Chapter one

Because of all the attention he was receiving and how the Weasley's kept asking Harry to go with them to the Burrow and he knew right now he wanted some time alone, Harry slipped his invisibility cloak on and left Hogwarts. He went straight to Grimmauld place where he removed Mad-eye's enchantments before heading up to Sirius' bedroom. He stripped off, climbed under the covers and was asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.

Back at Hogwarts Minerva walked up to Arthur, 'Harry asked me to give you this Arthur,' she handed him a note.

'Thank you,' Arthur read the note, 'I decided to leave for a while, so I'm heading into the muggle world so I can have some peace and rest. Thank you for wanting me to come home with you, but I really want some time alone. This is the first time since I found out I was a wizard that I can take my time to grieve for my parents and Sirius, I need that right now. I will be back but right now I just want some space from everyone and everything, Harry.'

'If he went to the muggle world we'll never find him,' Ginny said feeling frustrated, 'I thought I was going to get to talk to him about our future. He's got to know the truth.'

'We'll send him an owl soon; tell him we have something important to discuss. But let's forget everything and just head home,' Arthur said then gathered his wife and children.

Minerva overheard what Ginny said and it made her curious about this truth she mentioned. Right now Harry does not need anything to worry or concern him, right now he needs to learn to live with everything he saw and found out. After Harry explained about the horcruxes and Severus, Minerva had gone into the hospital to apologise to Severus for what she had believed about him. Severus had been surprised by the apology but he was touched by her words.

Over the next few weeks Harry only left the house to go eat but always in muggle London. If he found himself just sitting around doing nothing his thoughts would always drift to the people that died due to Voldemort, then he would think about being connected to the man that killed his parents, and that's when he would drink, sometimes having too many. So he tried to keep busy, so during this time Harry had started to really clean up the house. He brightened it by painting or changing the wall paper, it was really easy with magic, he changed a lot of the old furniture, but kept some of the beautiful antiques. He replaced rugs and carpets, bought new sofas and another dining table. One thing that would surprise everyone, Harry had made number 12 Grimmauld place into a muggle home by connecting the electricity and outfitting the house with power points, light switches and even an electric stove. He had ceiling fans along with air conditioners in a lot of rooms, not all as some he kept closed off. Once all the work was done Harry went out and bought a large flat screen tv, a dvd player, stereo, game consoles and computer. After that he went to buy a heap of movies but also documentaries on things he always liked in the muggle world, like some animals or different countries but he loved watching documentaries on the natural beauty of the world. So a lot of nights Harry would go out to eat or buy take away then curl up in front of the tv watching something. Through the day Harry would go for hours playing computer games either on the game console or his computer. It took him a while to pick up how to use a computer, only have a small exposure to them from sneaking in to use Dudley's computer. Playing games or just surfing the internet kept his mind off everything that he didn't want to think about and even though he knew he had to think about everything that upset him so he could finally put that part of his life to rest, he just didn't want to deal with any of that just yet.

Harry had received many owls during this time, mostly from the Weasley's and Hermione, some from Kingsley, a couple of Minerva. He answered Minerva and Kingsley but he only wrote a small note to the Weasley's saying he still needed time. One letter he received surprised him and that was from Draco Malfoy. Draco wanted to thank him and would prefer to do it personally but he understood that Harry might not trust him. But for some reason Harry did so they met not far from the entrance to Diagon Alley but on the muggle side. They sat at a café with a coffee and talked and for the first time they talked honestly and there was not one snide comment or any sneering and they found that they actually got on very well. Draco also thanked Harry for speaking up for his godfather, Severus Snape who wasn't punished, not after Harry explained what Snape's real role was and how long he had actually been helping. Draco also explained that Severus did wish to see Harry so they could talk as he knew Harry would need answers and it was time Severus gave them to him. Harry asked Draco if he would tell his godfather where he was staying, the order of the phoenix headquarters and if he could visit Harry there as he really didn't want to be seen just yet. But another thing Harry found by talking to Draco, how quickly they seemed to become friendly so Harry invited Draco to visit him as well which the blond said he would.

Harry had been sitting at the table finishing lunch when he's charm went off letting him know someone was at the door.

'Snape, hi, come in.'

'Thank you Potter,' Severus stepped through the door and looked around, 'Seems you've been busy, this place is unrecognisable.'

'I figured since I own it and needed somewhere to live I would at least make it into a home. Would you like a coffee?'

'Yes, thank you,' Severus followed Harry through the house that used to be headquarters of the order of the phoenix. Then it had been dark and dreary now it was bright and welcoming, 'Seems you've made a lot of changes to include the muggle world.'

'There were a lot of things in the muggle world I did like even if I didn't get a chance to really use any. So I figured the house could be all muggle and I stay wizard outside the house. It took me a while to find a spell that would block all magic from the house, accidents happen and I didn't want to blow the power. It took me a few tries but I finally got the spell to work. I also found that low level magic could be used around electricity,' Harry placed a cup in front of Severus then sat down with his own, 'I did want to thank you, for everything you did.'

'You're welcome, I hope when you saw my memories you realised that I never hated you.'

'I wasn't sure, but the more I thought about it the more things made sense. Even though I know you hated my father my looks actually helped you keep your secrets. After having to keep a lot myself, some really dangerous I realise that sometimes you use what you can to help you through things.'

'That is true, so even though you do resemble your father there is a lot of Lily in you.'

'Did you two ever talk after that?'

'We did, I apologised and she accepted, she realised why I lashed out, to keep her away from the death eaters. They knew Lily and I were friends so they kept on me about making her join the dark lord; I made them think I would but I would never let her do that. But your mother was a strong willed women, she would not have gone near them. She was like you, fight for what was right and fair for everyone. Being a muggleborn she saw how she was discriminated again when she had more power than most purebloods, that was caused by marrying too close to family. They only wanted her service due to her amazing potion skills.'

'Yeah, Sirius explained about how the pureblood families did that, it was when I saw the Black family tree. Since I've been here apart from learning stuff on the computer, I've been reading up on how some magical pureblood families have died out, how they needed fresh blood you could say, to keep the family line going.'

'Normally you are very good at controlling your emotions, this time you weren't.'

'I went into the house in Godric's Hollow to get some of my parents belongings, I wanted to keep some of their stuff close, just to feel them, sort of. Anyway, I found my mother's diary and my father's journal, but I also found my grandfather's journal. He wrote that since he only had James that he needed to make his son realise that he would need to marry a halfblood or even a muggleborn or the magic in the Potter line would die out. He had researched a lot of muggleborns that were born around the same time as my father and gave him a list of who would be acceptable to marry. Even though he was a trouble maker and popular, my father was controlled by his father. Basically, it comes down to my grandfather made my father marry my mother so the family magic would not die out. He was more worried about that then keeping the pureblood line going. So even though my father did care about my mother he never loved her, acted like he did but had a lot of affairs on the side. So you could say I'm royally pissed off right now.'

At first Severus had been stunned to hear this then angry that his friend had been used the way she was. He knew this must be hard on Potter as he was always told his father was a wonderful man that was deeply in love with his mother. Now he's finding out that none of it was true.