They saw Shaw drive up the ramp of the moving plane and Dom sped up, swerving and dodging other vehicles. He needed to get on that plane. He had to save Mia and he had to save Tessa, that's all there was too it.

Tessa had received a couple more blows for her smart remarks since she spoke to Dom on the phone. Vegh was ruthless but she hadn't gone for Tessa's gut yet. Vegh said her face is the only part that annoys her. Tessa definitely preferred that which is why she kept talking. If speaking distracts Vegh from harming any other part of her body, then she'd keep doing it.

The blue-eyed brunette already had a split in the corner of her bottom lip from the first punch she received but now she had a small collection of injuries to accompany it. She could feel a bruise forming on her right cheek and tenderness in her temple. Tessa felt lucky that the blonde bitch didn't have good enough aim to hit the same spot twice. Her nose was bleeding as well but she wiped the blood away the best she could.

Shaw walked up to them when he got out of the SUV and Vegh and Klaus brought Mia and Tessa forward. A woman, Riley if Tessa heard right, got out of the SUV as well and walked around it as she pulled out a gun. She was about to shoot Tessa and Mia when a silver car drove up the ramp and ran into her. Riley flipped over the silver car and landed hard on the floor.

Mia and Tessa used this distraction to push our captors away and run further into the plane. Tessa knew the blonde bitch was following them and hid behind a skid and waited for her. Tessa heard Vegh chambering her gun and knew she was close. She saw a hand with a gun first and grabbed the wrist before slamming Vegh into a wall.

Vegh dropped the gun and Tessa went for it but was tripped. She fell into one of the skids and quickly turned around. Vegh already had the gun in her hand and poised to shoot. The barrel was aimed right between Tessa's eyes.

"Actually, I think I'll make you suffer." Vegh said, redirecting the barrel toward her abdomen.

Blondie got distracted, however, when she heard the sound of a shot gun being loaded, briefly looking back. Tessa used this chance to run for it. She heard Vegh curse and continue to follow her but Tessa weaved in and around the skids, making it impossible to be found.

Tessa stayed just enough ahead so that she couldn't be seen but close enough that she could still make out where the blonde bitch was. This allowed her to hear Shaw catch up to Vegh and tell her to tell the captain to take off. Like hell was Tessa going to let that happen.

She ran around a crate once she heard Shaw take off running and saw Vegh on the phone demanding the pilot to take off. Tessa came up behind her and slammed her head into the wall twice. Vegh put her foot on the wall and used it as leverage to knock Tessa into the adjacent wall before stepping forward and turning around. Blondie went to raise her gun but Tessa grabbed her wrist and twisted it. The gun dropped and Tessa grabbed the telephone receiver and wrapped the cord around Veghs neck so tight she couldn't breathe.

Tessa left her there and ran back to where the cars were and saw Brian and Mia get into the red one and back out of the plane. She was then shoved into a crate as Vegh ran by, and got into a decked out dune buggy. Tessa tried to get to her before she could go after Mia and Brian but she was grabbed from behind and tossed a few feet away.

She landed hard on her back and coughed as she sat up. She looked and saw Shaw pick up a tire iron and run toward Dom. Thinking fast, Tessa rolled and swung her foot out tripping him before getting to her feet. Dom used this distraction to step in front of Tessa and back Shaw into a wall and punch him a few times. That's when Klaus stepped in, he threw Dom back.

Dom was able to catch his footing in time and stood to face Klaus. Klaus ran forward to tackle Dom but Hobbs was able to get there and slammed his fist into Klaus' face. Dom and Hobbs stood side by side in front of Tessa, facing Shaw and Klaus. The fight was even now and Tessa stayed back so she wouldn't get in the way.

Tessa could also see Letty a little ways away fighting Riley. She didn't bother trying to help though. Memory or no, Letty could definitely hold her own. Right now, Tessa needed to stay safe in order to keep her baby safe. She fought when she had to but now it was time to sit out and think of a way off this plane.

It wasn't long until Dom and Hobbs took out their opponents and Dom went over to Tessa and Hobbs went to help Letty. Dom helped Tessa to her feet from the spot she was hiding and hugged her.

"Are you okay?" He asked, studying her face and lightly brushing the bruise on her cheek.

Tessa winced but nodded, "I'm fine. I held my own."

Dom gave a small smile and brushed some of her hair behind her ear, "I knew you would."

Tessa smiled and hugged him again. She missed him so much, even though he wasn't gone that long. However, when you're always expecting the worst, it seems like a lot longer than just a couple weeks. The plane started to shake and Dom quickly brought his hands up to the metal crate that started sliding toward them. He looked over to Hobbs and Letty to see they had braced themselves too. Dom and Tessa carefully made their over to the two of them.

The cars started to slide and Hobbs went over to the open door looking down. He looked back to Dom, Tessa, and Letty, "We have to move now! It's going to blow!"

Dom nodded, "Go!" Hobbs jumped and Dom turned to Letty, "You have to go now."

Letty nodded and went to the open door, looking down. She was hesitant but she took a deep breath and jumped. Tessa looked to see that Hobbs caught her. They were both safe. Dom motioned for Tessa to go next but she backed away.

"You have to go!" Dom shouted over the noise of the wind and explosions.

Tessa shook her head, "I can't."

Dom was about to tell her to go but stopped when he saw Shaw trying to make his escape. Instead, he took her hand and followed after Shaw. He told her to wait in the Silver Charger for him and she did as she was told.

Dom followed Shaw into the army jeep in front of them. He was trying to get something but Shaw was putting up a fight. He must have got though because he was able to escape through the backdoor just in time for the jeep to crash into the folded up ramp. The plane started to fill with fire and Tessa panicked as she looked around. Dom got into the drivers seat and turned the car on, slamming it into gear.

"Hold this and get down." He said, handing me a metal briefcase.

There were explosions everywhere as Dom drove toward the nose of the plane. By this point they were driving through fire and Tessa was scared they weren't going to make it. She listened though and crouched down in her seat, clutching the briefcase tightly. Something told her that whatever was in it was the reason why Hobbs was going after Shaw to begin with.

They broke through the nose of the plane just in time. The whole plane exploded as they were flying through the air. Tessa sat straight up now that they were safe from the fire and Dom put his arm across her chest to keep her in place. He placed his other hand on the ceiling to brace himself as the car rolled.

Tessa screamed as they rolled and could see the flaming plane pass them as the car slid and finally came to a stop. Luckily the car landed upright. Dom turned to Tessa to see she had her eyes shut tight and she was clutching the briefcase like her life depended on it.

"Tess." Dom said.

"I-I'm fine." She whispered.

Dom helped Tessa get out of the car but she was too shaky to walk just yet. He ended up carrying her which was probably for the best anyway. This way he was able to shield her from the heat as they walked away from the burning wreckage.

"You can put me down now." Tessa said once they were a decent distance from the fire.

Dom set her down but kept an arm around her shoulders. He took the metal briefcase from her and held it in his other hand. She leaned against him as they walked toward the others.

"Dom, there's something you should know." Tessa said as she came to a stop.

"I already know." Dom said.

Tessa stepped away and turned to look at him, "How?"

"Shaw told me right after I spoke to you on the phone." Dom replied, "His team informed him."

Something caught Dom's eye and he looked over Tessa's shoulder. Tessa looked as well to see Letty coming toward them. Tessa smiled sadly and turned back to Dom.

"Dom." He met her eyes, "I don't want this to influence you in anyway. Do what you want, be where you want to be because no matter what you decide, you'll still always be in mine and the baby's life."

"Tess…" Dom started as Letty finally reached them.

Tessa walked backwards, a small smile across her lips, "It's okay. I'll let you two have some alone time."

Tessa turned and walked back toward the others. She reached Brian and Mia and looked to her right to see Tej, Rome, and Hobbs then to her left to see Han. Just Han and her brows furrowed. Mia, noticing, looking over as well.

"Where's Giselle?" She asked.

Han didn't answer, he just had the most heartbroken look on his face as he stared at the flames. Mia hugged Han tightly and Tessa could feel tears come to her eyes. Tessa could take comfort in the fact that Dom was alive, Han will forever have to live with the knowledge that the woman he loves is no longer part of this world. Tessa hugged Han next and then Brian took over.

"For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord's." Tessa said as she faced the fire. She made the cross across her chest and bowed her head for a moment.

When Tessa looked up Dom and Letty were back and Hobbs stood in front of Dom. Letty and Dom weren't touching or holding hands like Tessa thought they would be. They were smiling though and Tessa couldn't help but be happy that they were happy. Mia came up beside Tessa and linked their arms together, leaning her head on top of the shorter brunettes head.

Dom lifted up the briefcase and held it out, "So this is worth billions huh?"

"Yes it is." Hobbs nodded and smirked, "name your price Dom."

Dom looked to Letty, to Tessa, then back to Hobbs, "Thirteen Twenty-Seven."

Dom looked back over to Tessa and she smiled at the request. They were going home.


It was almost perfect. They got home just in time for a Sunday family barbeque. It was just like old times, minus Vince and Jesse, and now Giselle. Tessa was in the kitchen making a garden salad to have with their meal. Everyone else was outside.

Brian and Mia were introducing Jack to his real home, Tej was barbequing and Rome was making sure Tej wasn't burning supper. Han has been quiet ever since we left Spain but that's no surprise. The love of his life just died, he needed his space. She could also see Dom in the driveway talking to Letty.

Dom and Tessa hadn't talked much since Spain. They only got back yesterday morning but that was okay. She looked down at her, still flat, tummy and placed a hand on it. She had baby to look forward too and for now, that was enough.

"Everything good?" Tessa jumped and looked to the doorway to see Dom.

"Yeah, salad's almost done." Tessa said, putting the cucumber into the bowl, "There done!"

"That's not what I meant." Dom said stepping fully into the kitchen and placing a hand on her abdomen.

Tessa placed her hands on top of his, "I think she's fine. I'm going to make a doctors appointment tomorrow to be sure."

"She?" Dom asked.

Tessa looked down at their hands, "I think it'd be nice to have a girl. Someone for Jack to watch over." She said softly.

"Whether a he or a she, I'm sure Jack will watch over them regardless. After all, Toretto's are very protective of their family."

Tessa laughed, "That's true."

Dom removed his hand and leaned against the counter looking at her. Tessa fidgeted it with her hands, not having anything to do and not quite liking the silence. Needing something to do, she went to the fridge and got out a Corona. She popped the cap off and handed it to Dom. He took it but didn't drink it yet.

"So…How's Letty?" Tessa asked.

"She's adjusting well enough. She doesn't remember anything but I know deep down she feels at home."

"That's good." Tessa said and looked out the window. Letty was talking to Brian and Mia.

"I let Letty know she could have your old room and that she could set it up however she wants."

Tessa turned her confused gaze on his, "I thought she would be staying with you."

Dom chuckled and shook his head. He placed the Corona behind him on the counter and placed his hands on Tessa's waist. He brought her forward until her body was flush against his. Catching his meaning, Tessa met his intense gaze with her own.

"But last night…"

"I slept on the couch Tess." Dom said and kissed her softly on the lips.

"But I thought…"

Dom interrupted her, "Letty was my first love Tess, you were right about that. But she's not my epic love."

Tessa pulled away from him slightly, "You're not just saying this because of baby are you? I told you I didn't want that to influ-"

Dom interrupted Tessa again but this time with a heated kiss. The kiss was far from innocent and held promises of what was to come later…in their bed. All too soon, Dom pulled away and picked up the Corona off the counter.

"I made my decision before I even knew. You just never let me get a word in." Dom took a swig of his beer and stood straight, "You do that a lot."

Tessa picked up the salad, "I'll try not to jump to conclusions anymore then."

Dom held out his hand and Tessa took it, holding the salad in her free hand. They walked outside and Tessa placed the bowl on the table. She slapped Rome's hands away when he tried to steal a tomato and Tej started to tease him. Tessa laughed and looked over to Letty who was still over by the garage. They haven't really spoken yet and Tessa felt she should be the first to approach, so she walked over to her.

"Hey." Tessa said.

Letty smiled back, "Hey."

"How are you doing?" Tessa asked her.

"I'm holding up." Letty replied and motioned to her stomach, "Congrats by the way."

"Thank you. It was a little unexpected but I'm happy…I think Dom is too." Tessa said.

"He is, he said so." Letty smiled, "He also said that we were close once."

"We were!" Tessa exclaimed happily, "Practically sisters. You and Dom were the ones that taught me about cars when my brother, Vince, refused too."

"No kidding." Letty said as she took a sip of her beer.

"Yeah, Vince was livid when he found out. Said he wanted me away from this scene as much as possible. It was his own fault though because the more he tried to keep me away, the more I wanted to learn."

"Where is Vince now?" Letty asked.

"He died over nine months ago." Tessa said quietly as she looked over to the rest of the team, "He would have loved to see this though."

"I'm sorry about your brother." Letty said sincerely.

Tessa shrugged, "I know he's watching over me and that counts for something. He wouldn't want me to live with any regrets though." Tessa said and met Letty's eyes, "We were close once and I'd like us to be close again."

"I don't have my memories so I can't tell you we'll be how we used to be." Letty replied, "But I think we can create a new bond that is just as strong."

Tessa smiled brightly, "Just promise me if you get your memories back you wont hate me for stealing your man."

Letty smiled and took another sip of her beer, "I promise if I ever get my memories back I want hate you for stealing my man. Beside, I think I have my eye on someone else anyway." Letty said as she eyed someone over Tessa's shoulder.

Tessa looked behind her and saw Hobbs walking up the driveway. Well this is an interesting turn of events, Tessa thought as she looked back at Letty who was still eyeing up Hobbs.

"Hey Mia! You better hide your baby oil!" Rome called out as he saw Hobbs and laughed.

"Ha, ha…You better hide that big ass forehead." Hobbs remarked as he walked up to Dom, Brian, and Mia. Tej almost choked on his beer and ended up spitting it out from laughing.

Tessa went to stand by Dom as Hobbs spoke to him, "It's official. You're all free. It wasn't that bad having you work for me."

Dom chuckled as he took the envelope from Hobbs, "We all know you were really working for me."

"Agree to disagree." Brian laughed and smiled at Hobbs, "Thank you." He and Mia went over to the others leaving Dom and Tessa.

"Congrats by the way." Hobbs said to the both of them, "Try staying out of trouble for awhile though."

Tessa shrugged, "We can't help it if trouble seems to finds us."

Dom chuckled and put his arm around Tessa, kissing her temple, being careful of her bruised cheek.

"You're not bad for a cop." Dom said to Hobbs and held out his hand.

"I never thought I'd trust a criminal." Hobbs took his hand and shook it, "Until next time."

"Until next time." Dom agreed.

"You're welcomed to stay for dinner." Tessa said suddenly as she looked over to Letty. She hadn't taken her eyes off Hobbs since he arrived.

Hobbs noticed the direction of her eyes and looked to Letty from his peripherals, "I suppose it wouldn't hurt."

"Then grab a seat." Tessa said as we all walked over to the picnic table to sit down.

"What are you up to?" Dom whispered in Tessa's ear as he sat down at the head of the table.

"Just helping a sister out." Tessa replied, sitting down on his lap.

Dom chuckled taking a sip from his beer and tightening his grip around Tessa. He had his hand placed over the baby and couldn't help but smile. This family just keeps getting bigger. Tessa brought one of her hands to rest over Dom's as she noticed Rome reach for the salad, take a tomato and pop in his mouth.

"He took first bite, he's got grace!" Brian said as he pointed at Rome, "House rules, house rules."

Rome looked around at everyone, not impressed. Tessa smile softly as she leaned into Dom. This was the happiest she's ever been. This was home and this was nearly perfect.