The Rings

By: CSI-Panther

Pairing: Scott X Rogue.

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Last time,

" I'm sure she'll be fine. She's a tough girl. I just hope she doesn't get Logan's attiude, Ha Ha Hah. " Evan joked and then got hit on the back of the head from three different hands.

" Ow! What I do? " He asked as they all went to their rooms.

Ch. 4


Rogue woke up sweating. She raised her hand to wipe it away, noticing that her pajamas were damp with sweat also, she threw her blankets off of her and got up, she turned off her alarm and left the room.

She walked to the bathroom and started the water. As she took her top off, her ear twitched as she heard the turn of the knob. She turned to see who it was and blushed madly as the person stopped and stared.

Scott stood there, unable to move as he stared at the half naked girl in front of him. Though her long hair hid her chest from view, he could still make them out at the sides, though he really wasn't looking at her chest on purpose, it was hard not to look at her as she hadn't covered herself up yet.

Then Rogue shook her head and quickly covered up her chest and shouted,

" Scott! Get outta here! " And picked up nearest thing to her and threw it at him, hitting him in arm, knocking him back to his senses and he quickly shut the door, apologizing profusely as he did.

" Ugh! First Kitty, now Scott. Who else is next? My brotha? " Rogue growled as she locked the door, but not before she put the 'occupied ' sign on the door. She then finished undressing and got in the cool shower.

" How can I be so stupid?! " Scott shouted at himself as he got back to his room.

Though he was angry at himself for walking in on Rogue, he still couldn't stop the image of her standing there in the middle of the room, and felt a familiar raise down below.

" Oh please no, not now. " He muttered as he looked down and saw the tent in his pajama pants.

Scott then tried to think of anything but what he had seen in the bathroom, but all he could see was Rogue standing there, half naked, her long hair covering her chest.

" Ach! Stop it! She's your friend! " He yelled at himself.

But his yelling didn't help the tent in his pajamas or the sudden image of what he could've done had Rogue not brought him out of it.

Instead of leaving or Rogue shouting at him or throwing something at him, he walked into the bathroom and shut the door, locking it with his back to the door.

Rogue stared at him, wondering what he was doing as he came over to her, she backed up to the sink counter as he came closer until he was right in front her, covering her body with his.

" Scott? " She whispered as she looked into his eyes.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. She responded by kissing him back. He reached for her waist and picked her up and sat her on the counter, pressing himself further against her.

Rogue moaned when she felt Scott's harden manhood against her lower stomach, wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling him more against her.

Scott moved from her lips to her neck, moving her long hair away from her breasts, one hand played with one as he moved his head to the other, wrapping his lips to the peak and began to suck on it. His other hand was keeping her still as she started to lean back from all the pleasure he was giving her.

" Scott! " She moaned as he switched positions on her breasts.

She grabbed his head and pulled him back up to her and she kissed him again, pressing her tongue to his lips, he let her in and their tongues began to fight for dominance as she reached down and tugged at his pajama pants, trying to get them off.

Knowing what she was trying to do, Scott pulled back, pushed his and her pants down and quickly moved back to her. She reached down again and placed him at her entrance. Scott looked at her to be sure that this is what she wanted, at her nod, he pushed forward, causing her to shout,

" Scott! "

" Scott! " Logan's voice sounded through the door.

Scott opened his eyes and saw that he was back in his room and that his hand was down on his still harden manhood.

' Oh man. ' He thought as he tried to sound normal, " Yeah?! "

" Pack your backpack, you, me, and Rogue are going on a trip! " Logan replied.

" Al-alright! Be there in 30. "

" You got 5 and hurry up. " Logan said as he began to walk away, but Scott heard him stop.

" And Cyke? " He said.

" Yeah? "

" I better not catch you doing that while we're on this trip. Got it? "

Scott paled, had he been saying Rogue's name? Oh he really hoped not especially with Logan right outside the door.

" Yes sir. " He answered as Logan walked away.

' Well, that's one way to kill the mood. ' Scott thought as he quickly changed into a pair of jeans and green t-shirt and packed his backpack with plenty of clothes and put on his hiking boots.

" So where are we going? " Scott asked, trying not to look at Rogue, who he noticed had cut her hair back down to the tops of her shoulders.

" You'll see when we get there. " Logan answered as he loaded his pack in the back of the X-van. Rogue followed suite, then Scott, but as he was pulling back, his hand brushed against Rogue's arm, he saw her shiver slightly and he said, " Sorry. "

" It's alright. " She replied, going to the front of the van and getting in the passenger seat.

Sighing, Scott was about to get in the back when he saw Logan staring at him, causing him to jump slightly as Logan closed the back door of the van.

" Something wrong? " Logan asked with a raised eyebrow.

" Nope. " Scott answered quickly.

" Then why are you so nervous around Stripes all of a sudden? " Logan asked again.

" Nervous? Why would I be nervous? " Scott asked.

Logan didn't say anything as he stared at Scott for another minute before turning and going to the driver's side of the van and got in. Scott let out the breathe he didn't know he was holding before he got in the back of the van.

' This is going to be a long week for me. ' Logan thought as they left the mansion.

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