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"A shrine, huh?"

Unnatural blue eyes glanced around his surroundings, and for once, he actually felt as if he were at peace.

Of course, something like that wouldn't last for long.

'So where is this Souta fellow?' Yato thought to himself, having been called to the shrine by a young boy with a request and a strange one at that, 'Hmm, wonder if there's beer in the fridge.' He thought, looking at the modest house situated on the shrine grounds.

Then it felt like every single hair on his body stood up on end.

"What the...?" A female voice sounded from behind him and he was utterly surprised he did not even sense her presence coming up on him, "What is one of your kind doing here?"

Yato's eyes widened and he felt like he had been punched in the gut when he found similar-hued eyes staring into his own when he finally turned around.

"You're... a Miko?!"