Sibling Rivalry
Echoes of Amaris Part 1

Uncharted Planet
Deep Periphery
May 11, 3127

On the massive farm in the middle of a sprawling agricultural community, an aging, hardened and large man sat musing on a rocking chair on his porch while his sons and grandsons delegate the various activities of performing a barn raising to their cousins and friends. Considering how much effort required without the use of technology, the patriarch started musing sadly in his chair, wondering how life could be so much better without war, without hatred, without all the bitterness that tends to twist the best of intentions into the very worst of nightmares...ghastly occurrences that never should have came to pass at all.

With sad longing eyes, the man once known as John Canales, the last leader of a very dark and vengeful legacy, recalled in his mind another life he used to live out, one now seeming to belong to someone else.

The mission to escort the civilian dropship liner Titanic in Davion space quickly became an evacuation recovery mission when pirates used grapplers to hurl a meteoroid at the dropship, causing a crippling hull breach. The unit John had been part of, suspecting possible terrorist activity, had secured passage on board the Titanic and were caught off guard.

John remembered the chaos when everyone stampeded to the lifepods and their doctor directing groups of people to the nearest ones and taking care of the wounded….
"You there, you three over there, and I need help here, I'm a doctor not a traffic cop!"

Breaking out of his reverie, John sadly sighed, "We used to be heroes. We thought we were going to be heroes…."

"What's that Dawdi…?" a kid looked at him and asked, coming onto the porch taking a break from playing with others, dressed in the Plain clothes of the Omniss order.

The old Omniss grandfather looked at his grandson from under his sombrero, both persons of partial Hispanic descent, the older one with the telltale sign of Downes and an obvious implant where his right eye used to be.

"Oh Rafe, I didn't know you were there. I thought you were with your friends, if you really want to know, it's a long story," John explained.

"It's fine, stories are fun," Rafe naively remarked as he sat on the other chair on the farm house porch.

"Not this one, definitely not this one."

Geneva, Earth
Republic of the Sphere
11 May, 3127

Kitsune Kurita sat at the small table in his room in the nearest hotel he could find to the military headquarters of the Republic of the Sphere. His most recent errand as a Knight of the Republic was to deliver sensitive material to the military head and the main government and he accomplished that mission in spades. Now with some time to spend before he heads for the spaceport for an outbound trip to his unit, Kitsune started recording an entry on his holographic diary.

"I remember my life was full of war. Before we knew the true peace and unity that we have recently, there were wars and tragedy for over 300 years over who deserves to start a new Star League, who deserves to govern a new peace over the entire Inner Sphere. My life was even begun in tragedy for I hardly remember mom. My dad didn't even know I was alive until some time after I was born."

Kitsune paused the recording and recalled the tale told him several times by his guardians in the Imperial Court on Luthien, capital of the Draconis Combine. He was born during the Federated Commonwealth Civil War between the Federated Commonwealth and the Lyran Alliance. His parents were Victor Steiner-Davion who was the Archon-Prince of the Federated Commonwealth until his sister Katherine stole his throne in his absence, and Omi Kurita, keeper of House Kurita's purity and daughter of former Draconis Combine Coordinator Theodore Kurita. Knowing that Katherine more than likely would top the list of people that would be out to assassinate her for any number of reasons, including to get to Victor, the public at large was kept ignorant of her pregnancy and partly ignorant of their courtship. When Kitsune was finally born in early 3064, Omi passed him off to one of her numerous escorts and asked that he be secretly taken to Luthien to be raised with nobody knowing that he ever exists.

It's as if mom knew what was going to happen to her a few months later.

Unpausing the recording, Kitsune continued with one ironic thought.

"What's so civil about a war anyway?"