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"Faceache!" Murdoc yelled, a frown on his lips as he tried not to get too pissed. "I swear to Satan that I'm going to kill you." He threatened with a deep frown. Taking the elevator down to 2D's room, he stomped inside. "Who in the bloody hell gave you permission to clean this house?!" He asked angrily.

2D looked over at him and blinked confused, "No one else was going to so I thought I'd clean a little bit. Sorry if that upset you." He apologized softly. Grimacing, he watched as Murdoc slowly inched closer to him. "It won't take long to dirty it up again." He tried to enthuse.

Murdoc slapped his hands onto the bed on both sides of the vocalist as he shook his head. "I should punish you for not asking me for permission. I wonder if the whales need a playmate for today…"

2D winced and shook his head fast, "No they don't! They don't!" He said quickly as a blush soon heated his cheeks from the closeness of the bassist. "I'll ask next time, I will!" He spluttered as he continued shaking his head.

Murdoc moved back and smirked, "Good. Now hurry back up, I don't want you sitting down here all day." He told him, "Not good for your health." He watched as 2D didn't move, he just curled back into his ball. "We're you sleeping or something?" He asked but got no answer.

2D was already asleep, exhausted from cleaning the entire house. He had hope Murdoc would be happy but that obviously wasn't the case. He'd just have to try harder it seemed.

Murdoc sighed softly and sat next to him, "Such an idiot." He said softly as he lightly ran his fingers through his thick, blue hair. His frown soon reappeared as he forced his hand away. He had to stop this, he really did. This wasn't good for the either of them. He couldn't help it; the singer was just attractive in so many ways. Murdoc hadn't thought he'd fall for him, he wasn't gay. Maybe it was just the fact that he hadn't been with a bird and a long while. "Stuart." He huffed and jabbed his finger into 2D's cheek. "Get up."

2D stirred, sighing softly. "What is it Muds? I'm trying to sleep." He whined and tried to turn away but gasped when Murdoc forced him back onto his back. Opening his eyes, he stared up at Murdoc. A blush soon began to spread along his cheeks. "What are you doing? Are you sick or something?" He asked sheepishly, blushing darker as Murdoc leaned in.

Murdoc sighed and lightly touched his hair again, "You have such soft hair." He told the other. "And soft skin," he added as he slowly ran his hands down 2D's face. Cupping the vocalist's face, he sucked in breath. "Are your lips soft?" He asked as he tried to fight off his embarrassment. Who said these kinds of things anyway?

2D blushed heavier and looked up at Murdoc shocked; he had to still be dreaming. The Murdoc he knew would never do this. His heart pounded in his chest and his hands clutched the blanket underneath him. "How about you kiss me and find out?" He asked in a soft whisper. He had expected Murdoc to hit him, tell him he was just joking or even call him a fag. He hadn't expected him to actually kiss him.

Murdoc pulled the other closer as he kissed him deeply. He had been craving this other man and finally, he had him in his grasp. 2D was his.

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