This is a Fem Harry/Gilgamesh pairing. If you don't like Gilgamesh, then you should probably avoid this one. As for him being somewhat OOC, there is a reasonable explanation for that. It says in the Wiki that his child self wasn't nearly as arrogant as his adult self, hence why he's not a total ass. Enjoy!

She was a broken, lost child. She had barely managed to escape that man who had brought her solely so he could kill her and leave her broken body in a country she had only just heard of.

He had tried to catch her, but she had practically jumped down the fire escape and down the multiple ladders from the third floor to the street. By the time he made it down to the bottom floor, she was long gone.

Breathing heavily, she looked around past her dirty black hair to the city she would inevitably be stuck in for the remainder of what was assuredly her short life. The horse and walrus were very clear that she only lived at their whim, and that it could change at any time.

She had long since given up on hope.

Wandering around the dead city, she noticed that many of the buildings where she was at had scorch marks, and that there were several areas where a fire had ravaged the place.

Leaning against a dirty wall, she looked around at her surroundings.

The place was filthy, but not at the level London had been at when she had first seen it.

"Hey girlie, how about coming with me?" leered a man.

She froze, and felt a power she only half-recognized that kept her safe flare at the sight of the man. He was dangerous, almost as bad as HE was when drunk and in one of those moods. She took a step back. The man took two towards her.

The power flared and latched onto the first thing it recognized within ten miles of her location...strangely it was in a church of all things, not that she knew that.

A light sprung from the darkened shadows of the alleyway, and the man was cut into pieces before he came too close.

Considering the fact that the one doing the cutting was an older male as well, her reaction could be excused.

She squeaked in fear, before ducking behind the first available hiding spot.

The man wore golden armor, and had crimson red eyes the color of blood. His hair spiked like fire, but it was a golden color. He seemed both surprised and very irritated at being brought so abruptly, only to find some drunken lecher and a small girl with dirty black hair there waiting.

He killed the lecher on principles, a mongrel like him wasn't worth living in his presence. The girl, however, he didn't know whether to kill her or let her live.

Seeing her frightened eyes, somehow he got the feeling it wasn't because of his sudden killing of the drunk.

Gilgamesh's eyes narrowed. Why was he getting more than a usual sensation of prana from this girl?

Carefully poking at it, he realized that the brat had somehow managed to not only summon him outside of a Grail War (under Saber class no less) but that he was able to sense her mood as well. And that was very, very unusual.

Right now she was very frightened not because of what he had done to the drunk, but because of the fact he was an older male. He could guess why, after seeing the look of lust quickly switch to surprise on that drunk's face. This must not be the first time dealing with people like him.

Well the girl had piqued his interest enough that he was willing to go along with this, if only to find out what the hell was going on. And it would possibly mean getting out more, since that ass Kirei refused to let him wander around and forced him to stay in that boring as hell church which had become corrupted thanks to the priest inside.

It was a miracle that brat Rin hadn't picked up on the fact something was very wrong with the place by now, considering she had most of her magecraft lessons there.

Seeing no other alternative to gaining answers, he reluctantly took out one of his treasures and drank it.

His body shrank along with some of his memories, turning him roughly into a tall six-year-old boy. He could change back at any time, but this seemed like the easiest route to figuring out what was going on right now.

The tiny girl looked surprised at the sudden change, but seemed more willing to come near him.

"What's your name?" he finally asked. Ko-Gil (as he would have been known later during an accident with magic once the Fifth Grail was long over with in another time), looked at the girl with expectation.

"I don't have one," she said in English. She had an accent that was clearly British, which he only recognized from the rare times a Clock Tower mage was nearby.


She winced, then pulled back away from him. Clearly it was her family she was running from, and with good reason from her reaction.

"Where are you from then?"


Gil sighed. Clearly she wasn't eager to return to England, and she definitely wasn't explaining how she came to Fuyuki. And from the way she reacted to him, he had serious doubts if she even knew what magecraft was.

First things first though...he was going to get her in some proper clothes and cleaned up before they started figuring out what was going on.

It had taken some doing, but eventually he found an abandoned house with the water and electricity still running. He even managed to get some new clothes for her to wear, mostly by slipping though the bounded fields around the Tohsaka place and raiding the younger sister's (who had long since been given to the Matou family) closet. Rin never went in there and most of the outfits would fit the girl from how small she was.

Since he had been the Servant of the Tohsaka Master, he knew how to bypass most of the fields, and the others weren't even tuned to him. Rin wasn't aware he was still active, let alone how to fix the wards, and the ones that alerted her father to his presence were tuned to him specifically.

It was a major hole in her defenses, one he wasn't planning on telling her about.

The girl at least knew how to clean herself, and by the time he returned, he was very surprised to find that her hair which had been a dark black color had brightened into a rich red the color of bright flames. It complemented her bright emerald green eyes nicely.

She got dressed rather quickly and with the ease of long practice, as if she would get into trouble if she didn't.

Gil had the worst suspicion she had been heavily abused before she somehow summoned him under a different class than he had been stuck in.

Knowing that he would likely see the extent of the abuse through the dream cycle, he made sure she ate until she had enough and let her sleep in the first clean bed he could find.

After that he started making subtle inquiries about any recent English who came within the last week. He found the only Englishman in Fuyuki in his first try.

Vernon Dursley.

Dursley was not having a good week. After the little freak ran off, his client revealed that he had been interested in adopting the girl. With her gone, he suddenly had to leave Japan as they weren't the least bit interested in his drills.

Then another freak with red eyes had shown up and all but gutted him. He spilled everything he knew about the brat, having long since forgotten her real name. Why bother remembering it? Names were for good honest folk, not abominations like his so called niece.

Once that was over with, he found himself stuck in an uncivilized country after the freak had robbed him blind, only leaving him with his clothes on his back.

It would take him a month to finally find the first British consulate...nearly a hundred miles away. And another week to verify that he was in fact British and that his passport had been stolen.

He would never come back to Japan unless it was a matter of life or death, and would forever say that it was a land of savages when asked.

She woke up to the smell of cooking food. She was very surprised to find Gil (as he called himself) cooking breakfast.

"You're awake pretty early," he noted with surprise.

She looked at the food with something akin to surprise.

"Let me're the one who has to cook the food back home?" he said.

She nodded.

"How about we split the cooking duties?" he suggested.

She shrugged. She wasn't used to being this free. All her life, that she could remember at least, she had been a slave to that woman and her disgusting husband.

Fujimura Taiga was a very cheerful, if completely clueless girl. She was a world-class mooch, often going over to her neighbor's house to bum food off the man and his son. To be fair, Shiro was one of the best cooks she had ever seen.

However even she noticed something was off when she saw a young girl in ill-fitting clothes buying food...for the third time that week. Upon closer inspection revealed bruises and old scars. Seeing her flinch away from the older man at the cashier's place it didn't take a genius to figure out that the girl had been hurt by an adult.

Which was why Taiga started following the girl to her home, suspecting that she was being abused.

What she found infuriated her. The poor girl didn't have any parents, but was living in an abandoned home with another child! What she didn't know was that Gil had seen her outside the window and knew she wasn't a threat.

Thanks to Kirei he was well aware of who the Fujimura clan was, and that included the rather odd granddaughter of the clan Taiga. Hell, the only reason Kirei had taken an interest in them was because someone had been supplying the head of the clan with low-powered Mystic Codes that any human could operate. If he had known who it was, he would have killed the idiot Magus responsible.

Gil was in for a very...entertaining...reunion with one Kiritsugu Emiya this month.

A week after Taiga followed the girl home (she still didn't have a name, but Gil had been calling her Amethyst since she had a fascination with the purple jewels) Amy and Gil ended up inside the compound of the Fujimura clan.

Taiga had all but abducted them from the abandoned house...which was actually good timing as the water company wanted to know why that particular home had an increase in usage for the past few weeks.

She eventually dragged both children down to the Emiya household for free food.

Kiritsugu immediately stopped and stared at a much younger version of Gilgamesh along with a girl who was definitely a witch.

Gil blinked at Kiritsugu, then started cackling evilly.

He finally knew who was responsible for that jerk priest's headaches with the Fujimura clan. And the reaction to the ex-assassin seeing a younger version of the same Archer Servant who had tried to claim his own was hilarious.

"Dad, who's laughing?" asked his adopted son Shiro.

Kiritsugu pinched the bridge of his nose. This would require either lots of caffeine, liquor or aspirin...or a combination of all three.

Amethyst and Gil stayed overnight with Kiritsugu and Shiro, mostly because of how nervous Amy was around the yakuza men who carried guns everywhere.

Gil was outside with Kiritsugu while Amy helped Shiro with the dishes.

"How did you survive?" he demanded of the boy.

"Remember that crap that poured onto you before the fire? It gave me a physical body. Though somehow that girl in there managed to summon me without any catalyst and as a Saber class to boot. Still haven't figured out how the hell that happened."

"And the reason you look Shiro's age?"

"Amy was heavily abused by an older man, one who is apparently married to her maternal aunt. The only way she would let me come anywhere near her was to drop a few decades or so until I looked like this. I'm stuck as her Servant until I figure out how the hell she managed to summon me without knowing what I am or anything about magic."

Kiritsugu looked at him in disbelief.

"Besides, I'm almost certain she's related in some way to Saber," he said.


"Take a good look at her eyes sometime. They're the same shape and color."

Later Kiritsugu did that, discreetly though, and realized Gil (as he insisted on being called) was correct. She had the same eyes as Arturia did.

Amy looked at Kiritsugu. She was given the choice of becoming the ward of Taiga...or the adopted child of Kiritsugu Emiya and Shiro's younger sister. Since she would be staying with Gil either way, she chose to stay in the more open Emiya house.

Gil went to Kiritsugu a few days later to tell him of a small issue that might come into play unless he worded his adoption right. The only issue was that he would have to take Amy with him at least once to prove that he did indeed have her under his roof.

"She's magical, but not Magus-born. Eventually the idiots in England will try to reclaim her, and with the curses killing you from the inside they might succeed."

"What do you suggest?"

"A few days in England to prove you are legally responsible as her new guardian with the wizard-born, and register her as a Japanese citizen. They can't touch her once that goes through, and from what I got from that fat man, her maternal aunt would be happy to sign the mundane paperwork as well."

"...Do you have any liquor that will get me drunk in a hurry?" he almost begged.

Gil handed over a wine bottle. It was one of his least expensive ones, but it was strong enough to kick an Irish drunk on his backside if he drank enough. He deemed Kiritsugu worthy of that much considering the headache he would be going through later.