"I think you would like the dissertation I wrote to get my PhD," Sheldon told Amy while removing the lid from his Thai food container. "It should be located on the shelf under the T.V, that's where I keep all my sentimental documents." Food continued to be passed around the coffee table while Amy rustled under the television.

"Is this it?" She asked, holding up a brown folder. She wiped the dust off of the cover and opened it. Inside were numerous pictures of the group that were all sitting before her, but there was a mysterious woman with them. She didn't recognize this woman at all.

"No no no," Sheldon stuttered and reached for the folder. "That's … something else." A few pictures fell from the folder. On the back of the pictures was the date they were taken. They were from only about 2 years ago. Amy picked up the pictures. One of them had the strange woman sitting with Sheldon in the very living room they were in now. Sheldon was holding the woman's hand and she had her head thrown back, as if she were laughing. In another they appear to be with the rest of the group.

"Sheldon, who is this woman?" The rest of the group looked up and saw the folder and pictures in question.

"Oh no," Leonard muttered.

Flashback to about a year ago

"I'm still upset they canceled Firefly," Sheldon complained while he and Leonard made their way up the stairs. "It was brilliant; they had no reason to cancel it!"

"I know Sheldon. I've heard the same thing from you since it got taken off the air in 2003."

"One season, that's it. It's demeaning. I mean, terrible shows like Babylon 5 got four years on television. It's not fair."

"Sheldon, I get it." They were coming up to the third floor now. Leonard was about to ask for a subject change when Sheldon suddenly stopped. The door to 3b opened and a young woman stepped out.

"Oh hello, you must be the tenants upstairs." She smiled, extending her hand to Sheldon. He gave her a look, as if he was deciding whether to be polite and shake her hand or to avoid human contact as per usual. He sighed and gently shook her hand. As soon as they came in contact he mentally noted how soft her hands were.

"We live 4a," Leonard told her, returning the friendly handshake.

"How nice to meet you, my name is Maria. Maria Clover to be exact." She had a somewhat European dialect.

"Your accent suggest something of European decent, am I correct?" Sheldon asked.

"Why yes. I have a bit of Russian, Ukrainian, and French, but I was born in America. And from the slight twang in your voice, I'm going to guess you are from the South, yes?"

"Correct. Born and raised in Galveston, Texas."

"Well Mr. Texas sir, I am looking forward to being your neighbor."

"It's Sheldon, actually. Please refrain from calling me 'Mr. Texas' ever again."

Maria gave a mock salute, "Yes sir." Sheldon stood for a minute, and then gave a delayed breathy laugh.

"You know Maria; you could join us for dinner tonight," Leonard offered. "I'm sure you would get along great with the rest of the group and it will give you the chance to make acquaintances with some of the other residents, like Penny."

"Oh that would be lovely! Let me just ready myself and I will be up in about 15 minutes."

"Sounds great, my name is Leonard by the way. I haven't gotten the chance to introduce myself."

"Nice to meet you. I will see you upstairs soon." She smiled and returned to her new apartment.

Sheldon and Leonard continued up the stairs. "I quite like her." Sheldon said.

"Really? You usually dread the idea of new tenants." Leonard unlocked the door and dropped his keys into the bowl.

"Yes, but… She's different."