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I apologize this is not a full chapter. I've included a sneak peek of Tron: Deresolution for your reading pleasures. In a couple of weeks, be on the look out for a new story with this Title in my name. I'm hoping to post a few episodes by then.


Kansas Ford

Tron Deresolution

Episode One: Snow, Part Two

Mara tried not to wince as Dyson smirked.

"My, well, the new pet is uncomfortable." Dyson's grin grew across his face.

"If I were as insane as you," Mara narrowed her eyes, "your nerves would be shattered."

"Talking so bravely." Dyson gritted his teeth. "Love it. So, why did you say yes? I'm surprised you got Tron to leave you here."

"Tron knows me well and trusts me." Mara said. "If you couldn't see it then, that is why we are here-" she lifted up her arms, gesturing around her "-you bound before me. And let me tell you something I don't just talk bravely."

Dyson cocked his head slightly, still smiling, considering her. "Huh… well, I'm usually very good at reading a program. Perhaps you could teach me a new trick or two. Though, I have good more horrid things to fellow programs than you have ever dreamed."

"Maybe so." Mara admitted. "But you've only heard of me until now. You haven't seen my disc, you haven't peeled through my memories." Mara stood back a moment, also cocking her head and cracking smile. "Since you have more experience, maybe you could tell me this?"

Mara's disc flashed in Dyson's eyes, and she quickly summersaulted away from him. She turned her head back and saw the brief stunned expression on his face, followed by the site of the wound beginning to derez across his collar bone angling down his abdomen. His eyes locked on her figure, steady hand around her disc still blazing with light and a buzzing hum.

"Do you recognize that wound?" Mara finished her question and began to walk away. "I think you need to find a more accurate read on me before you start boasting."

As soon as the entry door recognized her identity disc signature and allowed her to exit Dyson's prison, Mara's knees quaked. She caved in the hall after she heard the door whisk shut and had to use the wall to keep her from falling.

Tron watched her drop her disc and slip down to the floor. He gently approached her and set his hands on her shoulders. He didn't need to say a word. His touch, warm and reassuring, helped her steady herself, as she hazarded a glance up at him.

Tron didn't smile. He wasn't frowning or angry with furrowed burrows. He simply was there.

"Not a word to Zed." Mara said hoarsely.

"None at all." Tron agreed.

Beck slowly came to the realization he was floating, warm and floating. Pain-free.

But what happened?

He tried to think but thinking seemed impossibly hard now. He just wanted to remain unknowing in this blissful moment. Until he felt his body descending. He groaned as his body set pressure on his feet he forgot he had and he opened his eyes.

The room was dimmed. The wind outside seemed impossibly quiet, but it triggered the memories to come flying back. Someone had carried him in this place from outside. And Vyruz was still hunting for him.

Beck saw a light move across the room, suddenly able to pick out the cloaked figure with a lightband going down his front from his camouflage. It was approaching him. His med pod. Until a program stood before Beck, lifting a gloved hand to lower his hood.

Beck gasped, softly. He could hardly believe his eyes.

"Nice to meet you, Beck." The stranger said with a crooked smile, and held up an identity disc. Beck's identity disc. "I believe we have a mutual friend."

"Flynn?" Beck managed.

The human chuckled softly. "The one and only."

Flynn allowed Beck from the med pod, "Your vital programming was about to shut down when I found you. Sorry for the rudeness, but I barrowed your disc."

"How long?" Beck asked. "How long was I in there?"

Flynn grimaced. "Now, you're not going to like it. But you've been here for three cycles."

Dread filled Beck's chest.

"Oh, no." Beck looked at the floor.

"That's how long it took for me to clear the virus starting to take root in your programming. It was pretty nasty. From that alone, I would have known you met Clu without even looking through your disc. Seems you had the bumpy ride." Flynn glanced at Beck, before continuing. "Anywho, I need your help with something."

"What would that be?" Beck looked up, and Flynn smiled.

"We need to eliminate the virus that followed you here. Where that thing comes, Clu is sure to follow. We cannot have him thinking you're both still alive."

Flynn picked up a pack by the door, "Come on. We've got work to do, son."

Beck followed with uncertainly. He wasn't at all sure he could take on Vyruz again. "How did you clear the virus from my programming?"

"Ah, well, I suppose you wouldn't know. I'm familiar with part of that virus's code. The corrupted portions were more difficult to eradicate, but there was a bit of code I recognized in its signature. It's part ISO coding. Figures that Clu would try to use the thing he hates most to do his bidding. Why not corrupt it more, but give it a new purpose."

"She's an ISO?" Beck asked, shaking his head in disbelief.

"The ISOs weren't part of Clu's plan for the Grid, but the ISOs have a way of surviving in tough situations." Flynn said, leading Beck down a hallway to a room and opened the door with a punch-in code. "Guests first."

Beck stepped into the room and noted the weaponry. Staffs, light modules, jets.

"Go on, pick your poison." Flynn said, and he continued, "She? You said," he referred to Vyruz. "I'm guessing she got on the wrong side of things and was held from a long time. Infection with an ISO for this virus wouldn't be the time consuming bit of this. It's creating the virus itself. From the look of the code, it was made for her exactly."

"So, what are we going to do about it?" Beck asked, examining a light sword.

"We're going to reverse the effects of the virus on her." Flynn said.

"What?" Beck said, "You cannot possibly know how to start with a rescue of a programmed virus."

"The virus code is actually very similar to Abraxas."

"Abraxas was killed."

"But his identity disc is still around. A disc infected by Clu. We wouldn't necessarily have to rescue the ISO, just her disc for starters." Flynn. "Clu started this war with giving the entire Grid a fear of ISOs. I cannot allow it to continue. And all Clu would have to do is pass on the disc to another ISO. We have to find her, and correct the damage before it gets too far for her to be saved."

"Alright, fine." Beck said, dropping the sword to his side. "I'll help. How do you want this to go?"

"You're going to be the bait." Flynn said with another crooked smile.

Beck sighed, "This isn't going to end well for me, is it?"

Flynn chuckled again. "Faith, son. Have faith."

The wind howled around Beck's helmet. The synthetic wound Flynn made for him glowed in the darkness of the Outlands. He stumbled around, pretending the pain wrecked his programming and then the snow collapsed on top of him.

The yellow and orange glow standing in front of him as the snow held him down. Vyruz considered him, opened her mouth to say something when the grenade exploded. Snow rushed down on them both as Beck held his arms over his head.

"Well," Flynn said, "that wasn't supposed to happen."

Flynn climbed down from his position from above. And began to dig.