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Broken Universe

Chapter I

Time in the Void of Destiny

It was a white so thick that he couldn't see beyond himself. His hands disappeared in the white void as if it was darkness, but at the same time he had never been able to see so much. It was a white that could compete with the blackness of the dark. It was an indescribable experience he had never felt before, and it disturbed him greatly, while comforting him just as much.

He didn't understand his conflicting feelings about the void of not-quite there. It was as if he was real but wasn't at the same time. He felt fear and comfort, warm and cool. He knew it must have been a dream, but this dream was certainly new to him.

If his aunt and uncle knew that he was having such a weird dream he would be in for a world of pain. They didn't like to think of him dreaming, let alone having a weird dream. If they knew all of his dreams were weird and 'freaky' he would likely only know he had been punished after he woke up dumped in his cupboard under the stairs.

Harry Potter enjoyed the abnormal – the strange – the weird – the interesting. The normal as his aunt and uncle called things was usually boring. The Dursley's for lack of better words were evil, boring, hateful racists. He didn't even know why or how they could be racist to him when he was white, and they were white.

He wondered whther it was because he was Welsh or something and they were English. He didn't know much about his parents that weren't lies, but he knew he was born in Wales, and he had heard his uncle call Welsh people some very rude things, but then he had heard his uncle talk like that about Americans, the French, and pretty much anyone else not white and English.

Harry didn't feel that way. He didn't feel the need to speak bad about people because of the colour of their skin, or where they came from. If he had to hate people, it would be people like the Dursley's, who mistreat others based off stupid reasons that wouldn't hold any merit anywhere they go. They were just fools who found happiness in demeaning other people.

His sigh echoed around the white nothing. He let his emerald green eyes wander around the nothing. It was nice in his dream. He didn't need glasses in the dream world. He normally needed them, but his aunt and uncle never wanted to buy for him, but when his school said he needed them after a checkup they had no choice and spent £1 on some cheap reading glasses from the pound shop that don't add anything to his vision, but they shut the school up for some reason.

The dream world around him was not even a white mist as one might expect. It was just a void of white space, empty nothingness, yet it was heavy and filled the world of his dream. He normally dreamt odd things, but this was the first time he was aware that he was dreaming, which made it odder than ever.

It was the purest white he had ever seen, bright, dull, and dark, like clouds in a sunny sky, clouds about to drizzle, and the clouds of a storm. He could look at it clearly, and could see its beauty deep in its depths. He looked as far as he could see though the odd peaceful and fearful beauty. The void seemed to go on forever and nowhere and he loved that about this place.

It was an endless and never beginning contradiction of his mind. It was his place. He would have seriously preferred to live in the void of contradictions rather than living with the Dursley's who he could live without ever seeing again, and live the happy life he had always wished for.

He could see the shadow of dreams. He could see the dark haired girl in the fog. She was the only thing that didn't contradict. She was always within the fog. He had been in the fog before. He had seen it for the passed few weeks, but he could never see her clearly. He could only imagine her long dark hair, and a magical aura about her that drew him in.

He could only wish to have a beautiful friend like her, to hug and play games, to be his family. He had wanted a family for many years, but all he got was the Dursley's, and they could never be family. He had no family, but that was always his greatest desire in the world.

He looked around at the swirling clouds and wisps of nothing but white. The Void: a place where nothing seemed to exist, yet everything seemed to exist all at the same time. He wondered whether this was the beginning and the end all rolled into one. He liked the thought of The Void being real because then it proved he was more than an illegal slave the Dursley's owned.

Harry had been taken from the Dursley's once, but child services, but then everything went away and the Dursley's got him back. He had felt it. His memory had gone wrong. He could sense it deep inside his heart. He could almost see the deep seated truth, but not quite. Nobody ever tried to save him after that, so he promised that once he got himself free, he would save others.

He would be The Saviour.

The Void place never seemed to hold time. He could be there for what seemed like hours, months, or even years. He tried to see the girl clearly through The Void but he could run towards the faint, pathetic images and never get any closer. He hated being around people because they hated him, believing the Dursley's lies that he was trouble, but at the same time being alone made him sad, and depressed.

He could almost see peoples hate. He looked at them. He could feel the loathing, the hate, the spite, yet he had never hurt anyone. It only seemed able to affect the adults, but they wouldn't even listen to their children as they had at first stuck up for Harry, trying to get them to see reason, but they never would listen and the children gave up, their parents blaming Harry for what his cousin Dudley did, even when they had seen Dudley do it with their own eyes.

He scratched his bare chest, and then tightened his oversized pajama bottoms that had started slipping off his small form. He was always slightly disappointed that even in his dream he had to wear his cousins' giant hand-me-downs, and his cousin was the same age as him, but the same size as a baby elephant. While Harry was near starved, Dudley was fed whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it.

He was just a huge unwanted burden to his 'relatives', even though they wouldn't just give him up. He would have preferred to be given up, but he felt that if they did they would be lumbered with him again, and he would get a beating for it, as if he had any control over it, whatever it was.

Harry was sometimes frustrated when he was in The Void because nothing new ever happened. He liked new, different, and everything in-between. That was a factor his 'relations' did NOT share with him. They liked the same old thing, standard, ordinary. He didn't want to be ordinary. He wanted to be special, and someday bring the Dursley's to justice.

Looking to the ground was relaxing as he could finally see himself. It was always odd. It was the good. He wore a white suit in the reflection in the endless floor. It was amazing that even in the white his suit stood out. His eyes were a bright golden yellow and he was healthier than he could imagine with healthy tan skin, and he seemed to glow an unreal white, and radiated calm, happiness, and peace.

However, looking up at the endless sky he was reflected wearing a suit of all black. He was different to the ground version. He had rage and hatred, anger and loathing bubbling in pitch black eyes. His skin was milk white and some of his blue veins showed up on his face. Looking up Harry always felt fearful and cautious as he saw a side of him that could be petty and vengeful.

He looked away, pushing his thoughts off of his darkness. He wanted revenge against those who had hurt him, but he didn't want to become consumed by it. He also didn't want to be the bottom image. He agreed that being nice was good, but being too nice wouldn't accomplish much in his life.

That showed that even his mirror images contradicted each other, and maybe that was good. It meant that he could use both sides of himself. He didn't have to chose to be good or bad. He could chose to be good for one situation, and bad for another when common sense called for it.

Harry often wondered whether being clever was a curse, because it made him think about certain things more than he needed too.

He looked back over the mirror images. The only things that stayed the same were the martkings, like drawn black tattoos that glowed with an unknown power. They weren't coloured in, just thick black outlines that glowed softly on both, giving him a feel of power and purpose greater than anything he had felt or thought of before he started having the dreams.

"Happy Birthday Harry…-!"

He had been started, and almost fell over as he turned. He could see them yet he couldn't. they were contradictions. He didn't understand how they could both love and hate him. They were beautiful. He knew that, but he couldn't even tell whether they had eyes, let alone the colour. The only thing he could tell for sure was one was a man, and the other was a woman. He couldn't even tell what they sounded like, just that he liked their voices.

This was the first time since the dreams started that he had seen anyone, or anything else inhabiting the dreams. He tried to look at them better, but he couldn't. he just couldn't see through their shear magnificence. They were beyond his imagining, his comprehension, and he just trusted that they were going to show his a marvelous world ahead of him.

"I am the Future!" the man suddenly spoke with an aged power-rumbling deep within his being. It almost made Harry feel the need to drop to his knees and bow.

"I am the Past!" the woman added with her own power reverberating through The Void like nothing he could imagine. He could picture her grin of amusement while the man smirked smugly, as if they both shared a private joke they weren't going to share with him.

"We are Reality!" they said. Their voices combined made him feel weak and humbled by the majesty of their presents.

"Do not be afraid Harry!" the woman; he would mentally call her Past while he would think of the man as Future to make everything similar. "We are here because it is destiny!" she said, and he could feel her kindness. "It is time you learn who you are, what you are!" she said like what he imagined a proud parents would.

"W-what am I?" Harry asked timidly, cheeks stained red as they watched him. He wasn't even sure that either of them were standing, and not floating. "Please tell me… who am I?" he asked in a small voice.

"You are Harry James Potter, son of Lily and James Potter!" Future, the man said. "You were born of magic, of ancient bloodlines long since passed!" he said, amused. "Your mother and father were wizard and witch, but you are far more than that!"

"I-I am?" he asked, uncertain, but they both nodded. "But… that's why the Dursley's hate me?" he asked, and got a nod. "And… but why that means somebody magical kept… somebody magic would… was forcing them to keep me, to punish me, because I'm different?"

"In a way," he agreed, his tone sad, but Harry could sense the anger. "The Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry forces you to stay with those mortals. He wants to hold you back through fear because a prophecy foretells of The Saviour who will cut his ties and destroy him to change the world. He hopes that if you have few to turn to, you will be his, and the prophecy would not come to tuition, but what he did was make it real.

"You are too smart to let him hold you!" he said, smirk in his voice. "When you were fifteen months old you survived the death of the killing curse. The green light in your dreams was the death of your mother, and Dumbledore locking you within the prison of the Dursley's. He is afraid. Your survival should have been impossible. He is old. He is set in his ways. He does not like change. He is foolish to believe everything should stay the same forever."

"Without change!" the woman added with a sigh. "There can be nothing to look forward to, but endless boredom, repeating the same over and over again."

"Okay," Harry mumbled, trying to work out what was going on. He had already come to terms that the whole thing was really happening. "So… are you like… God or something because neither God nor Santa, not even the Easter Bunny has ever cared to help me!"

The woman laughed. It was a nice laugh. It was so full of warmth. "Yes… in a way we are gods!" she agreed, her smile wide and loving. "But you have awoken now. You Harry. You are to become the God of Heroes. You shall control time, and space, and together they can breach reality where worlds and universes have grown apart, some minour, some vastly, and together with your Goddess of Heroes, you shall be the guardians of great men and woman, guiding them to become great heroes, even other versions of you if you felt like it."

"You might even end up fighting a few gods here and there, from other universes!" the man said as if that sounded like fun. "You're special in that you can learn and then use abilities and powers from other worlds… well as long as they're not genetically incompatible, like an aliens powers, and anyone can pick them up."

"W-well, sounds like fun, I guess," Harry replied, sounding unsure. "But who was… who killed my parents?"

"His name was Voldemort!" the man replied, sighing. "He was a bad one. The magical people of your world are still too coward to say his name, calling him You-Know-Who, or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. You became the Boy-Who-Lived, and he became little more than a ghost. Just a douche bag specter, and now you're famous and Albus Dumbledore is making your life hard. Voldemort went after you because of another prophecy foretold before your birth-."

"W-what do you prophecies say?" he asked, with a bubbly look in his eyes full of curiosity.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ..." he decided to get it done with. "Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ..."

"It… wasn't very informative," Harry said as he mulled that over in his head.

"I suppose it wasn't!" Future said, amused. "But Voldemort had only heard the first half and panicked. He was superstitious like Dumbledore is. In the end both men pushed their own prophecised defeats into being."

"So… this Dumbledore one…?" Harry asked, as his curiosity was thumping in his chest, hard.

"The Gods of Time and Worlds…" the woman took over as she had been left out of the first. "Together they shall break universes, and save worlds. Their hearts shall be their call, and together they shall be home. They shall break eternal, and bring the false heroes to their knees. Beware to those seeking power, because power you will find, faced at you they shall bring plentiful change, and universes freedom, life, and death. They shall forge existence, and will it to hope anew – the untamed heroes across time and space."

"Okay…" Harry said sounding and looking confused. "This Dumbledore man looks too deep into things if you ask me, but who is this girl I'm supposed to be with anyway?" he asked, looking around but even the unreached shadow of the girl was gone. "Is she here? Aren't I supposed to be with her, like the best of friends or something? Are we going to get married?" he asked hopefully. "Then I can have a proper family, and never have to see the Dursley's again."

"Calm down, Harry!" the woman said, laughing. "All in due time, Harry. You shall meet her. When you do you will know who she is straight away!" she said, amused. "She will recognise you too, even though she will have not met with us, her powers will wake the moment she sees you. It will be down to you to help her."

"I see," he said nodding in agreement. "Okay, I guess… wait so… can we change our age because how can I do all of that and then go to Hogwarts to punish this old man if I look like an adult."

"Yes, once you reach a certain age you can become it, or younger, but no younger than six, and plese don't ask me why because we don't know everything," the man answered his question. "Other than that, you are for all intents and purposes, immortal, but as with all beings, you could potentially die if you're not careful."

Harry nodded while he was thinking. "So…" he pointed at his top and bottom reflections.

"The centre is the balance!" the woman replied.

"The centre…?" Harry asked, blinking owlishly.

"You!" the man answered. "All life has the darkness and the light, but they also have a balance. Cowards who bow to the light or dark are usually lops sided on their balance where as you are both, yet neither, you and she will always be the balance no matter how angry you get, or how happy."

"You can no longer get sick!"

"You cannot be poisoned!"

"You can manipulate time and space!"

"And with that you can enter new realities, or one's parallel with your own!"

"Of course, you will have plenty limits!"

"Recharge time for time travel!"

"And don't forget time manipulation!"

"But those limits will decrease as you grow stronger!"

"Fix universes that don't have heroes, or whatever, you know."

"You'll understand more of your world once you have Black-!"

"What's black?" he interrupted the tirade.

"You'll understand soon enough!" the man said, amused. "When you return to this world to begin Hogwarts, when in the magical district in London, Diagon Alley, head straight for Gringotts Bank and see about your family's finances."

"O-kay," he mumbled before shrugging as he wasn't sure he understood yet.

"The universes are yours to explore!" he continued, brightly. "Find your other half, enjoy life, and make every enemy to cross your path wish they had been good boys and girls."

"Then beat them up!" the woman added laughing.

Harry smiled as he thought of everything. His life was starting to really come together, and he had just become a god and wizard all in one night.

Who would have ever thought that, huh?

He slowly started to wake.

to be continued…