Rikku falls out of the vortex but the portal opens up into in the sky. Rikku is falling down from the sky screaming for her life.


A man who is riding is chocobo heard Rikku's voice, and notice she was falling. He use his chocobo to run towards to save her from falling.

?: "Boco! Come on let save that person!"

He keeps running and charging forward accept all odds may seem against him since he is 2 miles away

?: "Boco! Come on! Push it!"

The chocobo is moving it faster trying to push his limits.

?: "Boco Come on! We are almost there!"

Rikku: "AHHHHHHH! PLEASE SOMEONE...Oh wait. I have my psychic dressphere!"

?: "Boco lets go, go, go!"

As the man tries to balance himself on his Chocobo as he stands on it. He notices Rikku is starting to glow.

? "Oh no! She is falling so fast that she is burning. Job Change!"

The man change into a Time Mage class. And uses stopraga but the move missed. Then he change into a Ninja class, so he will be able to go faster. As he just a few feet away, he has no other choice but to jump now. So he jumps and extends his arms out. Rikku completely transfer form in that split second and started to levitate. Since she was levitating the man fell on the floor in his attempt to save her.

Rikku: "Whoa thanks to my awesome mind I saved myself from going splat. That was a close call though."

?: "Ouch!"

Rikku notices the man face planted on the floor.

Rikku: "Hey sir are you okay?"

?: "Yeah just trying to save anyone in danger."

Rikku: "You try to save me? Thank you! That's so nice of you. What's your name?"

The man gets up from the floor and Rikku levitates down and changes back into her thief dressphere. Now they are eye to eye. The man blushes as he stares at her bright green eyes with her pupils that are swirls. He is at a lost for words. Her smile is pure and sweet. Her body is top physical shape. and her bright silky yellow hair goes so well with her perfect skin tone.

?: "Ummm...uhhh...Hi what's your name?"

Rikku: "Haha I asked first but since you hit your head hard. I am Rikku, and your name is?"

?: "My name is Butz...I mean Bartz. Bartz Klauser."

Rikku: "Haha Butz. Way to go there."

Bartz: "Hehe, thanks."

Rikku: "Thanks for trying to save me there. Ed fyc y lmuca uha."

Bartz: "What was last part? I didn't understand."

Rikku: "It's Al Bhed."

Bartz: "Al Bhed? I never heard of that race. Where are you from again?"

Rikku: "I am from Spira. wait where am I?"

Bartz: "Well, you are in a world call The First World."

Rikku: "First World huh? Pretty creative."

Bartz: "I guess so.."

Bartz grabs on to rib cage in pain and he grunts.

Rikku: "Hey are you okay?"

Bartz: "Yeah I am fine just land in something hard when I dived in."

Rikku looks down to see what it could had been. and she notices it's a sharp crystal lying the floor. And gasp by the shape of it she concern for Bartz.

Rikku: "Let's take you to go get healed."

Bartz: "No I am...(Grunts again)... Fine your probably right. My hometown is near by"

Rikku: "Well let's move on out. Adevnture!"

Bartz: "Let the wind guide us! (Grunts) Boco come on!"

Bartz's chocobo came up and Rikku went on then Bartz. He allowed her to ride chocobo since he was not in top condition to. And so they road on.