"Let's run through the basics real quick. Who do we got?" Brian asked.

"First we're going to need a chameleon. Someone who can blend in anywhere." Dom replied.

"What else?" Mia asked.

"A fast talker. Someone who can bullshit their way out of anything." Dom said, looking away from the other two and out over the city.

Brian smirked, "I got that."

"This guy is going to have lots of surveillance. We're going to need someone who is good with circuits." Mia said, looking down in thought.

"And with those circuits, Reyes is going to have walls and we're going to need someone to punch through those walls." Dom added.

"And what else?"

"Utilities and weapons. Someone who isn't afraid to throw down and will be able to back up every position."

"What else do we need?" Brian asked.

"Most important," Dom said and held up two fingers, "We're going to need two precision drivers. Guys that don't crack under pressure. Guys that never lose."

Brian smiled as Dom smirked, "You know we got that."

"Is that it?" Mia asked.

Dom looked back down over the balcony, his hands tightening a little on the railing, "Not exactly."

Mia and Brian shared a look before asking in unison, "Who else?"

"Do you think she'll show up?" Brian asked Dom as they looked at their new recruits.

Dom shrugged, "I don't know man. I hope so because not only do we need her but she's the only one that may be able to lead Vince back onto the straight track."

"Let's announce ourselves shall we boys?" Mia suggested as she nodded toward the arrivals.

They walked out of the shadows, Dom in the lead, "I see you've all met."

Giselle walked up to Dom, "You know when you called me to come to Rio I thought it would be for something a little more exciting than this." They hugged right after.

Brian and Mia caught up with the people they knew as well. Brian introduced Tej and Rome to Dom and Mia and everyone else introduced each other as well. When the introductions were over and done with, it was down to business. Everyone started asking what they were dragged to Rio for.

Just as Dom was going to open his mouth and reply, a motor could be heard. Everyone looked over as a sleek, blue and black, 1199 Superleggera Ducati came speeding into the warehouse. The rider didn't stop either. Instead they dropped the bike on its side, the beautiful paint job ruined as it skidded across the concrete floor before it crashed into a far wall.

That's not what everyone was paying attention to though. The rider, in skinny jeans and leather jacket marched up to Dom as they began to remove their helmet. When the helmet was finally removed and flung aside, wavy brown hair whipped as her glare met Dom's stunned gaze.

"You have some nerve Dominic Toretto!" She shouted as she stopped right in front of him and began hitting him in the arm over and over again, "You all take off and leave me behind without a word if you guys are okay or not! Then five years later I randomly get a call telling me to hike to Rio because you need me for a job?! What the hell kind of bullshit is that?!"

The smokey dark make-up around her eyes made her blue eyes look electric and all Dom could think was where did the awkward teenager go?

Dom grabbed her hand before she could hit him again and forced it down to her side, "We were occupied." Was his annoyed answer.

"Occupied? Seriously? You have no idea what happened after you all left LA do you?"

"Leon made sure you were okay." Dom said, "Vince made sure of it."

"But Leon wasn't the family I needed Dom." She said quietly and then stepped away from him to look at Mia and Brian as well, "You guys were and you just left me."

Mia came up and put her arm around me, "You were eighteen then Tessa. We wanted to give you a chance at a life outside of this." She tried to explain, "Vince also told us to keep you out of it."

"Vince." Tessa muttered, "When I get my hands on him I'm going to murder him."

"Sorry to ruin this little family reunion but you were about to tell us why you dragged us all to Rio." Giselle said.

Tessa turned around and noticed the audience and blushed as she stepped back beside Mia and slightly behind Dom and Brian. Dom smiled, there was the girl he remembered. Though she's not a girl anymore, he thought.

"We got a job." Dom told everyone and then nodded his head at Brian.

"Follow me." Brian said and led them all toward a table.

Dom took Tessa's arm and led her to the side. Tessa looked at him curiously, wondering why he pulled her aside when they were just about to debrief on this job. He better not be telling her to sit on the side lines. She always had to when she was younger but she refused to sit back and watch the show now. Judging by the look on his face, he could read her thoughts.

"Relax, you're in. I wouldn't have called you here if I was going to sit you out." Dom said with a smile.

I let out a breath and nodded, "Fine then, what's up?"

"It's about Vince."

"What about him? Is he okay? I've been worried about him ever since I saw his picture on the news five years ago."

"Slow down." Dom said, holding back a chuckle at her rapid questions in order to keep the seriousness of the situation, "He's here in Rio which is part of the reason I called you here."

Tessa froze, "He's here? Where?" She managed to ask.

"That's the thing. I need to tell you now in case things go South."

"What are you talking about Dom?"

"He's working for the wrong people Tessa." Dom answered and then explained about Reyes and the chip and what happened since his arrival in Rio.

She ran her hands through her hair and let out a deep breath, "Does he know? That I'm here I mean?"

Dom shook his head, "He doesn't even know about this job."

Tessa paced in front of him, thinking deeply about her misguided older brother. He's always doing this kind of shit. He was able to escape LA before getting arrested but to come here and get mixed up in something even more dangerous? He's going to get himself killed.

She turned to Dom with a calm but serious look on her face as she thought of something, "If it came down to it, who would you choose Dom? My brother or the money?"

"Look Tess-"

"My brother or the money Dom?" She asked again, more forcefully, "Because if it came down to it, you know what I would choose."

"Family is family Tess. You know I would always choose family." He finally said.

Tessa nodded, relieved that at least that has remained the same. Dom put his arm around her and led her back toward the group that had gathered around the table. She smiled as they reached the others and gave a nod to Mia and Brian indicating that she knew where Vince was now and that she was still in.

They most likely knew where she stood as well. If there was a chance to get to Vince Tessa would take it and no amount of money in the world could change that. She's done rather well for herself these past five years. She finished high school and got a diploma in mechanics by doing online courses. She's simultaneously working toward a degree in both engineering and psych but makes most of her money on the streets. She travelled all around the States looking for new racing scenes.

"No paper trail means no banks and no banks means cash houses." Giselle spoke, snapping Tessa back to the situation at hand.

"That's right." Brian said, "Ten of them to be exact. Spread throughout the city."

"And we're going to hit them all." Dom said from beside Tessa.

"All of them?" Tej asked dumfounded and Dom confirmed.

Rome shook his head, "That sounds crazy. You bring us to a whole other country so we can rob the dude who runs it?" He asked, "I thought this was business but it sounds personal to me. Is that what this is?" Rome asked looking around at everyone, especially Dom and Brian, "Look I got love for ya'll but personal ain't good business. I can't do this Homey."

Rome began to walk out and Dom just looked a head not even turned to see him go before speaking, "So what we're talking about it a hundred million dollars."

Tessa looked back at Rome to see him freeze and then turn around, "Say what? A hu-" he smiled and made his way back over, "You know sometimes I be over thinking and I know we just met but you kinda-"

Tessa held back a laugh as Dom interrupted him, "So a hundred million dollars and everything we take…we split even."

"So ten million a piece?" Tej asked, "I am down."

Everyone seemed to agree right off the hop at that agreement. They'd be millionaires soon enough and who would turn that down? Especially considering the team that has been put together. They're all the best at what they do. Though Tessa hasn't exactly figured out her job yet, looking around, she somewhat could tell what everyone else's was.

"You can't pull off ten heists on Reyes. You just can't." Giselle said, being the voice of reason.

"As soon as we take the first one, they're going to do everything they can to protect the rest." Han agreed.

Dom smirked and looked around at everyone, "Exactly."

The next morning, everyone was rearing to go. They were running through the plan one more time before grabbing the weapons and heading out. Tessa picked up one of the shot guns and loaded the barrel ready to go with when it was snatched from her hands and passed to Rome.

Tessa looked to Dom confused but the look on his face told her everything. She wasn't going.

"You're not making me sit out. You said you wouldn't." Tessa said, picking up the last shot gun that Dom grabbed and handed to Tej.

Dom turned to the others and nodded for them to go outside and get ready to leave. Mia was off doing something else productive as well, so when everyone left it was just the two of them. Dom remained silent, conveying his 'orders' with his eyes.

"I'm going." Tessa countered.

"No you're not. You're staying here with Mia and Giselle."

"You brought me to Rio for a reason Dom. Let me do something."

"You will be doing something. Just not yet." Dom said, "You're staying here."

"You can't make me." It was childish but she didn't care.

It was silent as Dom just stared at her before looking to the side at something. He smirked and told Tessa to follow him over to the table. Tessa, thinking she won, followed him not expecting him to take a zip-tie and zipping her wrist to a metal pole that was beside the table.

"What the hell! Take that off!" Tessa shouted as she struggled to remove her hand.

She stopped once it started to hurt and glared up at Dom. He was a foot taller than her 5'4 frame. He just smirked before turning to walk away. Tessa, using her free arm, grabbed the back of his shirt. It caught him off guard, causing him to stumble back a little and he turned back to her.

"Let me go." Tessa demanded.

"What happened to the girl that had the crush on me and did everything I said?" Dom asked a little taken aback.

Tessa smirked, "She grew up and decided people weren't going to walk all over her anymore."

"I'm not trying to push you around Tess but one screw up and we could all end up dead." Dom said, "This job needs to go perfectly and in order for that to happen someone needs to call the shots and the others need to listen."

"I wonder what one I am." Tessa rolled her eyes.

With a shake of his head, Dom walked away, calling out as he went, "No one cuts her loose but me!"

Then he left and Tessa slid down to the concrete floor to lean against the poll she was zip-tied to. She looked up to the ceiling of the warehouse wondering why she was even here. She wasn't going to lie; her heart skipped a beat when she heard Dom's voicemail the other day telling her to come to Rio. Five years and she still held a torch for him but she was always too young for him with the six year difference and all.

Things were different now though. Yes she still had that teenaged crush on Dom but she was twenty-three now and that meant she knew better than to follow everything he said like the lost puppy she used to be. She was stronger now, smarter and it was time for him and everyone else to take her seriously. Why was she the only one tied up and not allowed to go when Giselle and Han were not much older than she was?

Tessa looked up with hope when she heard Mia walking over to her. Her shoulders slumped in disappointment when Mia pulled up a chair to sit with her. She listens to Dom so religiously that Tessa wondered why she thought Mia would even try to cut her loose.

"He's not doing this to torture you, you know." Mia said.

Tessa sighed, "I know but I'm not the timid teenager anymore and I shouldn't be treated as such. I'm capable; I just wish he could see that."

Mia smiled, "He see's that Tessa. He just wants to keep you close and unharmed as much as possible. Like me."

Tessa frowned and looked away from her at the mention of being cared for like Mia. That suggests that Dom thinks of her like a sister and that is not what she wants. Mia watched this reaction carefully and came to a realisation she couldn't help but voice.

"You still like Dom." She said quietly.

"Believe me, if I could stop I would…I've tried." Tessa muttered, resting her head back on the pole and closing her eyes.

"It didn't mean to suggest he cares for you like a sister Tessa. I meant to say that he cares for you deeply and wants to keep you safe just as much as he wants to keep me safe."

"You don't have to try and make me feel better Mia. I know he would never feel the same." Tessa said and looked at her again, "I was trying to move on and I will continue too once this job is over. Maybe I'll even stay with Vince for awhile."

"I think he'd like that." Mia said softly, feeling for the girl.

The rest of the day went by with them talking about what they were doing for the passed five years. The conversation eventually turned to Letty and her death and Tessa couldn't help but wipe away a few stray tears. She mentioned that she visited Letty's grave on her last birthday.

The conversation also turned to lighter things like the fact that Mia was pregnant. Tessa smiled big, excited that she was going to be an auntie and they talked about baby names and plans for the future. Tessa mentioned she wanted kids someday too but didn't think she'd make a good mother like Mia would. Mia didn't get a chance to say anything though because the crew came back into the warehouse.

"We have a problem." Was the first thing Dom said when he came in.

Mia stood up as Brian continued, "They brought all the money to the police station."

"I think I have something that can help." She said as she left to go get whatever it was.

Everyone went to gather around the table but Dom. He went over to Tessa instead, taking out a pocket knife on his way. Since Tessa was still sitting on the floor, not bothering to get up at their arrival, Dom crouched down so he could reach the zip-tie attached to the poll. He cut it and stood back up, offering his hand.

Tessa took it and it didn't take much effort for him to pull her up. In fact, he pulled a little harder than he intended and she flew to her feet, her chest bumping his, faces mere inches apart since he was looking down and her up. He didn't let go of her hand, nor did he take a step away. They just stood their like that, breaths mingling for a moment before they were called over to the 'planning' table.

Following behind Dom at a slow place, her brow was scrunched together as she tried to figure out what that was. Dom as well, was wondering what had went through his mind. He was prepared to help her up and let her go but then he got a whiff of her perfume and it paralyzed him. It was an intoxicating scent that he knew he wouldn't be able to get enough of. He looked back at her as he reached the table to see her staring off into space and it made him wonder if part of the teenager they left behind was still in there somewhere.

Mia came back and spread blueprints across the table, "The beauty of public offices. Public records. I got them in case he paid off the police and we needed to keep an eye on them."

"That was good thinking." Tessa said, snapping out of her daydream finally.

Brian pointed to a room, "This is where he's keeping the money. It's in the evidence room."

"Can I get everyone's attention, right here please, for one second?" Tej said, raising his hand, "We're talking about breaking into a pooooo-liiiice station. Is anybody listening to those words? You know poe-poe, five-o, pigs, people we don't like."

"This Rio though Tej. It may be a pooooo-liiice station but it's no where near up to par with the precincts in the States."

"And what do you know about the police stations in the States?" Dom asked with interest. Tessa shrugged, not going into detail.

"You know, police stations are designed to keep people in, not out." Han brought up.

"That's why it's a stealth mission." Brian said, "We'll be in and out before they even know we were there."

"Well we'll need to get eyes in there. At least to get the make and model of that vault." Dom said, leaning on the table.

Rome looked at blue print, "Man that's crazy…who's supposed to do all this?" He asked.

Tessa turned to look at Dom, Mia, and Brian who shared a glance before turning to Rome. Soon everyone was looking at him and he sat up.

"What do you mean? Why me?" He asked.

"Because you have the biggest mouth." Brian reasoned.

"That's for damn sure." Tej whispered.

Tessa couldn't help but let out a laugh at the look on Rome's face. She turned and walked away, knowing that until Rome got in there, there was nothing more that could be done. She walked out of the warehouse and over to one of the cars – the black charger – and lay down on the hood looking up at the stars.

After being confined all day, she needed to get some fresh air. She needed to clear her head and forget about that little thing that happened with Dom earlier. Tessa wasn't even sure anything did happen anymore. The mind has a way of playing psychological tricks on someone to make them see something that happened turn out to be something completely different. She should know she's been studying the subject for the past two years.

Her musings were interrupted as she felt the car shake. She looked over and saw Dom leaning up against the car near the drivers' side mirror. She let out a sigh and looked back to the sky.

"It's sort of nice out here. Quiet, warm, peaceful." Tessa said.

"What did you mean about the precincts?" Dom asked.

She sighed and sat up, bringing one f her legs up to hold, "I've been inside one or two."

Dom came around to stand in front of her, arms crossed, "Oh yeah, and how did you manage that?"

"Street racing." She said smiling and continued when she saw Dom was waiting for more, "Surely you didn't think that just because ya'll left me behind, the racing scene would leave me behind too?"

"I guess we never really thought about it." Dom said in thought.

"Well I loved racing just as much as any of you, that wasn't going to stop just because you left. In fact, I think it just made me want to go more because it was a family thing. Racing made me feel close to you again." The 'you' in that statement becoming more targeted toward him than the rest of them now but he didn't need to know that, Tessa thought.

"So you raced and you got caught?"

"I never got caught racing; I was too good for that." Tessa smirked, earning a small one from Dom in return, "I got caught walking down the street away from one of the races once and they brought me in. They couldn't really hold me because they had no proof I was even there. I think I won six grand that night?"

"Well aren't you the rebel. Far cry from the girl you used to be." Dom smirked.

Tessa got up from the car and stood right in front of him, "Of course I'm not that girl anymore. I'm a woman now." She said, running one finger across one of his arms.

She didn't know where the sudden bravery came from but she would roll with it. She meant to walk away for a dramatic flare but Dom ruined it for her by calling her back. He was so unaffected by her little display that he continued to talk about business.

"We're going to fix up your bike for you but we can't find the keys." Dom said.

"Oh, that's because it's not my bike." Tessa said smiling, turning back around to face him.

"Whose is it then?" Dom asked, eyebrows knitting together.

Tessa shrugged, "Don't know. I was at the air port and the cab was taking to long. The bike just happened to be there at the right place at the right time."

Dom took at step closer to her, "You know how to hotwire a vehicle?"

"Where do you think the second time in the police station came from?" Tessa asked with a smirk as she walked backwards toward the warehouse, "but they couldn't prove that either." She winked and walked back inside.