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Rise Of The Whirling Tides.

Chapter 1: Prologue: Dark Days.

October 10th, Midnight, would be the night of Konoha's greatest tragedy, but what should have been the Hokage and his wife's happiest day. The birth of their youngest children, twins, born on October 11th, just barely after Midnight.

It also just happened to be the day after their eldest daughter's fifth birthday.

Alas, it would be only mere moments after Kushina had the twins a masked man would tare the Kyūbi no Yōko from her seal.

It was pure devastation that many looked upon, none more shocked and fearful than the Yondaime's daughter; Mitoko Namikaze-Uzumaki, or Mito as she preferred (Mitoko was too formal in her opinion). Not many even realized the Yondaime Hokage was married, much less had kids.

Mito knew this was for their protection as her father had a lot of enemies, and she'd been born during the Third Shinobi War, when it was at its worst. This was all part of the reason she didn't flaunt the Namikaze name. Her full name was Namikaze-Uzumaki, but she'd always gone by Uzumaki. While her mother had enemies she didn't have as many.

Looking at the large Nine-tailed Fox in the distance, fighting a familiar giant toad. Mito narrowed her azure eyes. She had to do something, she knew her father was there with her mother. Chances were her new siblings had already been born and there as well. They were early, she'd heard her parents throw around the word 'premature'. She knew what that meant, even if she was only five, but she wasn't stupid.

She had to protect them!

"Wait, Mito-chan, it's dangerous!"

She heard her friends voice yell after her. Itachi wouldn't follow her, not when his baby brother needed his protection. Before this attack she'd been left with her godmother, and one of her mother's best friends, Mikoto Uchiha (yes, their names were similar, but that was coincidence. Her mother had wanted to name her in honor of her great-great aunt Mito Senju, but in an original way, so Mitoko was born).

Mito didn't have a lot of training, she was only in the beginning of her first year at the Academy. Despite this she had the Uzumaki stamina, and was fast for her age. Barely anyone really took notice of her as she ran past them, but everything was in chaos. Besides, very few would recognize her for who she was.

The closer she got the more concerned she grew. She wasn't a sensor, but she'd always had a sixth sense of sorts when it came to her family and precious people. After what seemed like forever Mito made it to where her parents were; the twins were on what looked like an alter of sorts.

They were talking, about sealing the Kyūbi into the twins. Eyes wide, Mito shook her thoughts away and ran to her parents.

"No!" she exclaimed.

Minato and Kushina turned quickly at her voice. Completely caught of guard. Pained, Kushina pulled her oldest into a tight hug.

"Mito, what are you doing here?" Minato asked, his voice stern, but obviously concerned.

"I had a bad feeling," she began, looking from her mother to her father. "I had to help protect you all. Daddy, you can't seal the Kyūbi into Menma and Mariko."

Blue and dark violet eyes softened. Mito was always their little protector. Kushina had a fear of spiders, as embarrassing as that was to admit. Instead of Minato killing them for her, it was usually Mito who came to her mother's rescue.

Mito was not only a little mirror image of her mother, but with more unruly-spiky hair than Kushina, bright blue eyes and whisker birthmarks, she was also as much as tomboy as her mother at that age. She had both her parents stubborn wills though.

"We don't have a choice," Minato said regretfully, and Kushina groaned as she kept the Kyūbi down with her chakra chains.

Briefly, Kushina wondered how her daughter had gotten through, or if she'd already been within the vicinity when she'd sent the chains up. Kushina sighed, this was far from the time to be thinking of trivial details.

"Then use me instead, I'm older, and have the same special chakra as Kaa-chan!"

This startled both her parents. While they wanted to outright refuse Mito, they knew she had a point. They couldn't fault her logic, she was an Uzumaki, so being as old as she was wouldn't effect the sealing or her. She was also right, she did have the same special chakra as Kushina, an unique occurrence in itself.

Not long ago they'd been discussing with Hiruzen and Jiraiya about Kushina's successor as the jinchūriki of Kyuubi once she was too old to hold it any longer. Mito had been their first suggestion, but Kushina hadn't thought the need to reseal Kyūbi would come so soon.

"Ahhg, we need to hurry, Minato..." Kushina cringed at the strain she was under.

He sighed and looked towards his daughter.

"Are you sure, Mitoko? This is a big discision."

Mito nodded, her face set in an erry resolve for a five year old.

"Yes," she replied.

Nodding, Minato said, " Kushina, get Menma and Mariko. Mito, lay down, I need to place the seal quickly."

The rest, as they say, is History.




Her birthday and the day after were never the same after the Kyūbi attack; after her parents death. They'd died protecting her, though she'd learned from the Sandaime the Shiki Fūjin would have killed her father anyway.

After that day it wasn't easy. Very few knew who she was, as she was kept hidden for most of her life, until the war ended. That was barely two years before the Kyūbi attacked. Even then her father had wanted to slowly reveal his marriage and family to the public. The Sandaime had no choice but to send her to an orphanage with Menma and Mariko.

Mito understood why those who knew couldn't take care of her and the twins. Her godfather had his spy network and was always on the move. It wouldn't be safe or ideal for three small children. Mikoto, her godmother, had two children of her own. Even though Itachi was her age, and rather independent for a five year old, Sasuke was only a few months older than the twins.

There was also how much the Uchiha clan had suffered from the Kyūbi attack to take into consideration. They'd become more isolated than ever before in the aftermath.

Her father's student, Kakashi Hatake, was only fourteen and grieving as well. No, she held no resentment towards the before mentioned people, they did what they could to help her, Menma and Mariko.

The same could not be said for the Villagers after they became aware she was the jinchūriki, if anything things became worse. The orphanage matron was alright at first but within a few days that changed. It had shocked her greatly that the village would spit upon their heroes last wishes.

She wondered if they'd feel the same if her relation to the Yondaime Hokage was more wildly known and not a S-rank secret after the night of the attack.

Currently a few clan heads knew, a couple shinobi, and of course the Sandaime and two of the Sannin, Jiraiya and Tsunade. Even they weren't aware of everything hiden in Kushina Uzumaki's past. Only one person alive knew, and that was Mitoko herself.

When she was six, nearly seven, the orphanage kicked her out. She of course took her brother and sister with her, she'd be damned before she left them behind. Menma and Mariko were mostly left alone, but still hated as if they were part of the Kyūbi as well. There were some really stupid theories as to where the twins came from as they all bore the Uzumaki name.

At first the Hokage set them up in an apartment, but since she still had the Academy to finish things became complicated. Menma and Mari were hardly two, they couldn't stay alone. Thankfully by this time things had settled a bit in the village and Mikoto could watch them in the Uchiha compound when she was at the Academy. If not Mikoto, than the Hokage or a genin team.

It took her a while to convince the Hokage to allow her to return home. To the home she and her parents lived in, in the Namikaze compound. After years and multiple assassination attempts he agreed, but she and the twins continued to have an ANBU guard.

As the years passed, Mito became even more sickened by Konoha's behavior towards her and her family. At eight years old she'd nearly had enough. Not only did the Academy try to sabotage her training (they'd already prevented her from graduating with Itachi at six), but she barely had a friend. Friends she once had in class before the Kyūbi attack had kept away from her, most on orders of their parents.

What upset her the most was how Menma and Mariko were treated. They were treated nearly as bad as Mito for simply being her siblings. She by no means wanted to sound whinny, but Konoha felt more like a prison, or hell, than the home it once had been.

On October 10th, the first day of the Kyūbi festival, something happened that made Mito's mind up for her. Her siblings were cornered by drunks and used against her. She'd done her best to protect them from the beating, but she knew what had to be done. It was time to leave Konoha.

All it took was one attack on her siblings, and an activated Sharingan, to show her Konoha wouldn't change. She was tired of trying to get them to.

With her newly activated bloodline, received from her mother's side of the family, Mito took her brother and sister home, packed and left the same night; the anniversary of her parents deaths and the twins' third birthday.