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Pizza Making

A small sigh escaped passed his lips as he stared out into the empty ocean, thanks to their bass guitarist, 2D was now stuck in the middle of who knows where without any type of interaction with the outer world. What was he suppose to do now? Try to take the submarine and take it to the nearest location? 2D shivered slightly, what if the whales attacked him? He wouldn't dare take the chance. Biting his lip, he walked back inside and looked at his band mates.

Murdoc was spread across the couch, a beer in hand. His eyes flicked over to 2D before he smirked. "Hey faceache, how about you make me dinner?" He suggested though it really sounded like an order.

2D nodded slowly, it wasn't like he had a choice. Without the real Noodle here, no one was here to stop him from punching the hell out of him. The one time Murdoc had stuck that robot on him... that was terrible. So many injuries... he hated that thing. It couldn't replace Noodle, no matter what Murdoc said. She was special.

"Idiot. I need food." Murdoc said, beginning to get annoyed as he crushed the can in his hand. He then pulled out a cigarette out from his back pocket and lit it up, relaxing even more on the couch. He continued staring at 2D, making the vocalist feel uncomfortable.

2D slowly walked over to the kitchen and looked through the cupboards, pulling out some stuff. He knew he wasn't a good cook, especially not better than Russel. A mad man would think he was better than that giant. 2D knew he wasn't good, Murdoc reminded him all the time. Always told him how terrible it tasted or how burnt or uncooked it was. But he was the new chef around here it seemed. He'd make pizza, that would be simple enough. It was the kind that you just had to add water and then put the sauce and toppings on. Even he could do it. Glancing back, he noticed Murdoc still staring at him. It felt so weird. He tried to ignore it as he prepared the dough.

Murdoc grunted softly and looked back at the show he was watching. "Get me another beer Tin Can." He ordered, tossing the can at the robot. Without a reply, he then watched as it walked over to the fridge and grabbed another. He did have to admit, this place was boring most of the time. He'd never admit it though, then the moron would think he was special or right or something stupid like that. Sitting up, he snatched the new can from the robot. Cracking it open, he took a large sip. It felt nice running down his throat.

2D had his apron on and his hair tied back so it wouldn't get in the food. He wouldn't give Murdoc a reason to complain this time. Smiling a little to himself, he began rolling out the dough ball into a large circle. He hummed to himself, mumbling Clint Eastwood as he rubbed the thick sauce around on the entire pizza. He didn't mind this to be honest. Being alone with Murdoc... actually wasn't too bad. It seemed more peaceful than usual which was very surprising to him.

Murdoc couldn't help but glance back over at 2D, he frowned deeply at what his vocalist was wearing. "What the fuck Stu? You look like a damn woman! Take those bloody things off Mate!" He ordered. He then paused, that apron... Murdoc shook his head with a groan. How long had it been since he had some time alone with a bird? Him being an outlaw made it pretty much impossible to go into town to find one or two... or ten. The thought always occurred to him that he could use his creation... but that would just be too weird for him. He didn't want that, especially since it looked like Noodle. The only thing that was left was...

2D glanced at him, "I can't Muds! I don't want to get my clothes dirty!" He complained softly. "I know you don't like the color pink but this apron is so useful!" He said happily, a grin forming. He really didn't mind it, not one bit. He then noticed the way Murdoc was staring at him. He shook his head and quickly put all of his attention on the pizza below him. He needed to get done with this.

Murdoc slowly laid down and closed his eyes. What a ridicules thought, he'd never do such thing to another man. He wouldn't swing that way, that disgusted him completely. Rolling over onto his side, he groaned softly. Boredom was really get him. He then sat up, "Ill be in my room. Come get me when that is done." He ordered before heading out, the man made Noodle immediately following after. Once he was in his room, he hooked her up to her charger before collapsing onto his bed. Curling up in a ball, he hugged the blanket before passing out.

2D bit his lip as he pushed the pizza into the oven. This was going to taste great! Untying his apron, he tossed it onto a nearby chair before opening a can of soda. Such a long day it was. Walking out onto the balcony once more, he lit up a cigarette. Inhaling the smoke, his shoulders drooped. "Noodle... Russel... Where are you guys?" He questioned softly.

Time passed as the entire house was quiet. 2D had fallen asleep on the couch, Cyborg Noodle was charging away and Murdoc was stirring in his bed. There was a loud beeping noise in the kitchen that immediately woke up 2D. Sitting up, the vocalist yawned and stretched. He kept dozing off, he'd have to be careful, Murdoc would kill him if he had burned the house down.

He slowly trudged his way to the loud oven and pulled the pizza out, slightly burning himself. Wincing, he set it on top of the oven and smiled. "This looks amazing if I must say myself." He said, feeling accomplished. Now, he had to go get Murdoc, hopefully he wasn't sleeping. Murdoc hated getting woken up, he'd kill 2D.

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