Tron: Sacrifice Script

Episode One: Sacrifices Part One

BECK STOOD ALONGSIDE Tron, witnessing the Occupation's soldiers abandon the Garage.

Mara turned in pride, expecting to see only Tron.

"There's another." Mara called Zed's attention. "We've been looking at this all wrong, Zed. The Renegade is working for Tron!"

Zed squinted his eyes at the silhouetted figures standing over the wreckage of the once powerful weapon. "So who's the Renegade?"

"Come on," Mara tugged Zed toward the wreck of flickering, chaos. Together they began to trudge up the rubble.

Beck eyes found Mara and Zed coming up to meet them.

"What do we do?"

Tron turned to Beck.

"The only thing we can do: Protect them from CLU. Put your mask on."

They covered their faces and made their way down the detritus.

"Though they are still your friends, you need to protect them from this Identity. They defied Tesler's and CLU's rule. If either of them discovers you're the renegade, neither CLU nor Tesler will hesitate to use your friends as leverage against you."

"They defied Occupation rule. They defended Tron. They'll join us now, wouldn't they?" Beck replied.

"They will, but we will have to do more to more to protect them. They do not know what they are really getting into."

Zed and Mara trudged closer and closer.

"I won't be able to keep this a secret from them for long, especially if they commit to our cause." Beck watched as he could see the friendly smile on Mara's face and Zed's nervous grin, as they came closer and closer.

"Wouldn't it be safer for you if we split?" Beck said.

Tron gave Beck a small smile. "I don't think this is about me. We can't keep running."

Mara and Zed were within reach, and Tron bent to help Mara up over a large shelf of metal. Beck extended a hand to Zed.

"Tron." Mara said softly in Beck's direction.

"We have some questions." Zed interjected, crossing his arms.

"Zed!" Mara hissed.

"All questions are going to have to wait." Tron said as he strode to the ledge of crumpled metal, jagged and sharp.

Beck stepped passed his friends to join Tron.

A large aerial cruiser was hovering towards them, the circuitry bright yellow. It was heavily guarded by light jets, recognizers, and carrier ships, circuit orange, no doubt loaded with tanks and thousands upon thousands of Occupant soldiers.

"CLU." Beck announced. "He's coming to Argon."

"And with the largest escort I'd ever seen." Tron said. "Let's go. We cannot stay here long."

"Go?" Scoffed Zed. "Where can we go?"

Zed his arms still crossed.

"The bikes." Beck said. "Get everyone a bike."

Beck leaped down the wreckage and pounded towards the Garage, Tron close behind him.

"Beck," Tron whispered, "how are we going to get everyone here back to the outland, with CLU on our tail?"

"I'm Tron," Beck said. "CLU wants Tron, so I'll give him Tron.

"Everyone, take a baton! CLU will not wait to investigate what happened here. The monstrosity outside is his doing. He'll want to know how it was destroyed. He will come, and he will derez anyone who's still here. He will know I've been here, and won't waste any time to try to find me."

Everyone was inside the garage, clearing out batons for every vehicle.

"Which is why I'm going to lead CLU off your trail, and on a wild goose-chase through Argon."

Tron grasped Beck's arm.

"If you go," Tron warned, "you will as good as handed yourself over to CLU."

"CLU has a fleet." Mara pointed out.

"Don't want to seem like a downer program," Zed cut in, "but that doesn't seem like it's in your favor."

"There's no time to argue about this." Beck said.

Tron pulled Beck away from Mara and Zed.

"Beck," Tron whispered. "CLU will torture you when finds out you are not whom he expected. He will take the disc, and you will be derezzed."

"Which is why I give it to you before I go." Beck put his arm over his head and reached for his disc. He turned Tron's inner disc away from his and held it out for Tron to take.

"You can lead them out to safety."


"Save it. You're not going to convince me not to." Beck forced Tron to take the disc in his hand. "Live today, fight tomorrow, right? Now, go. I'll be fine."

"Don't get caught."

"Don't plan to, but if something happens I'll signal you."

"I hope I don't have to see it."

Beck watched Tron walk back to Mara and Zed, nudging them along to get their light cycles. He turned away to get ready for when CLU came.

"What's Tron doing?" Mara turned to watch Beck put his disc on his back, and his white uniform pixelated black.

"Giving us a head start." Tron replied stiffly.


"He won't change his mind." Tron said. "He's doing this for you."

Mara was silent as Zed handed her a baton.

Tron turned back toward Beck.

"We're ready." Tron informed him.

Beck nodded.

They looked out across the dock, where the angry orange glare of the Occupation grew larger and larger.

"There's still time."

"I'll give you more." Beck held up a long black baton. "I'll be ready."

Tron nodded, walking forward with his baton in hand. He turned once to nod thanks, which Beck accepted, and Tron took to a run. The others followed simultaneously, while Mara and Zed hesitated for a second before joining them. They jumped into the air and their bikes transformed under them and they were gone.

Beck watched them, letting his mask retract off his face, until he couldn't see them anymore. Now it was time to execute his plan, and wait for CLU to arrive. He went to Able's locker and emptied it.

It was before the start of the next Cycle when Beck spotted incoming recognizers over the sea. He looked below the light crafts at sea. A great number of speed boats speed toward him, and Beck figured by the speed they were traveling at, CLU would be at Able's Garage in a short time.

Beck ran through the plan in his mind, and looked out over Argon with his hands in fists. There was no doubt in his mind that he was ready.

Paige was the first on the scene. She observed the wreckage with interest. Then the uneasy soldiers heard a disturbance in the garage. Paige noticed their tense nervous state, state and looked to the garage.

"Search it," she ordered. "CLU wants a full report."

"And he won't be happy with it, Paige," Beck said softly to himself, as he chose a baton, not taking his eyes off the scene.

He was lying on the roof of the Garage, waiting; bidding his time.

"The Garage is empty."

Beck watched Paige's reaction.

"Our jobs are on the line," Paige grimaced. "We'll keep looking until we find something suitable to report.

"Find Pavel." She ordered a soldier. "He's supposed to be stationed here."

"I can tell you where he is!"

Paige whirled around to look up at Beck.

"Get him." She hissed at a group of soldiers.

"You again." Paige called up to Beck. "I should have known you were behind this-" she gestured at the gross mass of chaos behind her, as Beck's eyes trained their focus on the soldiers running into the Garage to retrieve him "-but why are you still here?"

"Small talk, Paige? You can do better than that." Beck humored. "You know why I'm here. I am healed."

"You were ill?" Paige said smartly.

Beck smiled through his mask, "Don't tell me that CLU didn't let you and Tesler in on his secret plan? That-" he pointed down at the crashed mobile Repurposing unit "- was CLU's doing. I just destroyed it."

"Confusing me, Renegade?" Paige moved her disc arm up to rub her forehead and quick as lighting snatched her disc from her back and hurtled it at him.

Beck dodged it easily.

"I thought you could do better than that." Paige said as her disc swung back to her.

"I'm not the Renegade." Beck said. "I'm Tron."

He leaped head first off Able's Garage, and activated his baton.

Paige threw herself down on the ground, feeling the force of wind from the sudden burst of speed of Beck's light jet. She leaped up, and took off running activating her own jet. The soldiers followed her lead, and took to the air.

Beck turned to watch them follow, and smiled. He sped faster and faster, leading them in a subtle circle around Argon City. After a few minutes of getting a good lead, he decided to execute step two of his plan: Let them catch up with him. That's when he'd commence step three: Damage everything he would get close enough to.

Tron lead the Garage refugees to the outlands in safety. There wasn't a soldier in sight. A few times they had to walk in small groups around the sentries that were migrating from their usual posts, toward the Garage.

Tron looked up into the dark sky, and he saw a small white speck speeding above the city. Mara and Zed followed Tron's eyes, and their reactions were the same as how Tron felt.

"We have to help." Mara said looking at Beck's jet, and they all watched as Beck avoided heavy fire from his pursuing opponents.

"There is a facility further up the outlands. Make it there. You'll travel slowly, but you are safe now." Tron informed Mara and Zed, then turned walking away from the other Programs, toward Argon.

"We want to help!" Mara exclaimed.

"I know." Tron said. "I understand your eagerness, but right now, you have to get to the safe house." Tron pointed to the mountain covered in the Grid dust. "Prepare for our return."

"Wait!" Mara started toward Tron. "I'm going with you. I helped Tron once before. I know what to do."

"Tron also told you that you were not ready."

"I think I'm ready to fight for myself." Mara looked fierce enough, to scare Zed into looking away, but Tron stared at her.

Tron turned to Zed, handing him the clearance key.

"Get the rest to the mountain, and prepare for the worst on our return."

Mara smiled in pride and satisfaction in her win, and waved Zed good-bye.

"We may not have much time. Look." Tron pointed up at the sky.

More enemy jets and copters were joining in the chase. Beck had his ribbon activated, and with great technique and skill, he flew in a wide corkscrew that rapidly narrowed. Three enemy jets went flying straight into it, and were derezzed instantly.

"You know how fly a jet?"

Mara smiled impishly, "I never told anyone that I've been practicing."

Beck was running out of moves and tricks. The orange-circuited jets flew at him and fired from every direction. His jet was close to failure, and he couldn't fly it and repair it at the same time.

Paige saw he was in trouble, and smiled deviously. She drew her jet level with his.

"Tron would have a plan right now!" She shouted. "You are no Tron."

Paige flipped her jet over his so she was right behind him. In an instant, she fired and Beck acted just in time.

His jet exploded and he fell, feeling weightless and cold as the wind whipped and ripped at him. His speed accelerated, taking him closer and closer to Argon. Enemy jets fired at him, and he deliberately straightened his body, forcing himself to hurtle faster yet to Argon.

Then an unexpected force took him sideways. His digital being racked with pain from the jolt, and he found himself lying across the back of a jet. The flier turn their head at him.

"Hold on!"

Though her speech was digitally garbled, and she was masked, Beck realized just who snatched him from his fall.

He slid down into the seat behind her.

Mara accelerated, and whooped with triumph. There was another jet beside them holding Tron.

"I told you to get them to the Outlands!"

"I did!"

Orange was all around them. An enemy jet flew too close to Mara. She swerved, but an explosion sent Beck and Mara forward with much force. Beck cried out in pain, as his back was seared and damaged by the close proximity range bomb. He slumped unconscious against Mara, and his weight push her forward. The jet spun tail overhead and again, over and over. Mara forced the jet to go up, trying to level the jet.

She almost had full control on the jet when Tron signaled her to go down. She tipped the nose forward and speed to the City. Tron covered her trail, leading the orange jets to follow him, and firing on a tall dark building. It shattered with boom and particles rained down on the Occupation.

Tron took the lead and showed Mara a safe landing spot away from enemy eyes. They went down between the dark buildings for cover.

Mara deactivated the jet, and Beck tumbled and rolled on the ground. Mara landed on her knees, while Beck simply slid across the street on his side.

Tron landed on his feet and dropped his baton. He hurried over to Beck and rolled him on his stomach to see his back, and Mara gasped in shock.

"He needs to get to the safe house!" Tron said harshly, lifting Beck up gingerly. "We'll have to walk for the time being. The sentries will be watching for jets, light cycles, anything!"

Mara watched Tron guiltily, but lifted herself off the street at once, picking up Tron's baton.

Tron hoisted Beck over his shoulder, and pulled out a small remote and pressed a series of buttons.

"What are you doing?"

"Sending for help." Tron tossed it to her to hold.

Tron began to walk through the dark streets, his newly healed senses awakened and alert for strange sounds and movements. Mara followed close behind him, silent.

"You let them get away!" Tesler said angrily when Paige had finished her report.

CLU was present, accompanied by Dyson, both looking furiously vivid at her.

"We knew you had trouble with the Renegade, Tesler," Dyson said, his voice signaling trouble, "but you did not inform us your leading commanders were so under qualified for the task of ridding one rebel. Abandoning posts and not arresting perpetrators."

"Permission to speak freely, sirs?" Paige asked calmly.

CLU smiled coolly. "I don't see why not."

"Tron was present in the fight, sir, and he was injured."

The silence echoed her statement, and CLU stood up, took out his disc, and walked forward.

"Tesler," CLU said, rubbing the edge of his disc with an undying interest. "I now confirm how lax of a commanding officer you really are. Tron is dead. I derezzed him, personally when the infamous Flynn fled from justice."

He turned to Paige, "You are lucky I do not derez you where you stand, program, for spreading treason. Consider yourself permanently relieved of duty. I do not wish to see you for the rest of the cycles I may remain activated."

Paige stepped back in surprise, and looked to Tesler.

CLU seemed so amused by her actions, he laughed cruelly.

"Tesler is also relieved of duty." He made a signal to Dyson. "Please, escort him to the brig."

Paige turned and walked briskly out of General Tesler's – formally general's command.


She stopped and heard CLU's steps behind her.

"Do not forget that you are no longer authorized to exhibit the Occupation's light." CLU said as matter-of-factly.

She was about to walk away, when she felt CLU access her disc. The red-orange faded from her uniform, turning her circuitry back to the Medical unit green. He released her, and she continued her leave of CLU's new headquarters.