Chapter 25
The Door into the Mountain

We climbed the stairs up to the mountain. I was behind Stacia and Thorin in front of her. I had my hand on her back to make sure she wouldn't fall.

"I am getting tired, mommy." Stacia said.

"We're almost there, Stacia. Hold on a few more minutes." Thorin said.

"Alright, daddy." Stacia said. I refused to look down. I hated heights. We finally reached the top and came to a little ledge.

"This must be it." I said. Thorin looks at the map as he stood in front of us all

"The Hidden door." Thorin said. Stacia smiled as the others joined up. "Let all those who doubted us rue this day." Thorin held up the key as he spoke and everyone cheered.

"Right. We have our key, which means that somewhere, there is a keyhole." Dwalin said as we all set the packs down on the rock. Dwalin explores the walls with his fingers looking for the keyhole. Thorin walks over to the edge and looks at the setting sun.

"The last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the keyhole." Thorin said. Thorin looks at the walls, but nothing was shown. Stacia and I stood off as we watched. We knew the truth, but they had to figure it out. The sun was getting lower and lower and nothing was changing. Thorin looked frantic. "Nori!" Nori runs to the wall and begins tapping in different places with a spoon while holding his ear to the wall. Dwalin pushes against the wall as the sun got lower. "We're losing the light."

"Come on!" Dwalin said, kicking the wall.

"Be quiet! I can't hear when you're thumping." Nori said.

"I can't find it...It's not here! It's not here." Dwalin said. The sun was getting close to disappearing.

"Break it down!" Thorin said. Dwalin, Gloin, and Bifur smash at the wall with their weapon, but nothing was working. Stacia tugged on my pant leg and I picked her up.

"Come on!" Thorin said.

"It's no good! The door's sealed. It can't be opened by force. Powerful magic on it." Balin said. The dwarves stop hitting the door and drop their weapons. The sun disappears behind the mountains.

"No!" Thorin said, stumbling forward, examining the map. "The last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the keyhole. That's what it says." Thorin holds his arms up in disbelief.

"Thorin." I whisper. He looks at me with sad eyes.

"What did we miss?" Thorin asked. Thorin walks up to Balin, repeating the question again.

"We've lost the light. There's no more to be done. We had but one chance." Balin said. The dwarves bow their head in despair and turn back towards the stairs. "Come away. It's...It's over."

"Wait a minute!" Bilbo said.

"You wait." Gloin said.

"You can't give up." I said.

"Where are they going? Mariah's right. You can't give up now!" Bilbo said. Thorin turns away. He holds up the key and then drops it to the floor. It chatters.

"Dad." Stacia whispered.

"Thorin. You can't give up now." Bilbo said. Thorin throws the map at Bilbo's chest and walks past him. The others with him, descending down the stairs. I turn towards the wall.

"Stand by the grey stone." I whisper. I go to the grey wall. Stacia watching.

"When the thrush knocks." Bilbo said. Bilbo and I look around, but don't see the thrush.

"The setting sun... and the last light of Durin's Day will shine." I said.

"Hmm. The last light. Last light." Bilbo said, turning away from the wall, thinking and muttering to himself. I look up to the sky and see the clouds move away from the moon. I smile and hear a knocking on the stone. Bilbo and I turn to see a thrush hitting a stone against the wall and the moonlight hits the wall, revealing the keyhole. I smile. The thrush flies away and Stacia went running to get the dwarves.

"The last light." I said.

"The keyhole. Come back! Come back! It's the light of the moon, the last moon of autumn!" Bilbo yelled for the Company. I look for the key.

"Where's the key? Where's the key?" I ask. Bilbo looks around.

"It was here. But it was here. It was here! It was just." Bilbo said, frantically as we looked for the key. Suddenly his foot hits it and it goes flying from the clearing and heads for the cliff, but a boot comes down on it and stops it. I look to see Thorin with Stacia in his arms. Stacia was grinning from ear to ear as Thorin picks up the key. Bilbo and I sigh with relief. The other dwarves come up to his side. They all smile at Bilbo and me.

"Stacia came to get us." Thorin said, handing Stacia over to me. He heads up to the keyhole and puts the key in the keyhold. Thorin pushes the wall and the door opens to show a tunnel.

"Erebor." Thorin said.

"Thorin." Balin said, choking up. Thorin puts a hand on his shoulder and steps into the mountain.

"I know these walls... These walls, this stone. You remember it, Balin. Chambers filled with golden light." Thorin said, running his hands over the walls. Balin steps into the tunnel. I follow with Stacia still in my arms. The others steps in slowly.

"I remember." Balin said. Nori points at a carving in the wall above the door. The throne of Erebor, with the Arkenstone above it sending out rays of light in all directions.

"Herein lies the seventh kingdom of Duin's Folk. May the heart of the Mountain unite all dwarves in defense of this home." Gloin read the inscription on the carving.

"The throne of the King." Balin said as Bilbo looks up at it. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turn my head and saw Thorin looking into my eyes. I Smile and he returns the smile.

"What is the thing above it?" Stacia asked.

"The Arkenstone." Balin said.

"Arkenstone. And what's that?" Bilbo asked.

"That, Master Burglar, is why you are here." Thorin said. We all look at Bilbo. He looks shocked, but knew he had to do it.

AN: And I leave it there. We got to the Mountain and now next chapter will be Bilbo going to get the Arkenstone. Hope you enjoyed. :)