Jealous Much...

Chapter 1


I sat at the large kitchen table, at the Burrow, talking to Ginny who was making plans for her wedding. She was in her Bridezilla mode. While she was talking I was thinking about what had happened since the war, it had been about a year and the 'Golden Trio' were still the most popular talked about witches and wizards still around, we still had so many photo shoots, interviews and members of the wizarding community were still giving us huge sums of money because they felt that we had lost more than they had; in a way that is a bit of a lie, whole families were torn apart, whilst I just sent my parents to Australia to keep them safe so I feel quite guilty because my family was kept safe.

"Hermione," Ginny yelled, making me come out of my day dream, "Where you even listening?"

"Yes, you were talking about having a green theme to the wedding because it would go with Harry's eyes and with your hair." I gave her a triumphant smirk, see it helps when you have this conversation at least twice a week.

We just sat there talking about what university I should go to, whether I should go to America and take my SAT's and go to one of the Ivy League universities or stay in England, there was some long discussion about it. But it's a year away so I have time to think about it.

"Hermione, some mail has come for you, the muggle way," I heard Arthur shout in excitement from the hallway

I took the letter out of Mr Weasley's hand and walked at a slow pace to the living room, sat down and opened the letter, it said this;

Hi Mya,

I know that you don't particularly like Bella, but I was wondering if you could come for some moral support. Not for her of course, for me. I don't really like who's she is getting married to (I would prefer it if it were you even if you were getting married to that Cullen guy) and the fact that she is getting married at such a young age. But I can't talk her out of it. Call me if you're going to come or not, just ask your mom for my number.

Lots of Love

Uncle Charlie

Typical Isabella to do something like that, she never thinks things through before doing them. I told the Weasley's and co where I would be going and apparated home and got Uncle Charlie's number off my mum. It's a good thing that he knows that I'm a witch because I'm going to be apparating over to Forks as taking a flight would be too much bother. I packed two large suitcases and one with clothes and the other one half filled with clothes and then filled with books and electronics, I performed the shrinking charm on everything put it in my jean pocket and sent them to Forks.

As I haven't been to Forks since just before I went to Hogwarts, so it's going to be interesting to see if it's changed or not. I wonder if Isabella is still as clumsy and ungraceful as she was when she was younger.


Charlie just told me that he invited Hermione to the wedding, we still have about a month and a half left to go and she's coming now. What exactly is the point of that? I mean I understand coming to the wedding a week before or even the day before but a whole month and a half, that's a bit extreme.

I hated her when we were younger, she was always the youngest so therefore the cutest, the smartest so she was always in the newspaper, best a running so she won every athletics competition, really graceful and had the best balance because she did ballet and gymnastics, she was always better at everything that we did together. So in return I teased her mercilessly, I teased her about her rats nest of a hair, her buck teeth and I even ripped her books because she was annoying me with the turning of the pages whilst I was trying to watch TV; the weird thing is that I never got in trouble because Hermione never told anyone but what scared me was that she said she would get revenge by taking away something that I loved... But that was eight years ago and no one has that good a memory.

"Hey Bella, I've just had an email from your Auntie Jean and it says that Hermione has been accepted most of the Ivy League universities here and all of the Russell Group universities, back in England, with a full academic scholarship. That's amazing!"

Right there, that's another thing I don't like about Hermione, is that Charlie adores her. When she got into that elite boarding school in Scotland; Charlie threw her a party, when she got all A* on her GCSE's Charlie sent her a congratulations card and some money. Like she needs any money, the Granger family is filthy rich. And now that she's got into all universities I bet that Charlie is going to give her some fantastic present or something.

"Are you gonna buy her something?" I yelled.

"Nah, my hospitality is enough and the fact that she doesn't have to share a room with you."

Just then a car pulled up outside, but it was probably just Edward or Alice. The doorbell rang; Charlie answered it since I was upstairs.

"Hey Mya, how have you been?"

I ran downstairs to see Charlie giving Hermione a huge hug and it was quite a warm welcome. Well, I see who Charlie's favourite is, my welcome was very very awkward compared to hers.

As Charlie stepped away from Hermione and she stepped into the house and I could see much more clearly. Her hair wasn't a bushy rat's nest anymore, it cascaded down her back in soft ringlets; her hair was a light brown colour with natural caramel highlights. Her skin was clear and there was a hint of a blush on her cheeks, her teeth were perfect, and she had full lips and a small button nose. Her outfit accentuated her body which had curves in all the right places, her legs seemed a mile long, she also had a much bigger bust than I did, I was a B cup whilst she was either a C or a D cup. Considering that it was summer, she was wearing white shorts, a white crop top (which had the words Rock Chick written on it) over a black tank top with a pair of black converses and she had Dior sunglasses in her hair. The only thing that stayed the same about her was her eyes; they were a mixture of caramel and honey. Basically, all in all, she was even more beautiful than Rosalie's and she made me feel like a right tramp.

"Hello Isabella." She gave me a short hug

"It's Bella, Hermione."

"And I don't care." She responded in her thick husky British accent, she would have most of the boys fawning over her if she speaks like that all time.

"Thank you for having me in your home Uncle Charlie, and I bought you a present."

"Mya, you didn't have to," Charlie responded, but Hermione didn't listen and thrust a small package into his hands.

Charlie tore it open and it was an antique Rolex watch, it must have cost loads and it was amazing- wait scratch that it was beautiful. This is typical of Hermione, getting Charlie a gift that I can't compare to, most of the nice and expensive things in the house are from Hermione either for Charlie's birthday, Christmas or because it was midyear or some random shit like that.

"Isabella, can you show me my room please?"

"Fine," I grumbled "Follow me."

Her room was across the hallway from mine, I've never been in it before and it was considerably larger than mine but it was not as big as Charlie's room, it was already decorated in a red and gold them also all her stuff was already packed away.

"Well if you don't need to unpack we can go visit the Cullens."