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"Yato-sama, you actually came!"

Kagome eyed her brother sharply, seeing the excited look in his blue eyes, "Souta," She frowned when he flinched, "What is the meaning of this?"

Souta pouted, "I just wanted Yato-sama to help me with my Reiki," He quickly looked away when Kagome's eyes narrowed, "He said he would full-fill any request."

"And why couldn't you ask me?" Kagome's brow rose, not looking amused by the situation.

"I didn't want to bother you, Nee-chan! You're too busy with schoolwork and protecting the shrine already!" Souta exclaimed, "I can help you purify stray Youkai if I learn!"

"Don't worry, kid!" Yato winked, butting in to include himself in the conversation, "As long as you pay me five yen, then we're good to go!"

"Can we start now?" Souta asked eagerly, digging in his pocket for a five yen coin before Kagome grabbed his arm to stop him, "Oh, come on, Nee-chan!"

'It's true I'm too busy to help train Souta properly,' Kagome thought as she gave Yato a hard stare, 'And it will be easier from him to learn while he's still young...'

But was it a good idea to let a Kami of all beings teach him? One who could potentially trick her brother into servitude despite his so-called word?

She would regret this either way, but...

"Fine, I'll let you teach him."