Chapter fourteen

At the Burrow Bill, Fleur and Charlie turned up surprising their parents and Ginny, but the three that knew the truth saw worried glances. Those glances increased as the twins arrived.

'Even though it's nice to have the family together, I just wonder why you all decided to turn up on the same day,' Molly said.

'We heard from Ron, he said he's been in contact with Harry and we're all wondering how he is. When Ron mentioned that Harry was coming here we figured it was the perfect time to see him,' Bill said innocently but noticed the twins wink, luckily no one else did.

'Yes, Harry told Ginny he would be here today. We haven't seen Ron for a few days, he's staying at Harry's to catch up,' Arthur said.

'We have been catching up, haven't we mate?' Ron grinned as he stepped inside with Hermione, Harry and Severus but it was clear to everyone that Harry and Severus were together as they were holding hands, 'We had to get to know Severus now he's Harry's boyfriend, sorry Severus, slip of the tongue, partner,' Ron smirked.

'I have told you not to call me that Ron, I believe I've said I am not a boy so boyfriend does not work.'

'Alright, don't get your black nickers in a twist,' Ron chuckled; Harry laughed Hermione tried not to but the Weasley boys all laughed.

'Is that true Severus, you wear black nickers?' Charlie grinned.

'Only Harry knows that and he better not say.'

'Would I do that to you babe, I like knowing secrets about you, it's fun.'

'Alright, not in company, how many times do I have to say it. Now, Molly, Arthur, it's nice to see you again, Ginny,' Severus nodded.

'Is this some joke the twins came up with?' Ginny asked staring at Harry who was still holding hands.

'Joke, what, about Sev and I, it's real, we live together, have for a while. If it's about the black nickers, I can't say,' Harry waited until Severus sat down then sat on his lap, 'I've been trying to work out how to tell you Ginny since I knew you were hoping we could be together. It took me a long time to work out I was gay even if I was suspicious when I was fifteen. Anyway, we thought we should work out how this so called marriage is going to work,' Harry and everyone else noticed Ginny, Arthur and Molly looked nervous, 'Oh yes, I knew about it, not that it will change much with my life. Oh and Ginny, if you try to access my vault again I've given the goblins permission to have you arrested. Only a Potter by blood can access them, my father was a very shrewd man. So I need to know if you plan on living at Grimmauld place because you will find that since it's mine and it had nothing to do with this arranged marriage I have made some restrictions and you can't use magic, I blocked it. Oh and the kitchen is off limits to all but Severus and I since he buys the food and cooks for us. All the rooms are off limits actually, except for the one I set aside for you, the only one I haven't bothered to change.'

'You're parents wanted this bonding Harry, so surely you can support your wife,' Arthur said calmly.

'She's not getting a knut from me, I think the three of you wanting me dead is reason enough, don't you think Ron?'

'Definitely, I wouldn't give Ginny anything, not even the time of day.'

'Don't talk to about your sister like that Ron. But now I want to know who is spreading these lies, how could you believe we would want you dead Harry, you're like one of our own,' Molly said all motherly.

'Severus, if you please,' Harry said.

'Of course my love,' Severus took a crystal ball from his pocket, pointed his wand at it allowing the ball to hover then he pointed his wand again, activating the memory of when Severus found out the truth behind why Arthur and Molly allowed Ginny to be married to Harry and how they hoped he would die so they would get his money. The crystal memory ball was loaned to them by Kingsley the night before and only thanks to Bill who mentioned it because he knew only aurors can use them. Harry contacted Kingsley and explained what was going on so he was able to loan him one of the memory balls just for today.

When it finished every person in the kitchen glared at Arthur, Molly and Ginny but the look Harry gave them made them shudder. Severus took the ball and placed it back inside his robes.

'As you just saw, we have proof. You will not get one knut from me even if I die. I made out my will in front of the witnesses then it was given to the goblins for safe keeping. But the goblins also have a device similar to the memory ball. They recorded me explaining who will gain from my death and I made sure you three would get nothing, ever even if I somehow turn up saying you should, they also cast a few blood spells as well to make sure it was binding and unbreakable. After talking to Severus and Kingsley we worked on some plans to make sure you couldn't get anything just in case you decided to kill me yourself. Just a warning though, Severus and I performed our own bond you could say, we joined our souls. Let me explain this, if any spell is aimed at either of us we don't die or even get injured, but the attacker will feel it. We thought you should be warned in case any spells start flying, I would hate for you to be hurt, by your own hands.'

'As of now, you've lost all of us; we no longer have parents or a sister. We are so angry and disappointed with you three, to think you could do this to Harry, after he saved your life Ginny and your life…Arthur. So don't ever think we will forgive you for this,' Bill said.

'I offered Ron a bed at my place, but Harry beat me too it, he bought Ron and Hermione a house. But you know what brothers of mine, I'm feeling a bit nauseated being in their company,' Charlie said.

'How about we all head to Harry's for some of Severus' great food,' Ron suggested.

'See Sev, you've won over Ron, all it takes it food and a lot of it,' Harry stood allowing Severus to stand, 'If you decide to live there Ginny you will only be able to walk from the door to your bedroom and your bathroom. You will need furniture though, there's nothing in there and it's really dark and a bit damp, you might need to get with the scrubbing. You will also have to buy your own readymade food. Anyway, how about we head back to my place, have something to eat, something to drink and some great games on the consoles.'

'You and those game consoles Harry, they will rot your brain, what little there is of it.'

'Oh my dear professor Snape, I believe my…brain is fine, just like the rest of me.'

'You are in for some punishment for calling me that,' Severus swooped and threw Harry over his shoulder then slapped his arse, 'Let's take our guests home, but they might have to take care of themselves for a while.'

'We're getting used to it,' Ron rolled his eyes but followed Harry and Severus out the door with Hermione, his brothers and Fleur right behind them leaving a very stunned Ginny, Molly and Arthur still sitting at the large worn table in the Burrow's kitchen. Molly ended up in tears, Ginny looked furious and Arthur finally realised that he had lost the trust of his sons. Arthur got up slowly and left the house, heading down to his shed where he usually ended up when something was wrong or he was bothered by something. Molly ended up with her face in her hands, crying hysterically as she also realised she had lost most of her children. Ginny slammed her hands on the table before storming up the stairs, her shouts that she would get them back for this was echoing around the large strange house.

Back at Grimmauld place Severus and Harry had loaded up the table for their family, Harry always felt that way about the Weasley's and he always thought of Hermione as his sister. Severus could see how much everyone cared about Harry; it was something he had seen quite often over the years. There was something about Harry Potter that just reached out to people so they could not help caring. But now he also cared about Harry, no he thought to himself, not cared, loved, Severus loved Harry so right then he realised that not only did Harry have family he could count on for anything but Severus had family as well, a family who were kind, considerate and loving and Severus Snape was part of that. Harry and Severus had very similar backgrounds with their family; they also had a lot of other things in common, now they were family, one big happy family Weasley, Snape, Potter family that in years to come will grow. Severus knew right then he was looking forward to the family growing, seeing lots of babies being born and he was going to be part of it, uncle Severus he thought to himself which made him chuckle. Harry gave him a curious look and all Severus did was pull Harry onto his lap and kiss him very passionately right there with their family watching. Neither man had ever been happier.

The end:

There will be a sequel to this which I have started, I just do not know when I will get it finished and I only post complete stories.