Hello everyone! This is my first story I'm publishing! Let me know what you think, please. Reviews will be greatly appreciated.

This is a Creature fic, with mature content and boys who like boys. I do not own Harry Potter. You have been warned, so if this is not for you, then stop reading now.

Rain lashed at the windows of Number 4 Privet drive, Surrey. The clouds swirled and lightning crashed, adding to the fear building up inside of Harry Potter. He was sleeping, barely. Tossing and turning with nightmares that tormented him, and an aching need that was building. He felt as if the need that had built all summer was about to consume him. His body was not his to command at the face of such pain, and Harry began to keen quietly into his pillow.

This was not a human noise, such as a child might make when upset, but an animalistic noise that would cause anyone to get the chills. There was so much suffering, and feeling to be heard in that call, that anyone who heard would have been reduced to tears, no matter who they were. The call was a plea for help. Harry did not know what he needed help for, he just knew that if something didn't change, he would die.

Bolting upright in bed, drenched in sweat, the raven haired boy clung to himself and sobbed. He cried his soul out, feeling as if he was splitting apart. What had he done to deserve this? Pain shook his entire body, and an urgency he had never felt before caused him to act. Harry's fingers ached, his back was burning, and his chest was filling with panic.

He gathered his strength and stood, getting dressed quickly. He scribbled a quick note and turned to the cage on the other side of the room.

"Hedwig," he murmured brokenly, his body trembling. "I know its bad out there, but we have to get out of here. Its important. Can you take this to Ron? I'll be there as soon as I can." She hooted in a worried way, allowing him to tie the parchment to her outstretched leg. Harry carried her to the window and released her, watching her fly off through the rain for a moment before spinning and packing his trunk as quickly as possible, as well as a large sack with everything else in it. He would not be coming back to this wretched place. Carrying everything downstairs as quietly as he could, Harry made his way outside. It was early enough for everyone to still be sleeping.

Harry walked to the edge of the road, wincing at the pain in his chest and limbs. He had to hurry. Calling "Lumos!" and flinging out his arm, Harry stepped back from the BANG! and SCREECH! that the Night Bus made upon its appearance.

"Stan, I need you to take me to the Burrow. Quickly." Harry tried to keep his composure as he collapsed on one of the beds before the conductor could start listing off his usual monologue that no one listed too.

"Right away, 'Arry. Take 'er away Ern." Stan shouted, closing the doors as the bus was already jolting forward at incredible speeds. Even he could tell how out of sorts Harry was and did not argue.

Harry hugged himself again, shuddering. This pain had to end. Hopefully the Weasley's would know what to do.

So it does start off slow, but I promise that the story will get more interesting, with longer chapters. Thank you for reading!