The Rings

By: CSI-Panther

Pairing: Scott X Rogue.

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Ch. 1

" Hey, Scott! Rogue! " Forge shouted as he ran towards the two.

" Hey man. What's up? " Scott asked as he stopped at the driver side of his car.

" I made something for you and Rogue. Here. " He answered and held out two identical copper, with a black ban wrapping around the copper part, rings with red-eyed wolf skulls.

" Wow..Uh, Thanks. And I'm guessing these aren't just any rings are they? " Scott said as he accepted one of the rings as Forge handed the other to Rogue.

" Thanks. " Rogue said as she looked at the ring, admiring the gothic look to it.

" And you'd be right. Put it on. " Forge urged.( Hey I made a rhym:) )

They did. " Now, take your glasses off Scott. "

" What?! You know I can't do that! " Scott exclaimed.

" I know. But with that ring on you can. Give it a shot, just not literilly. " Forged joked.

" Okay. " Scott said as he turned away from them and anything that might get destoryed, closed his eyes and took off the glasses and slowly opened them.

" Ah don't believe it! " Rogue exclaimed when nothing happened.

" I...I can see! And nothing's destoryed! Woo! Hooo! " Scott shouted in joy and jumping up in the air, then hugged Forged before he turned and kissed Rogue without even thinking.

" Scott! " Jean shouted as she turned the corner of the house and saw what he had done.

" Uh..Sorry...Wait..I.." Scott started.

" Ya/you didn't collapse! " Rogue and Jean exclaimed when they too realized that he hadn't fallen to the ground and then Jean gasped when she saw that Scott wasn't wearing his glasses.

" Scott, your glasses. " She said.

" I know. Forge made these rings for me and Rogue and now I can see and..and Rogue can touch. " Scott replied.

" Thank ya so much Forge. " Rogue said as she walked over and hugged Forge and kissed him on the cheek, tears coming to her eyes.

" Hey now I didn't mean for you to start crying. " Forge said worried.

" These are happy tears. " Rogue said, wiping at the tears.

" Forge, how can I ever repay you for this? " Scott asked as he came over with Jean right behind him.

" No need to. Just enjoy it. And if it gives you two any problems just call me and I'll fix it right up." Forge replied to his friends. " Now I just to finish one up for Kurt. I'll go and finish it up and bring it by here this evening. "

" Wait, Forge. What if Scott and Rogue need to use their powers? " Jean asked.

" Oh, just push the eyes of the wolf in and your powers will come back. And then push the nose in and your back to like you are now. It's like Kurt's holowatch, but it's for your powers. " Forge answered and then he was off.

" I can't wait to tell Risty about this! " Rogue said as she took off her other glove and scarf around her neck.

" Like what's all the...Scott! Where are your glasses! " Kitty shouted as she and Kurt came around the same corner that Jean did.

" Rogue? Vhy are your gloves off? " Kurt asked.

" Ya'll ain't goin' ta believe this. " Rogue said as she and Scott told the two what just happened and what Forge had done.

" So you can, like, touch now? " Kitty asked, wanting to confirm what she had heard, still hardly believeing what she had just heard.

" Yeah. Look. " Rogue reached up and placed her hand to Scott's cheek and Scott stood still, not moving.

' Her hands are really soft. ' Scott thought as he looked over at her.

Unfortunely, Jean heard that thought and didn't like how it sounded.

" We need to get going guys. We're going to be late for school. " She said as she went into the garage and got in her car.

" Shotgun! " Rogue shouted and hopped over the closed car door of Scott's car into the passenger seat.

Kurt ported in the back with Kitty. Scott did something he usually didn't do, he slid across the hood of his car and into the driver's side.

" Easy there Bo Duke. " Rogue joked as Scott started the car and backed up with a big smile on his face.

" Hey Kitty, ya got a spare hair bow? " Rogue asked, turning to look at the young teen.

" Uh, sure. " Kitty said as she dug through her purse and pulled out a black hair bow and handed it to Rogue, " Here you go. " She said.

" Thanks. I'll give it back when we get home. " Rogue replied as she pulled her hair back into a short ponytail.

" Don't worry about it, I've got plenty. " Kitty said, smiling at seeing her friend being happy.

' Maybe now she'll finally ask Scott out. ' Kitty thought smiling.

Rogue looked over at Scott and noticed how he was taking everything in. ' This is probably the first time he's seen color since he was little..before he lost his parents. ' She thought with a sad smile as she looked at him, but quickly looked away when he looked over at her. But not before she saw his eyes.

' I've never seen eyes that brown before. Their like milk chocoalate. ' She thought as she leaned back and let the wind hit her.

' I never noticed how different she looks with her pulled back. She's really a pretty girl. I wish she didn't have to hide her face like she does. ' Scott thought when he had caught sight of Rogue's hair pulled back.

And again, Jean, who was behind them in her car, heard all of their thoughts. And again, she didn't like what she heard.

" Did you guys see their faces when we rolled up?! " Kitty said as they came home from a long day at school.

" Ja! Zhey couldn't stop starring at you two! " Kurt said as they got out.

" I think Matthews was the most shocked. " Scott said, parking the car and everyone got out.

" No, it was all of the guys! They were sooo checking Rogue out! " Kitty said smiling.

" No they weren't. " Rogue replied, letting her hair down and handing the bow back to Kitty.

" You can keep it Rogue. I told you I got plenty of them. And if you need anymore, just ask. " Kitty said pushing Rogue's hand back gently.

" Ya sure? " Rogue asked.

" Yeah totally! " Kitty replied wrapping her arm around the goth's shoulders, causing Rogue to smile a little.

" Oh, we like need to let the other's know about your rings so they know what's going on. " Kitty said as they reached the front doors of the mansion.

" Yeah, but let's tell the teachers first then the others. " Scott agreed.

" Tell us what Scott.." Storm greeted them as they came inside and she saw the glasses were off of his face and Kitty had her bare hand on Rogue's bare shoulder.

" Later you two. Kurt promised to help me with my essay! " Kitty said and dragged a bewildered Kurt away from the two teens and adult.

" Odd. " Rogue said more to herself then the other two.

" You were saying Scott? " Storm asked as she came over the shock of seeing the two being able to touch and see without causing any harm or damage.

" We'd like for Logan and the Professor to be here as well, Ms. Munroe. Before we say anythang more. " Rogue answered.

" Alright. Let's go to the study. And I'll contact Charles once we're there. " Storm replied and they walked down to the study, where Storm closed her eyes and called out to Charles, who in turn called out to Logan and in a few minutes, both men arrived.

Logan was wiping his hands on a grease rag as he asked, " What's going on? And..." Logan stopped as he, like Storm, saw that the two teens in front of him were different.

" How is this possible? " Charles asked.

The two began their story about Forge coming over and giving them the rings and how to use them.

" I see. Like the holowatch, but instead of hiding your appearance, it 'hides' your powers until you turn it off. That boy is quite the genius. " Charles said after they were finished.

" All I ask is that when your out in the field, or in the danger room those rings stay here. That way there's a less chance of them getting damaged or malfuncationin'. " Logan said. " I know the kid has had good intentions and all, but the things he's made has a problem of goin' wrong before, so just be careful when your using those rings, understand? " He continued as he turned to leave.

" Hey Logan? " Rogue said.

" Yea Stripes? "

" Mind if I tag along and help with whatevea vechile your working on? "

" Sure Stripes, but change your outfit and meet me in the garage. " Logan answered with a smirk and left.

Rogue said good-bye to the other three in the room and left the room herself.

By the time dinner came around,the word had gotten out about Scott and Rogue's rings and what said rings did for the two,

Everyone stared as Rogue came in wearing a sleeveless shirt and blue jean shorts that reached just below her knees, hair pulled back, arms and face covered or smudged with grease and oil stains, her hands were clean as she had only just washed them and Logan had told her to go on to dinner while he cleaned up and washed his own hands before he would come up to dinner himself.

" What? Ya'll act like ya haven't seen anyone covered in grease before. " She said as she sat down and along with the others waited for the teachers to come in.

Jean had came in a second later and saw that Rogue had sat next to Scott and the state she was in.

" Woah, what happened to you, Rogue? Get in a fight with a grease monkey? " She asked as she sat across from the goth.

" No. Just helping Logan in the garage. I don't mind getting my hands dirty every once and awhile. " ' I don't know what your up to, but I don't like it and you will not ruin my day today Miss Priss. ' Rogue thought to the telepath, who glared at the southern belle.

Scott looked between the two and knew something was wrong. ' I better make sure nothing happens tonight. ' He thought as he watched the two.

" Well how will you get a boyfriend if your covered in grease and dirt? Don't get me wrong, I'm glade your able to touch now, but I don't know that many guys that would date a girl covered in all that smelly grease and oil. "

Of course several of the guys' hands shot up in air upon hearing that comment and shouted,

" I would! "

" Hey back off! Zhat's meine Schwester!(My sister)" Kurt shouted at the boys, baring his fangs at them.

" Well what if I wanted to date her? " Scott asked, earning a gasp from everyone at the table and a glare from Jean.

" Zhen I wouldn't have a problem with you. But I would tell you one thing, verletzen Sie meine Schwester. Ich werde Sie wie ein Fisch ausnehmen! (hurt my sister. I will gut you like a fish!)"

" Uh..Fair enough. " Scott said, scratching the back of his neck.

" Ya don't mean that. " Rogue said quietly.

Scott looked over at her with a confused look.

Later that night when everyone was asleep, someone made their way into Rogue and Kitty's room, not making a sound as the person opened their door and walked inside.

' Let's see how he thinks after this. ' The person thought as they quietly closed the door.

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