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Charlie watched the dark haired teen fixate on his lips, probably unintentionally, and damn if it didn't send chills down Charlie's spine. He beat down a growl. Unfortunately, though his body desperately wanted the little submissive, he was beginning to control his instincts again. Charlie knew that treating Harry as if Harry belonged to him was wrong. Harry had no clue what was going on, what being a Dragg entailed. And they had much to discuss before any courting could take place.

Charlie smiled softly and set the boy down, turning him so Harry's back faced him, and his cramped up wings were within reach.

"I-is this going to hurt Charlie?" Harry whimpered. Charlie's heart ached.

"Yes Harry, but not as much as before. I have to stretch them, massage them, dry them and put salve on the joints. otherwise they will not heal as they should. I need you to be strong for me for a moment. The first part is the worst." Charlie reached out and gently grasped one wing. "Hold your breath. It will help." He cautioned, and without another word, he quickly extended the first stiff wing as far as it would go.

The air rushed out of Harry on a cry of pain, and there was a splintering sound as he dug his talons into the wooden floor. He sat there shuddering, whimpers escaping through his tight lips.

Charlie rumbled sympathetically, his inner Dragg snarling at him for not comforting Harry. Charlie still had one more wing. Without warning, he swiftly pulled the other open as well.

Harry cried out again. "No more," he sobbed. "Please Charlie. It hurts!" He trembled in Charlie's grip.

Charlie bit his lip, closing his eyes for a moment. When they opened, he leaned forward, his lips gently brushing Harry's neck. "Shh...I'm right here. The pain is almost over. That was the worst." He softly nuzzled with his lips until Harry's shuddering slowed. The boy was still panting.

Charlie leaned back and conjured a small bowl of warm water with healing soap that smelled like mint and berries, and a soft cloth. He began to gently wash the first wing, following the smooth scales along the rigid bone at the top, that formed the shape of the wing and controlled it. His cloth followed the thin, hard ribbing down to the ends of the wing. Finally he moved onto the thin, soft hide of the webbing. Without the left over blood and fluid of the transition, the wing moved more easily, though it still needed to be stretched and massaged, in order to stimulate the muscles and prevent damage.

As Charlie moved onto the other wing, Harry only whimpered every now and then. This pain was much more bearable.

"Charlie?" Harry asked as he sat through the bathing. "What happened when I got here? I...don't really remember anything."

"You took the bus here, but I don't think you made it far once you got out. I heard you crying. Calling out for a dominant Dragg. I was the only one around, and I...responded quite strongly. We all rushed outside, and I changed quickly. I hadn't told my family yet. They found out last night." Charlie never stopped washing, although occasionally his arm slowed as he talked.

Harry turned white. "Your family...what did they say? What will they think of me? Of us? They will be afraid of us." His voice was very sad.

"Maybe at first, but only because they do not understand. They will listen though, and in time, they will accept us. You will have to accept yourself as well. Your life will never be the same again Harry." Charlie was now finished cleaning. He dried the wings with a soft towel and summoned a medicinal oil that smelled similar to the soap. He gently began to rub it into the joint, getting deeper and deeper into the tissue. The skin around the wing joints on Harry's back was swollen, red, and very sore, but it needed to be done.

Harry groaned, half in relief and half in pain. As Charlie slowly made his way up the spine of the wing, Harry only felt relief, and immense pleasure. He purred. Harry Potter purred in delight of the sensations that those big, scarred hands were creating.

Charlie swallowed hard, beating back the reaction to the noise. "Harry," he muttered, his voice slightly distorted. "Hush. I can't focus when you do that..."

Harry frowned, confused. "Charlie...I don't understand. Before, you...you kissed me, and you... touched me. Why not...why not now? Did I do something wrong?"

Charlie groaned and stilled his hands, which had almost finished stroking the oil into the hide of the first wing. He quickly finished it and moved on. Harry mewled in pleasure and arched into his hand. Charlie gritted his teeth for control.

"Harry, you didn't do anything wrong. You just aren't ready. I can't...let myself treat you that way when you are still controlled by your brand new instincts. There are rules that need to be followed if...I can't just act like...We can't...Dammit all to Hell and back!" Charlie cursed, unable to explain himself. He didn't know how to tell Harry about the rules for taking a Mate. There were rituals, sacred ceremonies, and it was for life. That wasn't something a submissive as innocent as Harry was going to understand right away, even though he was doing very well with the change.

Harry was quite. When Charlie finished massaging, he stretched the wings to their full extent. Harry sighed, in relief. He turned his head to look. His wings were a brilliant pearly seafoam green color.

Charlie's breath caught in his throat as Harry turned around, struggling to extend and contract his wings. He was the most perfect creature Charlie had every seen. Harry turned with a smile on his face and caught Charlie staring.

"Won't you kiss me again?" He murmured, cocking his head.

Charlie drew an unsteady breath. "Harry... I want to, but you don't understand." Charlie had always found Harry attractive, ever since he met him. Over the years, it had been easy to fall for him. So brave, and so very innocent. Charlie could not help but love him. And now here was everything he had ever wanted, served up to him on a silver platter. And Harry had no idea that he would never belong to anyone but Charlie.

Harry reached his hand out and ran his fingertips along Charlie's jaw. "Make me understand. I want you to. So why won't you?" He scooted closer to the red head. "Kiss me." He breathed against Charlie's lips, becoming suddenly bold.

Charlie's control snapped, and his eyes flared. He grabbed Harry's face and took his lips in a blazing kiss, making the younger boy gasp. Charlie was in complete control, with Harry at his mercy. "You. Don't give commands. That is your dominant's job. And Harry, I am your dominant. You will never have any other than me, as long as I live." He kissed Harry feverishly, his Dragg's deep voice making Harry tremble from the power and conviction it held. Charlie pulled Harry onto his lap and continued to kiss him, before leaning his head onto Harry's, both of them panting.

"I don't want any other..." Harry whispered, looking deeply into those blue eyes. "I have wanted you ever since I met you Charlie. It was always you."

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