Anna glanced around the apartment and nodded at her handy work. Yeah; it was as clean as it was going to get – You could eat a three course meal off the floor it was so fucking sparkling. Elsa was going to be impressed that she'd managed to do so much, and not half-ass anything. Hell, even she was surprised that she hadn't just given up, and watched some TV. But she wanted it to look nice; Rapunzel would be arriving tomorrow, and even though she couldn't give a crap what the apartment looked like – Elsa did.

Christ; she was such a fucking housewife right now.

After she was certain everything was perfect, she went into the bathroom and got herself ready; and when she was done, she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, and bared her teeth to her reflection. There was nothing stuck in them; good. Her breath with minty fresh - Also good. Then she stuck out her tongue and inspected it; once she was happy, she blew a raspberry at herself and chuckled.

Fuck, she got bored when Elsa was at school.

She glanced at her watch, and squirmed a little; both in anticipation of her sister getting home - And what she planned on doing to Elsa once she did.

She grabbed at her crotch and adjusted the strap-on she was wearing under her jeans, and let out a small moan. She'd bought a new toy that morning, and wondered why the fuck either one of them hadn't thought to buy a double-ended dildo before now.

It just made sense!

Although she had been tempted to get herself off with the toy, she'd managed - With every ounce of willpower she had – To wait.

Elsa was due back soon, and Anna hoped that her sister didn't get distracted by anything on her way home. Or anyone. Namely the ex-girlfriend who was still sniffing around; well, the woman could sniff as much as she wanted – She was getting nowhere.

Any sympathy she had felt for the ex-girlfriend had disappeared completely after Saturday night. Screw you ex-girlfriend; I won. She thought as she gave herself a smug smile in the mirror.

Not that it was a competition, and Elsa was the prize or anything. But if it was then she had come out victorious.

Okay; so she was going to ignore the thrumming in her loins for now – and get on with some other type of house-wifey thing while she waited for her sister.

She puffed out her cheeks as she tried to think of something. Make some food? Organize the cupboards? Put on an apron and wait by the door while holding a newspaper and a glass of wine?

"How was your day, Dear?" She said in a high voice as she left the bathroom.

"Oh, it was very tiring." She responded to herself in a deeper tone. "Could you fetch me my slippers, and is dinner ready?"

"You could probably fetch your own slippers, Dear. They are right next to you." She scowled as she headed for the kitchen.

"It is your duty, as my wife to be the fetcher of slippers, I've been at work – blah, blah, blah – Something misogynist."

"If you think that sitting at a desk all day, while I work myself to the bone keeping this house spick and span, and looking after our five boys – Henry, Richard, Robert and- Jesus fuck Kristoff!" She shouted at seeing the blond standing in front of the refrigerator. He shut the fridge door, and she saw her sister trying desperately not to laugh.

"Who were the other two?" The man asked leaning against the counter, and popping off the top of a beer bottle.

"What?" She squeaked out. She was so beyond embarrassed right now.

"You only said three names; who were the other two kids?"

"Doesn't matter." She snapped.

Why had Elsa brought him home? She had plans damn it! So, yeah, fine, she didn't tell her sister her plans – But they only had a day left! Surely Elsa would know that she wanted to spend it alone with her – And not have to share her precious time with Kristoff.

"Hello, Anna!"

And Olaf.

"Howdy." She smiled. It was hard to stay annoyed while Olaf was around. "How's my favourite snowman?"

"Good." He beamed, as he accepted the bottle of water Kristoff handed to him. "You don't want the costume back?"

"No." Anna rubbed his arm gently. "I told it was yours; forever."

"I don't think it'll last forever." The blond said as he went back into the fridge. "He insists on wearing it in the apartment. It's lucky none of us bring any girls back, or they'd be freaked out!"

Anna gave Olaf a wink while his friend wasn't looking, and the smaller boy held back a laugh. "If it needs repairing, just let me know." She said.

"But you won't be here." Olaf happiness faded quickly. "You're going home."

"I know." She answered quickly; and avoiding Elsa's gaze. "But you can send it to me; I'll send it right back, good as new."

"Really? Okay then." He nodded.

"I gotta go do… a thing." She waved her finger in the direction of the other room. "I'll be back." She turned on her heel and walked towards the bathroom in her sister's bedroom.

She couldn't keep this thing on – And in her – If they had company. They'd hopefully have time tonight though.

Anna rested her palms against the sink when she got to the bathroom, and scrunched up her face at her reflection. She had such plans for the rest of the day. Fun, naked plans.

Those were the best kinds of plans.

But she had other plans too; ones that involved less naked-ness. She wanted to take Elsa out on a date – A proper date – Where no one knew who they were, and they could act like a couple. They could go for a meal, or see a movie and hold hands. They could go dancing – Or more likely – Anna would be dancing while her sister looked on awkwardly. That was fine too. She just wanted to be with the woman she loved – Outside of the apartment; outside of the security of the walls she'd gotten so used to over the weeks.

Part of it might have been a test to see if Elsa meant what she said. But mostly Anna just wanted to be with her. And maybe show her off.

"I'll try and get them out soon." Her sister said from the doorway. "Olaf asked if he could come over, and I panicked."

"It's fine." She shrugged off her disappointment.

"No, it isn't. I wanted us to spend time alone too."

She looked to the blonde with a sad smile, and took hold of her hand – pulling her closer. "Just…Tell me again." She said as she wrapped her arms around Elsa's neck.

"We'll be normal." Elsa said, and gave her a brief kiss. "We'll have a normal house, with a normal porch, and normal cats and dogs. We just have to wait."

The first thing she had done when she woke up on the Sunday – Was ask her sister to say those words that she needed to hear; because those words were the thing that was going to get her through the next few years.

This promise of the life that they wanted – with no hiding – was all she needed. But she needed to hear this promise every day.

There were… Other things she wanted in this promise; not just the house, and pets and porch – But even she knew it was too soon to ask for some things.

"I'm naming the dog – Barton."

"You can name it whatever you want; I'm not the one who'll be taking it for walks." Elsa said with a quirked brow.

"Urgh; you're such a cat person." Anna sighed.

"They literally take care of themselves. You just have to put some food and water down, and put in a little door for them, and that's it."

"If you want independence in your pet, then you should get a-" She hesitated, and wiggled her hands about behind Elsa's neck as she tried to think of something. "A human." She finished lamely.

"I already have you." Elsa smirked.

She narrowed her eyes at her sister, and poked her in the shoulder. "Really? I haven't seen a collar anywhere."

"I hadn't seen the point." Elsa leaned into her, and whispered. "You've been so obedient lately."

Her sister's leg pushed up against her centre and she felt the dildo move inside her.

Oh, fuckity fuck!

"What did I just feel?" Elsa gave her a bemused look.

"Nothing!" She stepped out of the blonde's space and turned around - Then pretended to be very, very interested in the shampoo on the shelf.

"Anna?" Her sister teased as she pressed against her back; snaking her arms around, and began unbuttoning Anna's shirt.

"Mmm?" She was basically powerless at this point. She knew it; and Elsa knew it. She supposed she should be thankful that the two young men in the other room never questioned why they were always gone so long. Kristoff usually put it down to 'girl stuff' and that was that.

"You have a bulge." Elsa opened up the shirt and dragged her fingers down her stomach.

"I have a new toy." She hummed as the back of her head rested on her sister's shoulder. "I had a plan."

"New toy?" Fingers expertly unfastened the button on her jeans, and pulled the zipper down.

"Why should only one of us have the fun?"

There was a moment of quiet before she felt the breathy chuckle brush across the shell of her ear; and she shivered. "Oh." She could hear the smile in Elsa's voice. "Well."

Two hands went to the waist of her jeans, and the piece of clothing was pulled down - Just an inch or so – But enough for her sister to be able to put her hand down the front of her pants, and pull out the green phallus.

"Nice colour." Her sister tapped it, and Anna watched as it bounced gently against her jeans.


"So…" Elsa pressed her lips against Anna's ear as her left hand went to the toy, and she wrapped her fingers around it. "What was your plan exactly?" She asked quietly.

"Uh." She closed her eyes as the dildo inside her began to move around slowly.

"That doesn't sound like much of a plan to me." Her sister licked at the shell, and gave a quick tug on the toy.

Anna groaned and bucked her hips. Elsa could be such a fucking bitch sometimes.

"Were you going to fuck me?" The blonde's free hand pushed up her bra, and she circled her fingertips against hard nipples.

"Yes." She pushed her chest forward.

"Mmm. Yes." Elsa purred. It always amazed her how confident her sister became when they were like this. And fuck it was sexy. "Take me as soon as I got home?"

"Yeah." Anna wanted to look down at the hand working the dildo – But she knew that she'd come apart at the sight.

"I want you inside me." Elsa breathed into her ear.

Oh God. She bucked harder as her walls tightened around the toy, but she was too wet for there to be any decent friction, and she whined. "Please go faster." She begged; and grasped behind her blindly – And grabbed onto Elsa's sweater.

Her sister didn't tease; she did as she was told, and it eased some of the pressure she felt.

"I think about you when I'm in class."

She moaned in response. That was all she could do.

"Sometimes I can't even make it to the end before I have to leave and use the bathroom." She pinched a nipple, and Anna yanked on the sweater still in her grasp. "I may have taken the audio from our Skype calls and put them on my IPod." She said with a smile.

Holy shit! "Really?" Anna croaked out.

"It seems you've ruined masturbation for me; I can't seem to get any release unless I can hear you screaming in my ear."

Elsa increased the attention she was giving her, and Anna let out long, strangled moans. It felt like all her wetness was pooling at the base of the dildo; and it would've been uncomfortable, if she hadn't been so fucking aroused.

"Uh, guys?" Kristoff called out.


She ran a hand over her face as Elsa pulled away – Saying she'd be back as walked out of the bathroom - Leaving Anna alone and horny. When she heard the bedroom door shut, she checked to see if the room was definitely empty – Then plopped down on the bed.

This was why they shouldn't have sex while they had company. They'd been lucky up until now.

After thirty seconds of waiting for her sister, she grabbed hold of the protruding phallus and wiggled it around until something felt good. Once she'd found the right spot – She closed her eyes and thought of Elsa; of her feral grin and icy blue eyes.

"Couldn't wait?" Elsa asked in an amused tone.

Anna's eyes shot open and her head snapped towards her sister.

Who was now naked.

When did that happen?

"They've gone." The blonde reassured.

"Okay." She bolted upright, and climbed off the bed. "Good; that means the plan can proceed."

"Military precision plan, is it?"

"Sure." She nodded as she intertwined her fingers with her sisters and brought her in for a passionate kiss. The feeling of Elsa's tongue seductively playing with her own made her all the more aware of the arousal between her legs; so she pulled away, and grabbed a cover from the bed.

"We're going to need that are we?" Her sister asked as Anna led them to the living room.

"You are." She replied; and ran her arm over the coffee table – Knocking everything to the floor – Then laid the blanket out over it. "Sit." She guided her sister to the exact position she needed her to be in, and then retrieved two cushions from the couch.

Elsa hadn't been far off when she joked about military planning.

The height difference between them was a pain in the ass sometimes – And Anna had a very specific position she wanted to take her sister in while she was wearing the cock for the first time.

She put one of the cushions on the floor in front of Elsa, and gave the other one to the blonde. "Lay back."

Elsa smirked – But complied. "Yes ma'am." The blonde put the cushion behind her head and lay back on the table.

Anna bent forward, and opened up her sister's legs; then leaned in and took in the strong smell of lust.

They did this to each other; and they could do it with just a look.

She straightened herself up, and licked her lips. "Give me a second."

"You like to punish me, don't you?"

"Yes." She snorted. "But this isn't what this is." She left her sister open and ready as she went back into the bathroom and cleaned off the toy.

Elsa had barely shifted from her place on the coffee table by the time she got back; except she'd move her hand to where she should be. Anna tutted as she wagged her finger. "Starting without me?"

"No. Keeping it warm for you." Elsa grinned.

"Cute." She quirked a brow. "Very cute."

"I thought so."

"You would." She knelt between her sister's legs, and grabbed the back of the blonde's knees. "You think you're much funnier than you actually are."

"Not tr-" Elsa's words turned to a moan when she was yanked forward, and Anna pressed her tongue to her wet core

She wanted to taste her before anything else.

Just a taste.

She straightened herself up, and started to take off her top – But her sister shook her head.

"Leave everything the way it is."

Anna looked down at her open shirt and the bra that sat just above her exposed breasts. "Hm. This look doing it for you, eh?"

"Very much." Elsa replied lazily.

"Good to know." She said as she took the tip of the shaft; placing it at her sister's entrance - and the blonde writhed in anticipation.

She entered Elsa slowly; holding her breath as she watched the green of the toy disappear further inside. Her sister squirmed the deeper it went, and Anna had to grab hold of her legs to keep her in place, because it was distracting - And this was the first time she'd done this.

I hope I don't fuck this up.

Her eyes were wide as she pulled the toy out just as slowly as it went in – It had never occurred to her until this morning that she might like this; she enjoyed Elsa being in control of the dildo; she loved being taken in every position – But this was fucking hot.

After almost a minute of a painfully slow rhythm – Her confidence grew - As did her speed. She was so caught up in making sure that her sister was pleased, she almost forgot the toy was inside her too. She only began to notice it when Elsa's moans became louder, and that familiar twitch inside her made itself know.

Okay. I'm just blocking it out cause I gotta concentrate here.

So she ignored her own arousal for now, and focused on Elsa.

She grabbed the legs she already had a hold of, tighter - and pulled her sister even closer; it made her thrusts shallower, but they were deeper, and she was more in control.

Her sister gripped the sides of the table and her knuckles went white, and Anna watched with fascination as Elsa's taut stomach muscles spasmed every time she pumped the dildo inside her.

She wanted to touch that stomach, but she was afraid to let go. She needed to keep herself anchored until she thought she was ready.

When she'd imagined this; her wearing the cock for the first time; her being in charge – This was how she pictured it. Partly because it was fucking sexy; but mostly because she had to see Elsa. The dildo going in and out; her whole body tensing, and her breasts bouncing every time she bucked. She knew her sister; she knew what it meant when her breath caught in her throat, and she knew every different kind of moan; and those sounds that Elsa made told her what she needed Anna to do; and the younger sister fulfilled every desire.

Anna also wanted to see her face. She saw every raw, honest emotion on that pale freckled face; and even though she didn't need it to know what Elsa wanted – She still loved to look at it.

She pounded harder, and Elsa spread her legs wider; she could practically feel how slick her sister was.

The knowledge that her sister could only get off to her – Made her feel… Something. Powerful maybe? Except that wasn't right; it implied their relationship was unbalanced. Elsa had the same effect on her, as she did on her sister.

They craved each other.

She dug her fingers into the smooth thigh, and she had to steady herself when her sister began to push harder onto the silicone phallus - The screams got louder, and they locked eyes.

Then Elsa smiled that smile.

Anna couldn't ignore the heat between her own legs any longer, and bucked her hips harder - the dildo inside her pressing against a sensitive spot, and her moans came out guttural and desperate.

They both became frenzied – Like they were animals, mindlessly fucking. But that's never what they were. This wasn't just some base need to reach orgasm; this was passion, and love.

When Elsa wrapped her legs around her waist, and arched her back – Anna fell forward; her hands landing on top of her sister's, and her head on her abdomen; Elsa grabbed her hair and yanked hard.

"Fuck. Anna, fuck!"

Her sister repeated this, and she jutted her hips as fast as she could to the mantra; running her tongue over the damp skin beneath her. Tasting her.

The sound of Elsa coming – Of her release reverberating through her body – Made Anna lose her control; and they held onto each other tightly as the pleasure took over.

Her sister collapsed back onto the table with a dull thud once she'd relaxed, and sighed.

"That toy was a sound investment, I think." Elsa loosened her hold on her sister's hair.

"Yeah." Anna replied – Not moving from her sister's stomach. "Not sure about the colour though."

"Does that really matter?"

"No. I just really wanted a red one; but the only size they had was as big as my fucking arm."

"Oh." Elsa chuckled, and began running her fingers over Anna's scalp. "Well, you certainly picked out the right one."

"Mmm." She mumbled, and closed her eyes. "It's just a shame I didn't buy it weeks ago."

"We'll have other opportunities to use it."

"Not for a while though." She pouted. "We won't even be able to escape to The Cabin when we're home, because Dad's there. Why'd you have to tell him to leave?"

"How do you know it was me?" Her sister asked with surprise.

"Els, there's a great big hole in the wall between our rooms; I heard everything you said to him. You were so authoritative. If I hadn't been so miserable, I would've been turned on."

"Yeah. I know you like it when I'm bossy."

"Shut up." She moved her hands up her sister's sides, and smiled when Elsa snorted.

"You're lucky I'm too tired to tickle you more than that."

"Too tired to go again?" Elsa asked; twirling a strand of hair around her finger.

"Oh God. You're insatiable. Just… give me a minute. We can't wear ourselves out too much – I'm taking you out tonight."

"You are?"

"Yes." She kissed her sister's stomach.


"Out on the town."

"I have school tomorrow; and we're picking Rapunzel up from the airport."

Anna raised herself up on her elbows and frowned. "You have one class, and it starts in the afternoon. And Zel isn't getting in 'til six. I'm not saying we're going out on a bender, I'm only saying we're going out."

"And do what?"

"Dinner; dancing; movie."

"Like a date?" Elsa tilted her head, and stared at her.

"Yes. Like a date." She wondered if her sister was going to make some excuse not to go.

"Okay." The blonde grinned, and Anna felt relief wash over her. "A date. Is it going to be fancy dinner, dancing and movies?"

"How can movies be fancy?"

"We could be going to see some French film." Elsa shrugged.

"No." Anna shook her head emphatically.

"You are so uncultured. I need to know what I'm wearing."

"I bought you some clothes." Anna looked away with embarrassment. She wanted to see Elsa in a dress - A normal dress – One that wasn't quite so… alluring, as the one she'd made.

"Huh." Her sister clicked her tongue. "Did you now?"

"Yup." She cleared her throat.

Elsa sat up – Forcing Anna to straighten herself - Then grabbed the back of her neck, and kissed her deeply.

When they pulled apart, she let out a long breath. "So, round two?" She grinned.