Ceili and Elsa revealed their past, their full past, to the two Summers women. Ceili explained the abuse she had endured before Elsa had been born, and how she had almost killed herself a few months after their parents had brought the blonde baby home. Elsa had burst into tears and cried into her sister's chest at that.

A caravan of vehicles tore up the driveway just as Ceili and Elsa had finished telling their story. Two squad cars and the local ambulance parked behind Elsa's Camaro and Lily's SUV. The EMTs quickly leapt from their vehicles and prepped the gurney.

The two police officers from one car rushed over to the group of women. One was an older man with a barreling gut and an eye patch, and the other had brown hair and appeared to only be a few years older than Elsa. Their faces twisted in slight disgust at the state of one woman in particular.

"Jesus Christ!" the older officer boomed. "Ceili, what happened to ya, lass?"

Ceili smiled. "Good to see you too, Silver. It's always good to know that our tax dollars are going to pay for good officers."

"Well, Hell, if you didn't look like you just got thrown in a blender, maybe we'd be a little nicer!" The younger man quipped. "You look awful!"

"Gee, thanks, Jim," Ceili droned.

A set of paramedics wheeled the gurney over to the small group and blinked in shock.

"Dear God, Ceili!" One of the medics exclaimed. "What happened to you?"

Ceili's eyes crossed irritably. "That sure seems to be the million dollar question today." She watched as the EMTs placed a backboard on the ground next to her and bolted upright. "Uh-uh! No way! You're not getting me in that damn hearse!" She grunted in pain as she gripped her ribs.

Lily stared at the protesting woman in disbelief. "Ceili, what are you talking about? You have to go to the hospital!"

"The hell I do!" Ceili exclaimed. She shuffled away from the back board and gurney slowly. "The day I go back to the hospital will be the day I'm on my deathbed! You're not getting me in that thing!"

"Ceili, stop being such a baby," Anna huffed. "It's just a hospital! They're going to help get you better!"

Elsa quickly placed herself between Ceili and the paramedics. "She's not getting in that white hearse. If she needs to go in for medical help, I'll drive her to the clinic in town. They'll take X-rays, tell us what's wrong, and we can take care of it ourselves."

Lily and Anna sighed irritably.

"Elsa, Ceili needs to get help," Lily coerced. "She has shards of glass sticking out of her back and a dislocated hip. She needs to go to the hospital."

The two Winter-Wolf sisters shouted in unison.

"No, she doesn't!"

"No, I don't!"

Ceili groaned in exasperation. "Enough! Elsa, go grab one of my bandanas. I'm going to need it."

"Got it," Elsa nodded and ran into the house. She returned a few minutes later with a bright red bandana in her hands. "Where do you want it?"

"Gag me," Ceili instructed. She laid down on the ground, held her arms above her head, and clasped her hands together before tilting her head up at Lily. "Um, I'm going to need you to hold my hands down."

Lily's jaw dropped. "You want me to what?"

"Hold my hands down," Ceili repeated innocently. "Actually, I'm probably going to need you to hold down one while Anna holds down the other."

"Why on earth would we do that?" Lily demanded.

Anna jumped and put all her weight on Ceili's right wrist. "Got it! What now?"

Lily whirled her head at her daughter. "Anna Marie! No! I don't like where this is going!"

"Neither do we," the two paramedics stated in unison. "Ceili, you need to see a doctor. We understand that you have a degree in medicine, but you can't keep self-diagnosing yourself. One of these days you're going to end up dead because you were wrong."

Elsa wound the bandana up and held it above her sister's lips. "Pop it back?"

"Pop it back," Ceili confirmed. "You remember how to do that, Snow Cub?" She bit down on the bandana and lifted her head so Elsa could tie it off behind the nape of her neck.

"Vaguely," Elsa admitted sheepishly as she eased herself between her sister's legs.

A faint blush spread across Jim's nose. "If it weren't for the fact that this is probably going to end very badly, I would almost say that this is super-hot. Not too often that I get to see Ceili pinned down with another woman between her legs."

Elsa shot a venomous glare at the officer. "Shut up, Jim. You're disgusting." She placed her hands on either side of Ceili's left thigh. "Ready down here; Anna, are you ready?"

"I was born ready!" Anna said fiercely.

"Ceili, are you ready?"

Ceili nodded and took a deep breath.

Lily noticed how the white haired woman's hands clenched together tightly and groaned irritably. "Hold on!" She put her weight on Ceili's other wrist and nodded to Elsa. "Ready."

"Alright, on the count of three," Elsa tightened her hold on Ceili's leg. "One…two…three!" A loud crack filled the air as she slammed her sister's leg back into its socket.

A loud, muffled yell followed by a painful gurgle ripped through Ceili's throat. Small sobs of agony escaped her lips. The pain had been instantaneous and severe, but it was already beginning to ebb. It wasn't long before she was able to move her leg again.

Ceili spat the bandana out of her mouth and cursed loudly. Multiple strands of saliva connected the red fabric to her lips. "Goddammit! Son-of-a-whore in heat in the middle of June with a dildo made of ice! Fuck my life! That hurt!"

"Well, maybe if you had just gone to the hospital like a sane person you wouldn't be in so much pain!" Lily shouted as she released her girlfriend's wrist and stood. "Honestly, I've seen you do some stupid stuff; goading a man into a fight, ice climbing, snowmobile racing, Chinese fire drills, surfing in shark infested waters, gallivanting around in a thunderstorm, but this takes the cake! I swear! I'm starting to think you need to be medicated or something!"

Ceili eased herself up until she was standing shakily on her own two feet; making sure not to put too much pressure on her left leg. She silenced the rambling woman by pressing her lips against the brunette's lips firmly. She pulled back and smirked at the bright pink blush that littered Lily's cheeks. "I love you too."

Elsa sighed in relief and fell onto her back. "This has been crazy." All the air was suddenly knocked from her lungs as Anna plopped onto her stomach.

"That's for sure," Anna sighed. She wiggled around until she was lying fully on top of the blonde and smiled. "But at least some good came out of this."

"How could any good come out of this?" Elsa asked confusingly. "My sister was nearly killed, I got my ass handed to me, and my asshole father is lying in an unconscious heap over by the dogs."

Anna kissed the confused girl beneath her passionately. "You're alive, Ceili's alive, and that monster is going to go back to the Hell he managed to escape from. Are you saying that isn't something good?"

Elsa smiled thoughtfully and cupped Anna's cheek. "I suppose so." She planted a chaste kiss on the younger girl's cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too." Anna nuzzled her face into Elsa's neck and marveled in the calming, natural scent of the blonde's skin as it broke through the scent of sweat.

Ceili smiled at the two girls cuddling in the dirt and wrapped an arm protectively around Lily's waist. She nuzzled the woman's chocolate brown hair and chuckled. "I'll put money on those two being together for a long time yet."

Lily smiled childishly and stared at her daughter. "You know. I don't think I'm going to bet against you there."

Silver and Jim pushed their way past the growling dogs and pinned Rogen's hands behind his back. The white haired man groaned painfully as his eyes fluttered open slightly. A hiss escaped his lips as the officers handled him roughly.

"Rogen Frost, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of Ceili Winter-Wolf, trespassing, violation of property, breaking and entering, domestic violence, and the assault and battery," Silver announced professionally as Jim cuffed the man's wrists together. "You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be provided to you."

"That is quite enough, officer. We'll take it from here," a calm, collected voice announced.

Ceili, Lily, Anna, and Elsa turned towards the source of the voice. A tall man who had a square jaw, square shoulders, square head, actually, everything about him was square. He could have been cut from stone. He was wearing a military uniform that adorned multiple pins that suggested that he was a higher ranking individual.

"Sergeant Major Arrow," Ceili greeted bitterly. She stormed over to the Army sergeant major standing cooly by the large Hummers that had somehow managed to sneak up her driveway unnoticed.

"What do you think you're doing here? More importantly," she pointed to Rogen, "why is he out of military prison? I thought you said you were going to take care of him and make sure he wouldn't hurt anyone anymore."

Sergeant Major Arrow gazed down his nose at her. "Miss Ceili, I see you are faring well."

"Hardly!" Ceili growled. "It would seem that Frost managed to escape from prison and attack me and my sister; in case you completely missed the cuts and bruises covering my body. Now I will ask nicely one last time. Why is that bastard not locked up in prison?"

Sergeant Major Arrow sighed. "The Army decided that Master Sergeant Frost was too valuable of a soldier to have locked behind bars. He was released on license about three years ago. The military council specifically told him that if he ever left the Southern Isles without an escort or attempted to contact you and your sister he would be thrown right back into prison. It would seem that something caused him to finally snap."

He stared at the white haired man disapprovingly as military paramedics eased him onto their own gurney and put him into their ambulance. The white and black marbled husky-wolf hybrid was still growling menacingly as it shook his boot violently in its jaws. "I promise you that he won't be getting out of prison this time. I will also personally see to it that he is completely stripped of his title. I'm ashamed to even see that he was allowed to rise in the ranks over the years."

Ceili snarled at the Sergeant Major. "No, you're not taking him. I placed my trust in you once before, and you completely botched it. No, he is going to a federal prison, not a military jail cell where he'll be acquitted because he's an asset. I want that man to walk down the prison cells and be subjected to the mercy of all the other inmates. We both know just how well prisoners take to child molesters."

"He will be taken back to the Southern Isles and placed in military confinement while he recovers from his wounds," Arrow stated firmly. "You have no say in the matter, Miss Ceili. He is property of the military, therefore he will be treated however the government sees fit."

"Then maybe I'll have to sue the military again for letting a psychopath loose," Ceili threatened. "You remember how well that case worked out for you last time, Arrow. If I remember right, you were stripped of two ranks because of it. How do you think the court system will react when they find out that the military released a dangerous criminal on its own terms and didn't even contact the two people they knew he would go after to give them fair warning?"

Sergeant Major Arrow's face paled. "You wouldn't dare."

Ceili puffed out her chest and squared her shoulders. "Wouldn't I?"

A bead of sweat rolled down Arrow's face. He cleared his throat and straightened his posture. "I will see to it that you and your sister are properly compensated for your grief, and personally pay for any damages done to your property along with any hospital bills." He pulled an insurance card out of his back pocket and handed it to Ceili. "However, we still need to take Master Sergeant Frost with us. I will contact you when the court has made a final decision. Good day, Miss Ceili."

Arrow turned on his heel and climbed back into his Hummer. He gave a small wave out the window and the small, military caravan roared to life. The squad of Hummers retreated out of the driveway; taking Rogen's vehicle with them.

Ceili clenched her fist and scowled at the insurance card in her hand. "Elsa, come here!"

Elsa jumped at the hostility in her sister's voice, but did as she was told. She jogged over to Ceili's side and swallowed. "Yeah, Sis?"

"I want you to stay with Lily and Anna for a few days," Ceili explained. Her voice was suddenly calm as she turned to the younger girl and gave her a fake, strained smile. "At least until the window's fixed. It shouldn't take too long. I'll call Geppetto and have him replace the window and fix the railing before your graduation party on Friday. Can you do that for me?"

Elsa stared at her sister skeptically. There was something strange swirling in Ceili's eyes that she couldn't quite pinpoint. "Sure, I can do that."

"Thanks," Ceili kissed Elsa's forehead and pulled her into a hug. "Promise me something. Promise me that you'll look out for Anna. Protect her no matter what. Don't ever worry about me. I can handle myself. Just focus on you and Anna. Promise me, Elsa."

Elsa blinked in confusion as she hugged her sister. "Ceili, what's this about? And you know I can't just ignore you. You never worry about yourself."

"Please, Elsa, just promise me that you'll worry about yourself first and protect Anna."

There was a short silence before Elsa nodded. "Alright…I promise I'll protect Anna; not that you need me to swear on that to begin with."

"Good girl," Ceili kissed Elsa's forehead and turned back to the house. "Hey, Lily, do you mind if Elsa stays with you guys for a few days while I get the window fixed? I just don't want something happening by accident."

"Not at all, just so long as she and Anna can control their sexual urges I'm perfectly fine with it," Lily teased. She burst out laughing as her daughter flushed bright red and slapped her shoulder repeatedly.

Ceili laughed heartily. "Alright, Snow Cub, did you hear that? Keep the sex more discreet while you're over there. I don't want to have to deal with the sexual wrath of Lily because I couldn't rein you in."

An explosion of fire swept across Elsa's face and she punched Ceili in the side. "Sis, that's not funny!"