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Klaus pulled the collar of his jacket up, the fall wind was becoming chillier with each step he took. He walked through the streets quickly to avoid the cold. He walked into a small gallery and looked around. It was empty except for one person beside himself. He should have expected it. It was his gallery but he didn't put his name on it. He wanted his art to speak for itself, not his name. His name came with strings, lots of strings, strings that he didn't want attached to his art. His name came with his rock star status. It came with fame, paparazzi flashing cameras in his face, and record labels demanding another album. Klaus walked in and looked at the pieces hanging on the wall. They were all dark. They depicted his break up with his girlfriend. Three years wasted. And ever since he felt completely uninspired. He couldn't write, he couldn't play. He could only paint. And that's what he did.

He noticed the blonde standing in the gallery. Her blonde girls fell past her shoulders. Her deep purple coat had small patches on it. She had a black and white polka dot scarf. He could see a hint of the floral dress she was wearing under the coat. It stopped at her mid thigh. She wore black knee high boots and he wondered if she was cold wearing such a short skirt. She looked at the painting on the wall of the Tokyo skyline brightly lit up. And standing there was a small figure, dwarfed by the immense city.

Caroline studied the painting and turned to leave when she saw Klaus standing there. She froze for a second, not noticing he was there. He seemed to have startled her. She looked away and walked off further into the gallery. Klaus was fascinated by her. She didn't seem to know who he was and didn't care. He went to follow her, but she had disappeared.

Klaus's phone started to ring. He answered it.

"what?" Klaus answered

"Usually people say hello when they answer the phone" Elijah said

"Usually when people call me they want something"

"The record label wants you to record your album. It's been 3 years"

"Very good you can count"

"They're demanding you at least release a single"

"yes I'll just pull a song out of my ass"

"You need to move past this. You're going to destroy everything you've worked for"

"I'm feeling uninspired"

"that worked for the first few months, if anything you should be a brooding musician that no one understands making music"


Klaus hung up and put his phone away. There was a song that was recorded. It was a song that he had recorded with her. When he still loved her. But now he didn't want to go near it. If he released it, then the record company would demand he promote it, which meant he would have to see her. And she was the last person he wanted to see. She was always trying to change him, change his ways. She wanted him to sing on one of her songs. He shuddered at the thought. She was poppy and happy. He was the opposite. He was loud, and angry and he liked that.

He walked around his empty gallery. He found the same blonde standing in his studio. She was looking at his latest work. A figure being dragged down into the depths of hell by his demons. His fingers desperately clinging on to the dirt, trying to hold on. He watched her as she looked at it, oblivious to his presence. He never shared his studio with anyone, and here she was invading it. She moved and leaned against the wall, her back to him. She rested her head against the wall and sighed. Klaus walked into his studio and looked at his canvas. He turned back to her and she was still in her own little world. Her blonde hair stood out against the dusty green walls of his studio. Caroline looked up at the skylight. The sun came in, making the dark room brighter. Klaus looked up as well wondering what captured her attention. Caroline turned touching the wall, feeling the dents and bumps under her fingers. Klaus walked towards the wall, putting some distance between them. He didn't want to scare her. He leaned against the wall, watching her. The side of his head pressed against the wall, he watched as her fingers ran over the various ridges and bumps. He watched her as she move around the room, making her way back to him. She stopped before reaching him. He placed his hand on the wall, feeling what she was feeling. And slowly her hand crept closer to his. He waited for her fingers to brush against his. He watched her eyes as they did and soon the room came into full color. Her eyes were an incredible shade of blue. It reminded him of the waters in Greece. Her fingers interlaced with his and she was drawn to him. She took a step closer to him and he did the same. His hand reached up to touch a curl in her hair. It felt soft under his fingertips. Her hand reached up and touched the stubble on his cheek. It was coarse and hard. Her fingers ran over cheeks, over his nose, over the bow of his lips, to his brow and the rest of his face. His hand touched the skin of her forehead and then brushed her hair back. Caroline leaned into him, brushing her cheek against his. He leaned down and kissed her neck. She felt his warm lips on her skin and she pulled back slightly. His hands held her face and leaned in to kiss her. Her hands went into his hair as she opened her mouth more, allowing his tongue to enter. He felt her hands pushing his jacket off. He pushed her against the wall. She whimpered. He grabbed the back of her thigh and pulled it against him. And without saying a word, their clothes fell to the floor of his studio. Her fingers felt the muscles in his back moving, while his touched face. The only sounds that could be heard were their heavy breathing.

Klaus and Caroline stood with their backs to each other. Caroline was buttoning up her dress while Klaus picked up his shirt. He glanced back and saw Caroline zipping up her boot. She looked around and realized what she had done. She pulled her coat on and was too ashamed to look at him. She quietly left as Klaus pulled his jacket on.

Caroline walked down the street, pulling her jacket around her closer. Klaus walked out of his gallery looking for her. He wanted to at least know her name, who she was, why she was in his gallery in the first place. He walked down the street hoping he would find her. And he saw her, purple coat, and polka dot scarf. Her hair flowing freely in the wind, it was her. He rushed over to her.

"Hey! Wait!" Klaus yelled

Caroline kept walking. He touched her shoulder and she turned around.

"Hey, I just wanted to know your name" Klaus said

Caroline looked at him confused.

"I don't usually do this, but I just want to know who you are, how you were in my gallery" Klaus said

Caroline started making motions with her hands. And her mouth was moving but no sound came out. Klaus watched her in confusion.

"What?" Klaus asked

Caroline made more motions with her hands. He didn't understand what she was doing. Stefan finally stepped in and pushed Klaus aside. Stefan began making hand gestures with her and she seemed to respond.

-where have you been? I've been looking for you everywhere- Stefan sighed

-I just went out, I'm ok- Caroline signed back

- We have to go, you know you can't be out by yourself - Stefan

Stefan grabbed her arm and started to lead her away. She turned back to look at Klaus, her eyes pleading with him. And she mouthed out I'm sorry.

Klaus stood there shocked. The girl had no idea who he was. No idea what his music was. To her, he was just some guy.

Klaus returned to his studio and threw the paint onto the wall. The same wall he had Caroline pressed up against not too long ago. He knocked the canvas onto the floor and looked back at the wall. He grabbed a brush and walked towards the wall.

Stefan sat at home watching tv. Caroline was reading a book on the couch. Elena walked in smiling. She kissed Stefan and touched Caroline's shoulder to let her know she was there.

"Why are you in such a good mood?" Stefan asked

"One of my favorite bands finally released a new album. Took them forever" Elena said

"Let's listen to it" Stefan said

Elena took the cd out and placed in the player. It started to play. Elena started dancing around. Caroline looked up wondering what Elena was doing. She looked and saw the green cd case on the couch. The same green color on the walls of that studio. She picked it up and looked at it. She was reading through the lyrics and band info. Her eyes went wide when she saw the picture of Klaus. That was the man from the studio. She thought he was just an artist, but turns out he was a rock star. She kept reading through the liner and reached where the band thanks. She was scanning through it and and saw it.

Klaus Mikaelson would like to thank everyone who made this record possible, the band, our friends, and family and to the blonde angel I met in my studio, who inspired me again. I never got her name, but this album is for her.

Caroline immediately flipped to the lyrics and started reading. And she started to cry. Stefan looked over at her. He touched her hand and she looked up.

- what's wrong? Why are you crying? - Stefan signed

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