A week later, Matt sat in the cafeteria of Odaiba high school with a book in his hand and his lunch on the table, which he naturally had cooked himself. He sipped at a can of soda while he read only glanced up when Sora and Izzy walked over and sat themselves down on the opposite side of the table.
"Hi Matt," Sora said with a smile.
"Hello, Matt, have you noticed that the humidity is 2.4 degress above the average for this time of year?" Izzy said as he sat down.
"Um... yeah." Matt raised an eyebrow and set his book down on the table.
Suddenly a bushy haired head leaned over him and took a big sip of his soda through the straw.
"Tai! Get your own," he said, yanking it away.
"Well hello to you too Mr. Sunshine," Tai said, grinning and sitting down next to him.
"What are you having for lunch today, Tai?" Sora asked. She and Izzy both had trays with school lunches before them.
"Oh... My mom made my lunch," he said, opening a box full of something that resembled food on the table.
"You can have some of mine Tai, i always pack too much anyway." (A/N: Sailor Moon reference!! heehehehe, anyway)
"Hey, thanks Matt!"
Matt picked up a piece of fish with his chopsticks, expecting Tai to help himself, but he noticed the brunette boy was leaning over with his mouth wide open. Matt stared at him for a moment and then smiled.
"Here comes the airplane!" Matt said, shoving the food into Tai's mouth. He grinned and giggled and in a few minutes he had eaten half of Matt's lunch.
Tai looked up at the clock soon after and stood up.
"Sorry to leave but i have to go make up a test. See you guys later!"
"Ok," Sora said.
"See ya," Matt replied, going back to his book. Izzy was typing away on his laptop and appeared to be quite hypnotized.
"Matt, are we still meeting after school?" Tai asked before he turned to go.
"Yeah, I'll see you then."
"Ok, bye for now!" He called over his shoulder as he hurried out of the room.
Izzy looked up from his laptop and Sora stared at Matt. Feeling the two sets of eyes upon him he lifted his head.
"Are you two dating?" Sora asked.
"What!?" Matt nearly dropped his book onto the floor.
"Well, it seems like you've been flirting a lot lately," Sora remarked.
"You have been spending a considerable amount of time in each other's company," Izzy added matter-of-factly.
Matt thought for a second before answering. Tai had been awfully clingy lately, but he enjoyed being with him so much he hadn't even stopped to notice how often the pair were seeing each other. He wondered if it would really be so terrible if they were together, but someone like him could never feel that way, or so he tried to convince himself.
"No, we're not dating," Matt said, and ended the conversation by getting up and leaving the lunch table, book in hand.

After school, Matt waited outside the front doors with his bag slung over his shoulder, waiting for Tai.
"I wish he wasn't always late..." the blonde mumbled. He gasped with surprise as he felt another body hit him in the back and saw two arms swing around him.
"Sorry I'm late!" a cheerful voice said from behind. Matt shrugged him off and turned around.
"Don't do that..."
"What? Hug you?"
"Yes." Matt started walking down the sidewalk away from the school. The shorter boy followed behind him.
"Why not?"
"Because, people think we're dating. You've been hanging all over me lately."
Matt walked a few more steps and realized Tai had stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. All he could see was Tai's mass of chestnut hair, he had his head hung and was looking at the ground.
"What's the matter? Are you feeling sick or something?"
"Why is it so bad if they think that..." Matt could barely hear him, he was speaking so low.
"What are you talking about?"
Tai looked up again and Matt saw tears streaming down his friend's cheeks. It was strange for this to come on so suddenly, because Tai really didn't cry very often.
Matt hurried back to him and placed a hand on his trembling shoulder.
"Tai, what's the matter?"
"Why do you think it's bad... if people think that." he managed to get out between sobs.
"You mean that we're dating?"
Tai only nodded.
"You mean you..." Matt thought back on everything that had happened over the past week. Tai had been asking him to come over nearly every day. He had simply assumed Tai was trying to comfort him after losing his apartment, but it was more than that. Had Tai always looked at him that way?
"I had a feeling..."
"That I liked you?" Tai asked. He sounded so small.
"I had a dream that I kissed you when i was sleeping at your house, the night my apartment building burned down."
"So that's what you were dreaming about..." he said.
"Was i talking in my sleep?" Matt asked, wondering how he knew.
"No... after you fell asleep you kind of got an uh... well, I could tell you were having kind of an arousing dream... You know what i mean?"
Matt blushed slightly when he figured out what Tai meant.
"Matt, I'm sorry... I can't help the way i feel about you..."
Matt could see his lip was starting to quiver slightly. Knowing he was about to cry again, Matt wrapped his arms around the beautiful little brunette and held him closely.
While this was going on, Sora and Izzy were walking out of the school together. They strolled along the sidewalk talking until Sora glanced over and noticed the two boys a dozen or so meters away.
"Look!" she exclaimed, pointing and almost hitting Izzy in the face. They both gaped at the two teenagers hugging each other in the middle of the sidewalk. They were holding each other so tightly it looked like they were literally joined at the hip.
"Didn't a certain someone just inform us that they WEREN'T dating?" Izzy said.
"They're crazy..."
Izzy nodded in agreement.
"They also in love with each other," Sora mused. "I just think they're the only ones who don't know it yet."

The small cocoa haired brunette sat shivering on the bleachers next to his blue eyed friend the following Saturday. He wrapped his bare arms around his body, trying to keep warm in his thin t-shirt. The middle school soccer team had made it to the playoffs and most of the digidestined had come to watch Davis play. They were all sitting in different spots however, in groups of two or three, since seating was scarce at such an important game.
"Are you cold?" Matt asked.
"Yes, that's why I'm shivering like crazy," he replied, glaring to his right at the tall blonde.
"Why didn't you wear a jacket?"
"Because I didn't know it was going to be so cold!" he whined.
"Come here." Matt extended his arm and Tai inched over until he was pressed up against Matt's chest and the arm, clothed by a thick black sweater, was wrapped around him.
"They say body heat is the best way to keep warm," Matt said, smiling.
Tai nuzzled up against Matt's body and could feel his heart beating. The warmth started to flow through him and soon he felt like he was surrounded by a comfortable blanket.
"Matt, have things changed between us?" he asked.
"Of course they have. Things change between people all the time, but that doesn't mean they can't still be friends." He paused for a moment and looked off into the distance, then continued. "Sometimes change even makes things better."
Tai thought for a moment, going over everything in his head.
"I want to be more than friends..."
"I'm not sure that's right for me, Tai."
The brown eyed boy shifted and looked up at Matt.
"Well look what we're doing right now, does this feel wrong?"
Matt didn't move but said in a barely audible voice," No..."
"And when we slept in the same bed, was that wrong?"
Matt said nothing this time, but Tai could tell by his facial expression that the answer was still No.
"And... would it feel wrong if I did this?" Tai slowly moved his face closer and tipped his head to the side. They moved together until they could feel each other's hot breaths blowing against their cheeks. Finally, Tai's creamy tan lips touched Matt's milky white ones and they molded together.
On the soccer field directly in front of them, Davis was dribbling down the turf, about to make the goal that would tie the game in the last few minutes of the first half. He glanced for a split second at the bleachers, but suddenly did a double take at the sight of Matt and Tai in a lip lock and tripped over his own foot, landing face first against the half frozen ground.
The referee's whistle blew and the Odaiba coach called Time. The coach and several players ran over to their fallen team mate.
"What the heck happened, Motomiya?" the coach asked him, Davis got to his knees slowly and cupped his hand under his nose.
"I think I broke my face," he graoned.
"Your nose is bleeding pretty bad." The coach then called over to a boy still waiting on the bench. "Hino! Come over here and fill in for Motomiya!" The boy ran out to the field and Davis trudged back to the bench for a tissue and ice pack.
When the game resumed and Davis had controlled his bleeding, he started motioning for his two older friends to come over. Matt and Tai's kiss had been broken due to all the commotion, and they now pushed past the people in front of them until they were at ground level.
"Davis, what happened to you out there?" Tai asked when they reached him.
"Well if you saw one of your best friends kissin' another one of your best friends, wouldn't you be a little SURPRISED!?" he shouted.
Tai opened his mouth to reply, but Matt spoke before he was able.
"Davis, it's none of your business," he said simply, and started to walk away.
"Matt, wait!" They left the soccer game and started down the sidewalk, passing Odaiba park on the way.
"I guess we can forget out keeping any of this a secret even if we wanted to," Matt said, sounding slightly annoyed.
"Well now that Davis has seen all that, we can count on every one of our friends knowing by tomorrow morning."
"Davis does have kind of a big mouth, Tai said jokingly.
"Matt," he added, growing serious, "are you mad at me?"
"Why would I be?" They both continued to walk.
"I mean... did you enjoy that?"
Suddenly, Matt looked up and down the street to see if any people were coming and grabbed Tai's hand. He ran off the sidewalk onto the grass of the park, Tai stumbling along behind him. When they had reached a small clump of trees, blocked from view by a tall hedge, Matt pressed Tai up against a tree in the corner.
He held the back of Tai's head in his hand and touched his lips to the smaller boy's, plunging his tongue into Tai's warm mouth. When Matt's lips overtook him, the little brunette felt a searing hotness and opened his jaw wider to receive the kiss. Both tongues probed back and forth, and every time Matt started to close his mouth, Tai would open it again with his own, pleading for more.
They tasted and kissed each other for what seemed like hours, when in reality it was only a few short minutes. Matt finally pulled away from his best friend, panting.
"Now, you can't tell me you didn't want that..." Tai said breathlessly.
Matt smirked and wrapped his arms tightly around Tai's narrow shoulders.
"It was better than any dream, that's for sure."
"Matt I love you."
"I know."
Tai placed both hands on Matt's chest and pushed him away a bit.
"Is that all you have to say?"
"I think you know already that I love you too..."
Tai brushed Matt's silky hair out of his eyes, his fingers grazing gently against the blonde's forehead. Matt brought his delicate hand to the side of Tai's perfectly pure face and touched noses with him.
"How long do you think we would have gone on pretending we didn't feel this way, if it hadn't been for that dream I had?"
"I don't know," Matt replied, his lips almost meeting Tai's when he spoke, "all I know is that when I'm with you my heart's on fire..."
They pulled close until their flaming hearts were beating against each other, and never let go again.

(A/N: And they lived happily ever after! *flashes a cheap-ass grin*)