Mariah, single mom, her best friend, Anna, and daughter, Stacia are transferred to Middle Earth after dying in a car crash. They join the
quest to Erebor. Mariah starts falling for the Dwarf king, but memories of the past are haunting her, and Anna is falling for Fili. Will they want to go home after the quest is over?

AN: Just to let you know. Thorin doesn't die along with Fili and Kili. I am so not looking forward to that part of the movie. If anyone has issues with this story, deal with it or leave. Its my choice to have a little girl on the quest.

Chapter 1
Car Crash

"Stacia. Come on. Breakfast is ready." I yell up the stairs for my six-year-old daughter. My name is Mariah Alexander and I was 22 with a six year old daughter that I had when I was a Softmore in high school. The father was out of the business. Stacia is the light of my life. We lived with my best friend since preschool, Anna. I worked as a CNA at the local hospital in the ER and Anna was a writer.

"Coming mommy." Stacia said. She was smarter than any six-year olds today and looked a lot like me. She ran down the stairs in her pajamas. I stood at the stove, finishing cooking the pancakes.

"Mommy. Desolation of Smaug came out on DVD today. Can we get it?" Stacia asked, jumping up and down in her seat as Anna joined us at the table.

"We can." I said.

"YES!" Stacia said, jumping out of the seat. I laugh at her excitement. She loves all the Lord of the Rings movies and the Hobbit.

"But first you need to eat your breakfast." I said.

"But mom." Stacia said.

"Listen to your mom, Stacia." Anna said. We ate and she ran off to get ready.

"I am not looking forward to the third one." I said, watching my daughter disappear into her bedroom.

"Because Thorin dies." Anna teases.

"Of course. You would be too with Fili." I said, standing up and putting the dishes into the sink.

"I'm sure you would marry a guy if he was like Thorin." Anna said.

"I don't think I'm ready to be with any guy." I said.

"Still waking up screaming at night, my dear friend." Anna said.

"Of course. Stacia. Let's go if you want to watch the movie." I call. Stacia came running out ready with her coat. We lived in Madison, Wisconsin and were heading towards East Town Mall to get the movie from Barnes and Noble. We arrived and Stacia was out of the car. I grabbed her arm, gently.

"Mommy. Come on please." Stacia said. I smiled and we hurried towards the doors to Barnes and Noble. Anna was right behind us. We couldn't say no to her and Anna was a huge help with her when I was working or in college. Stacia made a break for it to the movies. She stood with the movie in hand when we reached her.

"I got it, mom. I got it." Stacia said.

"Your fast, squirt." Anna said.

"Quick like a Hobbit." I said. Stacia grinned and I paid for it. We scanned the books to see if there was a few I wanted. Stacia stayed
close to my side. Anna was looking at Fantasy books. I found a few that looked interesting.

"Ready to go." I call. We paid for the books we found. I headed towards my car and drove off. Stacia was reading the back of the movie.

"Sweetheart. You got that movie memorized after we took you to see it three times." I said.

"I know. Can I watch it before bed in my room?" Stacia asked.

"Of course." I said.

"Mariah. Watch out." Anna said. It was too late. I saw a car heading towards us straight on and everything went black as I heard my daughters screams.

AN: There's the first chapter. I'll have the second one up as soon as I can.