"Ow!" I rolled away from the kick with a kunai in my hand, blinking sleep away, cradling my bruised ribs.

"He's here, you idiot!" Sakura shouted all too close to my auditory apparatus.

"Yeah, yeah," I edged away from the pink-haired menace, looking at the silver-haired and tall man in the mask who would have to suffer us for a few hours each day. Not many, if he was this late to every appointed meeting, I sniffed in derision as I noted the time.

"My first impression," the impassive jounin said, "I don't like you at all. Now meet me on the roof in five minutes," he disappeared in a swirl of leaves, the familiar Body Flicker jutsu.

Sasuke hurried out the door, with Sakura on his heels, and I briefly considered copying the jounin. There was no rush, however, so I just jumped out the window and walked sideways up the wall, using a variation of the tree-walking chakra control exercise to stick to the stone. Not surprisingly, I was the first one there, and I settled in wordlessly to wait. The fact that I'd actually managed to nap was remarkable, I was normally so full of energy I almost vibrated constantly. It just went to show how much power all those hundreds of clones took out of me.

I didn't have much time to ponder the issue, as Sasuke and Sakura joined us on the roof and sat down before our belatedly arrived new jounin-sensei. I briefly wondered why he only had one eye showing and what he was hiding behind the mask that covered most of his face, before deciding that there was no need to probe or investigate personally. My clones would let me know sooner or later. I had every intention of profiling everyone of note in Konoha, and the person they chose to train and supervise the Last Uchiha and the container of the demon fox had to be important.

There was a brief moment of awkward silence, before he rose to his feet and said, "Okay, it's time to start with introductions."

"What do you want to know?" Sakura inquired, brow furrowing in deep thought. It was telling the the kunoichi of the year didn't even understand what an introduction meant.

"How about your likes, dislikes, dreams of the future. Hobbies and stuff like that," he waved his hands.

"Why don't you start and show us how it's done?" Sakura suggested, nibbling on her lower lip in a rather fetching manner. She might have been as flat as a board, but she had a rather pretty face.

"Oh, me? I'm Kakashi Hatake. I have no desire to tell you guys about my likes or dislikes. Dreams for the future...? Well, I have a lot of hobbies. Now it's your turn, from the right," he pointed at me.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I like discretion and I dislike many things. When I dream about the future, well, I always forget when I wake up. My hobby is pranking ANBU," I added after a bit of thought.

"Next," Kakashi pointed at Sasuke when the silence stretched.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. There are tons of things I dislike, and I don't really like anything. As for my dream… I have an ambition. The resurrection of my clan and to kill a certain man."

Sakura's dreamy face at the utterance was almost enough to make me laugh out loud. Perhaps the purpose of Kakashi's mask was to avoid having people read his expressions.

"Okay. And finally, the girl."

"I'm Sakura Haruno. The thing I like is… well the person…," her eyes slid over to Sasuke. "Should I say my dream for the future?" her cheeks reddened. "Yatta! I dislike Ino-pig! My hobby is…"

"Okay, that's enough of that. We will start our duties tomorrow. First, we are going to do something with just the four of us. A survival exercise."

"Why is training our duty?" Sasuke inquired, and Sakura's voice rose, "We did enough of that in the academy!"

"I'm your opponent, and this isn't normal training," he gave a laugh.

"What's so funny, sensei?" Sakura asked, looking pissed.

"Your reactions will be. You see, out of twenty seven graduates, only nine will be chosen as genin. This training is very difficult, and the failure rate of the exam is two thirds."

Okay, he was right, their reactions were pretty funny. The real question was, did I want to pass the exam? Our would-be sensei seemed lazy, untrustworthy, had no respect for us… did I really want to be stuck with him? And the two annoying idiots? On the other hand, was there a real possibility of him not passing the team with the Last Uchiha?

"I was right. Anyway, see you tomorrow in training field seven at eight. Here, see this printout," he handed us a page. "Bring all your shinobi tools. Oh, and you might want to skip breakfast or you'll throw up."

Of course, and he'll actually be there on time, I managed to contain a sneer. The first thing I learned from my sensei was never to trust him. Waiting for the two not-yet-genin to leave after he flickered away, I considered what to do with the remainder of my day. I'd already planned on what to train tonight, and physical training would wait for tomorrow and the seals. My promise to the Hokage meant no more pranking, which didn't seem fair to me, or even particularly smart. My pranks, after all, served to point out holes in security. And they were funny as hell!

Oh well. What to do? Food first, I decided, flickering to a popular Akimichi all-you-can-eat restaurant that actually allowed me in, and tucking in. Hell, they didn't even overcharge me! The food was great, too, it was the one thing the Akimichi were very serious about. I shoveled in food by the plate and finally decided to go through the loot my band of thieves had gathered over the night.

I live in a five story building in a not very prosperous area of town. The entire place was dilapidated, and hot water and electricity were frequently issues. Which made me think of another use for clones - learning everything about construction, and for that matter, every other job in existence. How to make clothes, shoes, weapons, armor and ninja tools. Even jewelry and cutlery and everything. With a small army of clones, I could be completely self sufficient, and even make a lot of money - I no longer needed to be a ninja to support myself. With my true transformation jutsu, leaving Konoha and remaining hidden wouldn't even be difficult.

No, I quickly decided, or at least not until I learned everything I could from this horrible place. There was no doubt that I also needed experience with fighting, and maybe this Kakashi would teach us something useful. There was really no rush. Well, not about leaving Konoha, anyway. Learning how to fix the building, since I was the only resident, was important. Hell, I decided to buy it, it was probably really cheap. The spies tonight would learn who to approach and everything about him, and the next night he'd be 'convinced' to sell. Then I'd have a real home and not have to worry about hiding the stuff in the basement.

Speaking of the basement, the clones had arranged everything in excellent order. Rows of weapons and ninja tools, sealing supplies, raw materials, food, boxes of money with tacked on notes with numbers that made me stagger back in momentary shock, piles of books and scrolls organized by subject. Damn, the people who didn't like me were losing a lot of money, I thought with a smile silent praise for my hard-working clones.

There was ninjutsu, taijutsu, medical, genjutsu, fuuinjutsu, general knowledge, history, geography, science, kenjutsu, crafts, ahem… seduction?

It was a very small pile, even smaller than my fuuinjutsu section, but very intriguing. I started going through it, reading and skimming, and suddenly bent over with a croak coming from my empty, empty belly. Kami, I'd just spent eight hours reading! Hurriedly unleashing a handful of clones to prepare for the impending destruction of the hunger pangs, I packed the reading material away with wary respect.

In the academy, they'd tossed me out of class before discussing sexuality and procreation. I'd read all about it, of course, in the war-time manuals I'd liberated (so much more useful than the steaming pile of crap the current academy used), but it seemed gross and not really interesting. I now understood so much more, if not quite enough. At almost thirteen, I apparently had powerful sexual urges, but training every day to physical and chakra exhaustion suppressed them during the day and night, and in the morning, the cold shower made it go away. Remembering how I'd noticed the annoying and loud Sakura as cute and pretty made me sure that the books were right about my situation.

Of course, that was barely worth mentioning. Seduction was a complete ninja specialization all on its own, a common companion to infiltration and spying. You could make a strong man or a determined woman do anything and everything for you, betray all their principles and even literally kill their friends with seduction. You could twist minds and break spirits, create addicted slaves and slavish devotees. The right look, dress, scent, way of moving - how to touch and caress, how to speak, reading a person's innermost desires, pressure points that brought agony or ecstasy, the care and keeping of a lover or a harem… in its own way, it was as powerful as any speciality. And yes, I was definitely going to master it.

Much like Sasuke, I was probably the last of my clan, and I'd long desired to bring it back to life as something powerful. Having a caring family was a dream of mine, but I had no idea of the mechanics of it. Now I was researching the law, working on gaining more money and a home I owned, and here was the solution to women. If I mastered this, I could have any girl, probably as many girls as I could handle… and with the clones, I could 'handle' thousands, I snickered loudly.

There was also the issue of defense against others using their wiles against me. I had an enormous advantage in my ginormous chakra reserves, it would be difficult to affect me, and my own 'lust aura' could overwhelm almost anyone. And here the food was finished, and I'd barely managed to taste it. Looking outside, I saw that night had fallen, and popped a clone to call the legion in, settling down to seiza and meditation. A few minutes later, great gobs of memories began their assault on my mind. In the middle of it, I had to run to the bathroom and throw up. Never do this again just after a big meal!

Wiping my face clean, I nodded at the mirror, very pleased with the progress. My calligraphy was good enough for basic seals, the first exercises of fire and earth were close to done. My accuracy and dodging were much improved, and I knew what I wanted to continue with from the scroll. Moreover, my spies had learned so very much. They'd even found a hidden abandoned laboratory - one with deadly traps still active and lying in wait.

Flickering to the edge of the forest, I began to conjure small groups of overcharged shadow clones. The first five groups dedicated to elemental chakra, as usual. For fire and earth, I added a couple of basic jutsus to master once the first exercise was complete. For lightning, air and water, it was time for the intermediate exercise as well as the planned jutsus. Mastering an element made learning the jutsus much easier, so it was more efficient to focus on that. Four groups were for sealing, dedicated to the gravity seal, the resistance seal, storage scrolls and explosive notes. It was probably overkill for the first two, but since I was actually going to use both on myself, I wasn't willing to take risks. One group was to study seduction, specifically the pressure points and how to resist them. They immediately turned into girls, which was just fine with me - in fact, an excellent idea. Five groups were to continue working on the great clone explosion and the pulse step techniques, which while wasteful of clones, sounded great for battle. Five more were to play with ninja tools and traps, another five would do awareness training, and the last five were for chakra control.

I flickered back and started eating again, much more slowly this time. In small groups, I created another four hundred clones. Half would check out the hidden base, the rest would continue spying, stealing and investigating. There was a group of hidden ninja in Konoha named Root, apparently, and I was going to find out everything about them - if slowly and carefully. Planning out the orders for tomorrow's legion, I left my apartment for a neighboring one with a bath, since a cold shower before sleeping was not really my thing. Picking the lock was routine, and heating the water was my first real exercise of elemental power in a useful fashion. Or not! Ouch, but that water was boiling. Exercising some water control, I pulled out the plug, if just a bit too violently. Fortunately, it didn't explode or anything, and the second bath was nice and warm. Keeping it warm, and most especially not boiling it, was a very good exercise in control of fire aspected chakra. It required enough concentration that I had to finalize the plan for tomorrow on the way back and while preparing for bed.

I bit my tongue in consideration, and finally just did it. As my clone joined me in bed, we kissed, our breasts flattening against each other. It was a while before I actually went to sleep.