tsuna cocked her head. Reborn's stomach let out a loud growl, and she rolled her eyes. So he was hungry? Reborn quickly turned on his heels and left Tsuna standing there, staring after him. "Hopefully this'll be the end of things... I'm sure mom learned her lesson..."

After a few minutes Tsuna realized she was hungry too and went downstairs - only to find Reborn sitting at the kitchen table with her mom.

"What're you still doing here?" Tsuna demanded. Reborn just kept eating though, with no intention of answering.

"The contract states that Reborn-kun will live here until your grades go up," she explained with a light hearted smile, though Tsuna could sense her ulterior motive. Nana was blackmailing her. Until Tsuna dropped the act, Reborn was going to be staying at the house to terrorize her.


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