Ever since I read the manga, I had this fic in my head. Urushihara is kinda my favorite character (along with Maou) and I deceided to get him into some trouble ;3

Although there are the words secret admirer and date in the summary, I didn't plan to focus the fic on the romance between Urushihara and my OC. Actually, it's quite the opposite.

I hope you'll enjoy it. Also, I don't own Hataraku Maou-sama! The secret admirer, as well and the online game Battle of the WarLords are mine though.

01. Chapter

The NEET has a Secret Admirer!


A youth slammed his fist at the table on which his laptop was.

"Damn you, you Lord of the UnderWorld." hissed the youth, glaring at the monitor of the computer. "Go to Hell!"

The reason of his angrieness was the large sign on the monitor on which stood GAME OVER. The youth sighed and restarted the online game. He grabbed the can with coke, taking a sip and placing it back on the table as he angrily glared at the laptop with his purple eyes. On the table were also several paper bags or plastic boxes, all empty and tossed around. The youth didn't care about the mess he caused. Now, he was only focused on winning the game.

The new online game: Battle of the WarLords was a sort of RPG war game, where the player could create his or her own army and conquer the lands of other players. The youth was very familiar with the concept of the game: only that his experience came from real battles. However, it didn't seem like it would be enough to beat his arch-nemesis in the game: a player who called himself Lord of the UnderWorld and who beat him again.

"You gotta be kidding!" The youth groaned. He sighed, rubbing his head, his fingers running through his purple hair, which passed in front of his face. He looked like a teen between 14-16, but he was actually much older than that. "I can't believe I was again beaten!"

"Urushihara, are you again playing computer games?"

The youth ignored the question of his roommate. Instead, he restarted the game. Steps were heared as a man with white hair and brown eyes approached the youth. He wore a green apron above his long sleeved shirt and his jeans.

"Didn't Maou-sama tell you to search for a way to replenish our magic and not to play games? In fact, he ordered it. You're simply wasting our time and money." said the man.

The youth, Urushihara Hanzo, gave the older guy a look which said 'what do I care'. He turned back to his laptop, trying to raid the land of the Lord of the UnderWorld. A sneaky smirk appeared on his face as he managed to break his nemesis' fort, with his ogre army destroying and burning down the whole fort.

"Ha, now you're done!" said Urushihara.

His roommate sighed. His name was Shiro Ashiya and he was the one who took care of the domestic duties in the small six-tatami-sized room which was their apartment as well as HQs. The apartment was the Room 201 of 'Villa Rosa Sasazuka' in the district Sasazuka, Tokyo, Japan and was nicknamed Demon's Castle for obvious reasons. Urushihara nor Ashiya were normal humans. They were actually demons from a country called Ente Isla from an another dimension and it wasn't like they were at Earth willingly.

Urushihara, whose true name was Lucifer, and Ashiya, whose actual name was Alciel, were formarly two Demon Generals who served under the great Demon Lord Satan, here known as Maou Sadao. Due a few unusal events, all three ended up on Earth, Lucifer becoming a NEET, Satan working part-time at MgRonald's and Alciel maintaing the apartment.

Urushihara watched with a victorious smile on his face as the fort of his enemy dissapeared. The expression, however, changed to disbelief as he saw his opponent attacking him from the back and destroying his army.


Ashiya couldn't help but smirk at the misery of the fallen angel. He was assured that Urushihara deserved it.

They suddenly heared someone knocking on the door. Urushihara ignored it, still focusing on cursing his foe with all curses and names he knew, even switching it to his demon language. Ashiya went to the door and opened it.

In front of him was a young girl with black hair tied in a ponytail. She wore a traditional kimono. She was holding a large pile of letters and a brown box.

"Mail! Really Ashiya, your mailbox is overstuffed." said the maiden, called Suzuno Kamazuki was the next door neighbour of the three demons, living in Room 202 of 'Villa Rosa Sasazuka'.

Ashiya gulped as he saw the pile of letters, which were all sent by the person he was most afraid of: the Landlady Miki Shiba, who usually insisted to be called Miki-T. Ashiya was sure that that woman wasn't a woman and he still had nightmares from the last time he saw Miki-T in a swimsuit. The landlady was currently traveling across the world, often sending the demons letters about her vacation and, of course, photographs of herself.

"You can throw them away if you want. Actually, I'd appriciate that." said Ashiya. He and Maou deceided that after the horrorifing event they had gone through when they opened Miki Shiba's letter, they would never again open them.

"Okay. Also, there is a box for Urushihara-kun. And I don not think the landlady send it." said Suzuno, giving the box to Ashiya. The letters fell out of her arms. "Oh no."

"I'll take care of it leater." said Ashiya. That was the code for: I'll burn them to ashes and then the ashes so no one could see those horrifing pictures ever again. He frowned for a sec, as he examined the box. On it didn't stand who send it, just who the reciever was. Ashiya looked at the youth, who was still focused on his game. "Hey, Lucifer, have you again bought something online?

"Huh?" Urushihara looked at Ashiya with a surprised expression on his face as his roommate waved with the box. "Nope! I didn't."

He blinked as he heared the sound of a fight from his laptop and turned to it. His jaw dropped in disbelief.

"Not again! I can't believe he beat me again!" the youth moaned.

"What is wrong with him?" asked Suzuno curiously. Ashiya sweatdropped.

"That's what I also wonder." he replied. He looked at the box. "If Urushihara didn't buy anything, then someone must've send it to him. The only question is who and why."

Ashiya was suspicious. Hanzo didn't leave the apartment for weeks, due to being still 'grounded' for safety reasons. Even Urushihara preffered to stay home, rather than going out. It was hard to believe that someone knew about his existance, except a small group of people. Of course, Urushihara could've met someone in a chat room, but Ashiya doubted the fallen angel would be so stupid and give away his name and his adress.

"Why don't you open it?" asked Suzuno. Ashiya looked at the box and then at Urushihara. He placed the box next to the laptop. The youth looked at it, with a confused expression on his face.

"What's that?" he asked.

"I don't know. Why don't you open it?" said Ashiya. "It's for you."

Urushihara looked at the brown box, shaking it and and ripped it open, after hearing a rumble. He, Suzuno and Ashiya looked at it's inner contents. Inside was a heart formed candy box in a purple color with a red ribbon tied neatly around it. With it was a card with a smiley drawn on it who was blushing: ^/^

"Chocolate?" Urushihara opened the box, staring at the chocolate bombons. He licked his lips and took one out and opened his mouth.

"Huh, wait!" Ashiya said in an alarmed tone. "What if they're poisoned?"

"How do you mean it poisoned?" asked Urushihara, irritated. Ashiya crossed his arms.

"I mean, someone sends YOU a box with chocolate and there's no name of the sender on the box. Ain't you suspicious?"

"Well, there's only one way to check it." Urushihara ate the chocolate bombon, stuffing one after another in his mouth. "I don't feel ill, I didn't drop dead; so I guess the chocolate wasn't poisoned."

"You'll get a stomachache from all the junk-food you eat." Ashiya frowned.

"Well, the chocolate was delicious." Urushihara smiled, whiping some of the chocolate from his face.

"I wonder who sent it." Suzuno grabbed the paper with the smiley. "Could it be some sort of secret admirer?"

"Whoever it is, he or she has a taste in sweets." said Urushihara, licking his lips. He ate the whole chocolate.

"I think that in this case the person in question is a girl." said Ashiya as he looked at the card.

"And I wonder when the package got here. I observed the neighbourhood the whole day and no one suspicious passed." said Urushihara, looking at the camera he placed on the window. "Actually, no one passed."

"I'll report this to Maou-sama once he returns home." said Ashiya. "Someone leaving here a package with chocolate unnoticed is unusual and suspicious. And it's even more suspicious that you are the one who recieved them."

"Hey, what does that mean? That I can't have somebody admiring me and delivering me sweets?" Urushihara protested. Ashiya ignored the fallen angel.

"It's deceided. I'll report to Maou-sama and he'll figure out what to do and how we'll handle the situation." said Ashiya.

"We?" Urushihara lowered his eyelids.

"Yes, we!" Ashiya narrowed his eyes. "As we're both Generals of the Great Demon Lord, we must carry out every of his commands without questioning them!"

Urushihara rolled with his eyes. Unlike Alciel, he wasn't a lap dog who worked for Satan out of loyality. Heck, he even tried to kill them once.

"If you ask me, my admirer can without problem keep on delivering me such boxes as we're short in sweets only because of your insisting to eat vegetables." he retorted.

"And if you kept on eating only junk food day in-day out, you'd end up in the hospital faster before you could say 'Hikikomori'." Ashiya replied, irritating the fallen angel. Urushihara frowned and turned to the computer.

"Well, that's your and Maou's fault..." he muttered.

Suzuno, who watched the argument between the two Generals, shrugged and returned to her own apartment.

'It would be a good idea to inform Yusa-san about this.' she thought.


"I see." said Maou, with his arms crossed. He was a youth with green messy short hair and red-amber brown eyes (having, just as Lucifer and Alciel, eye slits, like a cat), wearing a T-shirt and jeans. He, Ashiya and Urushihara had dinner and the two Generals explained him what happened. Maou yawned. "And you didn't left me some chocolate?"

"Someone had to prove they weren't poisonous." Urushihara glared at Ashiya.

"Maou-sama," Ashiya ignored Urushihara. "what should we do about it?"

"The only thing we can do is to wait. I believe that whoever send that box will sure send more or appear personally. Than we can get her." said Maou.

"Excellent plan, Maou-sama." said Ashiya. "I knew you would come up with a good tactic."

"Speaking of which, if you again get a candy box, save something for me. I can't remember since when I tasted chocholate last time." said Maou, almost drooling over the thought of the possibility of eating chocolate.

"You know that those sweets are for me. So, the answer is: forget it." said Urushihara. "Besides, who says that I might get again a candy box?"

"Believe me, you will. And till then, we're going to stalk the mail-box." said Maou.

While Ashiya was talking with Maou about how they should "stalk" the mail-box, Urushihara wondered who send him the candy box. He remembered Ashiya's words. Whoever send him the sweets, knew who he is and where he lives. Urushihara sweatdropped at the thought of someone stalking him.

'Whoever it is, we'll find it out. Sooner or leater.' he thought.