The petite, tan brunette who a moment ago had been sleeping soundly awoke from his dreams
with a start. Still in a daze, and on the verge of tears, he reached behind him and blindly fumbled
through the items on the computer desk for the phone. He dialed a number which he knew by heart
and waited for an answer.
"Hello...?" a groggy voice said from the other end.
"Matt, is that you?"
"Yeah it's me, who the hell is this?"
"It's Tai, did I wake you up?" The little brunette's breaths were coming in gasps.
"It's 3 o'clock in the morning on a school night, what do you think?"
"Can you meet me at the park, please?" He sounded panicked, almost like he was begging.
"What's the matter, did something happen to you?"
"I had a bad dream, please Matt, I need to see you."
"Are you crying?"
"Just come, I'll make it up to you I promise."
Matt groaned and sat up in his bed, the phone still pressed to his ear.
"Fine, give me 15 minutes, I have to get dressed."
"Ok." Tai sniffled slightly and hung up the phone. He raised himself out of bed and padded
silently across the floor.

Nearly 20 minutes later, Tai sat on a bench in Odaiba Park, fully dressed and wearing a light
blue hooded jacket.
"This better be good Yagami, waking me up at 3 am..." a voice said. He looked up and saw
Matt step into the light of the street lamp and then sit beside him.
"I'm sorry, I just needed to make sure you were alright," the smaller boy said softly.
"Why wouldn't I be?"
"I had a nightmare...I just got so scared." He paused for a moment and swallowed.
"I dreamed your apartment building was on fire. I kept running around asking people if you
were alright, but they were all people I didn't know. Nobody would answer me. Then I saw your
mom, and she came up to me and told me you were dead. It was so real..."
"But I don't even live with my mom."
"I know, but it scared me so much. I thought you had really died..."
Matt placed his hand on his friend's shoulder and leaned forward a bit to see his face. One hot
tear ran down his peanut butter colored cheek and rolled off his chin. It fell until it landed on his pant
"Hey don't cry, I'm alright."
Tai made a small hiccuping sound and began sobbing quietly. Matt pulled him closer and let
his wild haired partner cry against his chest. Tai started to feel comforted by the warmth of Matt's
body and pressed against him, making sure he was really there.
A short time later, they still sat together on the bench, but Tai had calmed down by then.
"Sorry for waking you up..." he said, staring at the side walk in front of them. He was leaned
forward with his elbows resting on his knees and his fingers laced together.
"Don't worry about it." Matt was leaned back against the bench with his arms folded and his
legs crossed.
They sat in silence for a moment until the sound of a siren attracted their attention.
"Is that a fire truck?" Tai said, sitting up.
Just then, a large fire truck with his lights flashing and its siren blaring sped by.
"Yes, and it's heading towards my apartment building!" Matt stood up and Tai got to his feet
along with him.
"You don't think..."
"Come on," Matt said urgently. They started running down the street and around the block,
following the sound of the fire truck.

In the crowd of people outside the blazing apartment building, Mr Ishida pushed through the
mass confusion surrounding him on all sides, calling out his son's name,
"MATT!" he yelled over and over. He tried asking neighbors he bumped into, but everyone
was too busy searching for their own friends and family members.
Mr Ishida finally made his way to a fireman, who was removing an axe from the side of one of
the fire tucks.
"Please, I need someone to help me find my son!" he yelled.
The ash covered foreman ignored him at first and started to walk back towards the burning
apartment complex.
"Hey, I need some help here!" Mr Ishida shouted over all the noise. "He's a tall blonde boy,
we live in apartment 202. I need to know if he got out!"
The fireman just turned around for a moment and called back, "Sorry sir, but there are other
people we need to get out of there." With that, he pushed through the frenzy and was gone.
Matt and Tai ran around the bend and looked up to see the towering inferno that was once an
apartment building.
"This is unreal..." Matt said, almost in a whisper.
"Matt, what about your dad!?" Tai said suddenly.
"He was at a conference, his train doesn't get back until 4 am."
"It's after four now," Tai stepped up closer to Matt's side.
As they stared up at the huge mass of flames, they heard a husky male voice coming nearer.
"MATT! Where are you!?" There was Mr Ishida making his way through the huge crowd
towards them.
"Dad!" Matt and Tai climbed over the safety fence that had been set up by the fire trucks
where onlookers had begun to gather to see the spectacle and ran over. The tall thin blonde collided
into his father's chest and felt his arms wrapping tightly around him.
Mr Ishida finally let go of his son and checked over him to make sure he was undamaged.
"Matt, what were you doing out here!?" He had to speak quite loudly to be heard over all the
"I was with Tai at Odaiba Park," he said. Tai stepped up a little closer to his best friend and
his father. "This is going to sound crazy, but Tai had a dream I died in a fire. If he hadn't called me,
I'd probably be in there right now..." He gazed up at the window of their apartment, and all he could
see was smoke billowing out and flames inside the glass door of the terrace.
"My room..."
"What's important is that you're all right," his father said. "We can always get a new
"My bass, my harmonica, my digivice, they're all up there..." he said, speaking more to himself
than to his father or Tai.
"We'll get your digivice back somehow Matt," Tai offered, trying to comfort him.
"But my harmonica... I've had it since I was a little boy. It's probably nothing but a melted
hunk of metal now."
He turned to Tai and sighed, forgetting about his possessions and remembering his life had
almost come to an end.
"I don't know how it's possible, but you saved my life tonight..."
"Maybe some part of me knew I wouldn't be able to live without you and I had that dream,"
Tai said. He stepped forward into Matt's embrace and they stood holding each other. Tai's chocolate
colored hair pressed lightly against the side of Matt's face. In the back of his mind, he thought how
satisfying it felt to have another boy in his arms, especially this one.
"Do you want to sleep over at my house tonight?" Tai asked when they had let go of each
"Matt, you should go get some sleep," his father said. "I'm going to stay and find out what
happened here and see if there's anything left to our apartment. We're probably going to be
staying with your mother and brother until we can find another place to live."
Matt nodded and took one last look at his smouldering apartment building.

Tai opened the door cautiously and peeked inside, not making a sound.
"Good, no one woke up. They don't know I was gone," he whispered. The two teenagers
stepped inside and took off their shoes.
"They're going to know you were gone when they find me here in the morning."
"We'll explain everything tomorrow," he assured.
They went into Tai's room, the door of which he closed behind him, making sure not to slam
"Do you want to borrow something to sleep in?" Tai asked.
The brunette draped his jacket over a chair and switched on the desk lamp before thumbing
through the closet.
"Are sweat pants and a t-shirt ok?"
"That's fine," Matt responded.
"The pants are going to be a little short on you." Tai tossed a pair of sweat pants and a white
cotton t-shirt over to his friend.
When Matt pulled his turtleneck over his head, he saw Tai undressing and hanging his clothes
over the back of the desk chair. He pulled his pants and underwear off together and for a moment
the brown haired beauty was standing in just his socks with his back to Matt. He stared at the
perfectly smooth, tan skin illuminated only by the dim light of the desk lamp. When he turned to the
side to pull on a pair of boxers, Matt could see the gently rippling muscles on his abdomen. Although
he was slim and petite, it seemed like every inch of his body was covered with well sculpted muscle.
The young blonde could not deny how attractive the other boy was and quickly lowered his eyes and
started changing before Tai noticed he had been staring. He tried to shake the image from his mind,
telling himself that the trauma of seeing his home go up in smoke must be messing with his head.
Tai glanced quickly at Matt's creamy white skin and slender frame while he undressed but
turned away when he felt a blush creeping into his cheeks and blood rushing somewhere lower.
"Where am I sleeping?" Matt asked when he was done changing.
"Well, I think it would make too much noise if we tried to get the trundle bed out, so you can
share my bed." Tai climbed into his bed and turned down the covers.
"Inside or outside?" he asked.
"Whichever side you don't usually sleep on."
"Well duh Matt, I usually sleep in the middle since I'm the only one who uses this bed." Tai
grinned and Matt smiled slightly.
"Outside is fine."
"Kay." Tai rolled over against the wall and made room for Matt to climb in next to him. They
lied there for a few minutes and Matt was starting to doze off when Tai said,
"It feels kind of nice having someone to share my bed with."
Matt opened his eyes and looked over at Tai.
"Tai, have you ever slept with anyone?" He said out of the blue. He immediately wondered
what could have made him ask this question, when he knew very well that Tai hadn't, unless he was
keeping secrets from him.
"Yeah, I'm sleeping with you right now."
Matt grumbled, "You know what I mean..."
"No... have you?"
"Not yet, but I've come close."
"What do you mean you've come close?"
"Well... you know, make out sessions that got pretty serious. But I've never actually..."
"Yeah." Tai said, verifying that he understood, so Matt wouldn't have to say anything that
made him uncomfortable.
Matt stared into the huge cocoa colored pools looking back at him. He couldn't shake the image
of Tai's gorgeous body from his mind. Without thinking, he tipped his head closer and kissed the
other boy on the forehead. His skin was hot, it felt like his lips were burning.
Matt pulled back and Tai reached up to touch his forehead in disbelief. It took several seconds
to realize what he had done, and when it sunk in, he rolled over and got up out of the bed.
"I'm sorry... I don't know what I was thinking." He reached for his clothes lying at the foot of
the bed. "I'm just gonna go find my dad."
"Matt wait, don't go... I love you."
Matt's eyelids shot open suddenly and he gasped. His blue eyes darted back and forth for a
second, trying to figure out where he was.
There was Tai lying next to him, sound asleep.
"It was just a dream..." He sat up and touched his lips, remembering what it had felt like to
kiss the friend he had known since they were 11 years old. "Just a dream..."
Matt felt an empty spot forming inside him.