Team Taka was used to quiet nights in an inn, where the only major disruption was Karin and Suigetsu arguing about something or another again. That sweet calm was destroyed completely on nights like these, when they had to get information out of someone, or worse, get information out of a corpse.

Karin stared down at the corpse that lay at her feet with distaste. "Where's the rest of the body?"

Suigetsu threw himself onto the couch, ignoring the multiple warnings to not leave any blood on the fabric. "This was all we could salvage. The rest of it was shredded."

"Hoshigaki." Sasuke stated quietly, standing against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, brooding.

"Not necessarily." Karin muttered to herself, her eyes already scanning over the open lacerations, then got up and walked over to the table that the inn had provided. "Someone carry that thing over here. I want to see what I can get out of it."

"Yeah, like you can even—"

"Suigetsu." Sasuke's voice was quiet, but the reprimand shut the resident swordsman's mouth nonetheless.

"I'll get something out of it." Karin looked up from where she was pulling on surgical gloves, a grimace decorating her face. "If I hadn't picked something up from Kabuto the times that he came by the prison, I'd have less brain cells than water boy."

"Oi!" Suigetsu protested, but he quickly quieted down after Sasuke sent him a glare that clearly said that now was not the time.

"Let's see…" Karin's hands began to glow, scanning over the body slowly. Her eyes flickered rapidly from injury to injury as she searched for hints as to what had happened to the man that had been their contact.

After fifteen minutes, the others had finally begun to grow anxious enough for one, namely Suigetsu, to ask just what she'd found.

"I've found traces of poison." Karin answered with a glare in Suigetsu. "And while it's not a lot, neither Uchiha Itachi nor Hoshigaki Kisame use any that we know of, so someone else did this."

"Can that help explain the state of the body?" Sasuke questioned, gesturing to the corpse, which was starting to smell rather terrible by this point.

"Not at all, and that's the problem."

"Do we bury the body?" Juugo looked at the man with a pitying expression. "I don't think he was married or had any family…"

"I'll take it to the local authorities, they can take care of it." Karin said. "The rest of you are too high profile or memorable. We'll skip town tomorrow morning."

"So it was a useless side trip?" Sasuke didn't seem pleased with the idea.

"Looks like it." Karin said, and that was that.