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Rising From The Darkness

16. Is It My Fault?

Bella's Point of View

I took a shower and got dressed into clothes Alice gave me and I groaned when I looked out of the window. The ground was covered in a layer of white fluffy snow.

"What's wrong with snow?" Alice asked as she did my make up.

"I'm a klutz Ali. Ice and snow mixed with gravity hate me," I said as Rosalie braided my hair in a simple French side braid. Today I wore black leather combat boots, black skinny jeans and a button up black blouse. She gave me a green parka jacket and a dark grey bag I had a couple of days ago.

I walked down the stairs and tripped. Again. Edwards hard cold arms caught me round the waist standing me back on my feet.

"Every single day," I muttered annoyed glaring at the stares.

"Should I just stand here everyday ready to catch you?" Edward teased and I shot him a dirty look before walking into the kitchen. Instead of pancakes I had waffles and instead of water I had a hot chocolate. Carlisle gave me my normal pain killers and added an extra tablet.

"It won't stop you having panic attacks but they won't be as bad. Edward has more pain killers and more of them if you need them. Just ask him," Carlisle said and I nodded.

"Thanks," I said with a small smile. I hated taking the tablets. We took the Volvo and dent free Jeep to school and the snow seemed to slow Edward and Rose down by about ten miles per hour. So they now drove at 100 not 110. We got to school and everyone was throwing snow around and most of the parking lot had turned to that horrid liquid mush stuff and I glared at the ground.

"This is going to be the worst day ever," I mumbled as I climbed out of the car. The snow crunching under my boots.

"You'll be fine Bella," Alice assured me tapping her temple showing me she'd seen I'd be fine. I shivered slightly, wrapping my coat closer to me as we made our way into the school. We got to our homeroom and I rested my head in my hands and yawned.

"I want to go back to sleep," I muttered.

"You can sleep later!" Alice said brightly and I rolled my eyes. The morning lessons were slow and boring I didn't sit with Angela at lunch but I was tempted to move when Emmett, Jasper and Edward were shaking the snow off of them all over me, Alice and Rose.

"Emmett!" I said my chair shooting backwards as he shook the snow out of his hair all over us.

"Sorry Bella," He laughed and I tried to glare at him but couldn't and laughed. Alice's eyes clouded over and everyone's heads snapped to her.

Alice's Point of View

"Sorry Bella," Emmett laughed, not sorry at all. She tried to glare at him but failed and joined in laughing. I grinned at her as my eyes became unfocused and I was no longer in the canteen.

The baseball field as Emmett called it. It looked like we were in the middle of a game. I saw our protective stances around Bella and a flash of bright red hair before it changed.

I was stood outside the house, thunder and lightning crashing and flashing, I noted the way we were stood. Defensive. On edge. Jasper was giving out orders, something about Bella's scent and fighting tactics.

"Bella your going to come with me and Jasper. It will confuse them," I said to Bella who looked shocked, terrified and confused. She clutched desperately to Edwards arm and he helped her get in the car.

"It's going to be okay. Stay with Alice and Jasper and you'll be fine," He assured her but she just nodded nervously. He gently shut the door and she curled up on the seat, silent tears running down her face as Jasper drove us away.

The vision ended and I gasped looking at Edward who looked as confused as I did. Jaz felt our confusion.

"What's going on?" He asked, his southern accent coming through with worry.

"I don't know," I replied softly.

"There isn't a storm forecast for ages. We'll be fine," Edward said. I looked at him, not sure if I believed him and nodded.

Bella's Point of View

A storm. What? What had Alice seen? I looked at Rose who looked slightly concerned but shook her head at me, telling me now wasn't the time to ask.

"The bells going to ring in five seconds," Alice said changing the subject brightly. Still confused I walked out of the canteen and into Trig, Alice caught me up after saying goodbye to Jasper and sat down next to me.

The teacher set some work and we were supposed to be working in silence but who ever stuck to that rule?

"What did you see?" I hissed at her.

"Nothing. It doesn't matter. It's not supposed to happen for a few months and they might change their minds before then," She replied quietly. Something really wasn't right.

"This is about me isn't it?" I said.

"No," She hissed. But she was lying and refused to look at me.

"Your lying. Does this have something to do with C-Charlie, Phil or Jacob?" I asked wide eyed.

"No, gosh no Bella. It has nothing to do with them I swear," She said shaking her head. That I believed.

"Then what Alice? If something is going to happen I'd like to know," I whispered.

"We'll talk to Carlisle later. I don't know what my vision was about," She said.

"Something you wish to share Ms Swan, Ms Cullen?" The teacher asked.

"No Miss. I was just helping Bella on one of the questions," Alice said with a smile.

I let the topic go for now, Trig was uneventful and Alice walked me to Biology. I sat next to Edward dumping my bag on the table annoyed.

Edward's Point of View

Bella walked into Biology and Alice stared after her at the door, before skipping off down the hall, where Jasper was waiting for her. Bella dumped her bag on the table and sat down with half a sigh half a groan.

"What's wrong?" I asked concern filling me. Wishing slightly I'd listened in on her last lesson.

"What isn't," She snapped back. Okay...

Mr Banner started the lecture and I pulled out my notebook so we could pass the usual notes.

Really Bella. What's wrong? She read the note more than once as if deciding what to reply. Then she started writing and passed the pad back to me.

I'm tired, in the last week have had barely ten hours sleep. My ribs hurt every time I laugh or move to fast. I'm terrified to walk down the hall on my own and nobody will tell me what the hell is going on. She was still missing something out. I dug around in my bag pulling out three tablets and placing them in her hand with a bottle of water next to her.

Why didn't you tell any of us you were in pain?! The sleep thing will get better in time, Carlisle is looking for something to help you sleep, but the only thing he can find is anaesthetic. You don't need to be terrified to walk down the hall, someone is with you at all times. You know that Bella. Even if we're not there we can still here you and can get there in a second if something's wrong. Alice will see something before it happens and it never will happen. What is nobody telling you about?

What did Alice see at lunch?


She doesn't know. It was unclear and didn't make much sense. She's going to talk to Carlisle about it later.

It was about me. Wasn't it?

No. I lied and I knew she didn't believe me.

I'm not stupid Edward. I saw the way she looked at me. She lied to me when I was in Trig. After the years of lies people have been feeding me do you really think I can't tell when people are telling me shit?!

No, sorry, that was stupid. The vision wasn't about you mainly. Everyone was in it, you got in a car with Alice and Jasper. You were terrified and everyone was on edge. Ready to attack someone if need be. She also got a vision of the end of our baseball game. That was it Bella, I swear. I wrote, she read the note and sighed.

I believe you. I'm sorry.

For what? I asked confused.

Thinking you were lying to me.

"You don't have to apologise," I whispered, she looked up at me and gave a small apologetic smile.

"Force of habit," She said and I nodded in understanding.

"We'll just have to break the habit then won't we," I smirked and she smiled.

'The bell is going to ring in five seconds!' Alice said in my head.

"Bells about to ring," I whispered to Bella and she nodded shoving her stuff in her bag. The bell rung and we walked out of class. We walked through the halls and I stopped outside the library.

Bella's Point of View.

We walked to the library in silence and I looked around the busy halls. I felt like I was being watched, yet everybody seemed to be minding their own business.

"Here you go," Edward said, opening the door for me. I smiled, taking my bag from him. "Emmett will be here after class. If you need anything just say so," He said and I nodded. My last period should have been gym but with a fractured rib and a broken wrist, obviously I still wasn't doing any sport. Edward waited at the door until I was inside the Library and the librarian spotted me before he walked away.

I sat down at a free computer and managed to finish my homework for the day and I still had ten minutes before Emmett got here. Staring at google I started typing again.

Charlie Swan. Forks, Washington.

I scrolled through the links seeing the yellow pages site and a few others, about the police until I came to a newspaper article.

Chief Charlie Swan arrested? Facing life in prison!

Charlie Swan, chief of Forks police was taken from his home early this morning and placed in police custody Port Angelis. Isabella (Bella) who only moved to live with her father the beginning of the week is now said to be living with temporary foster parents. Isabella's mother and Chief Swans Ex-wife commented 'Bella better not show her face back around here. I sent her to Forks after she tried to ruin my second marriage, after already ruining my first.' She said, when asked about Bella's living arrangements.

Chief Swan faces a trial in two weeks time, charges are un confirmed but the speculation has started.

Is Isabella making false accusations? Is Chief Swan as perfect as everyone thinks? Father or daughter. Who's really in the wrong?

Tears stung my eyes, I went to read more but the screen turned black.

"Wha-" But I looked up, surprised to see Emmett stood next to the desk. He crouched down so he was the same level I was.

"Reading that, is just torturing yourself. They don't have a clue what they're talking about. Rumours are flying around and the more you react to them the more people will get from them," He said softly. I gave a small smile and he hugged me tightly. Emmett really was just a big teddy bear!

He pulled away and I bit my lip, wanting to say something, but didn't have the courage to.

"Tell me," He prompted.

"Everyone thinks I did this. Is it my fault?" I asked, barely above a whisper, a couple of traitorous tears running down my cheeks. More tears fell and I tried and failed to stop myself sobbing. Emmett hugged me again.

"Bella, this is in no way your fault. You never asked for any of this to happen to you. It's not your fault, no never," He said firmly hugging me tightly again.

Emmett's Point of View

"Everyone thinks I did this. Is it my fault?" She whispered, tears ran down her cheeks and she sobbed slightly. I wrapped my arms around her, ignoring everyone around us as I rubbed her back gently. She really did think this was all her fault?

"Bella this is in no way your fault. You never asked for any of this to happen to you. It's not your fault, no never," I assured her. I don't think she believed me as I hugged her tightly. When she pulled away I wiped the tear tracks from her cheeks, her eyes red.

"C'mon kiddo," I said pushing her books in her bag and picking it up. Pulling her to her feet, wrapping my arm round her shoulders as her legs shook slightly. "Let's go home,"

Bella's Point of View

Emmett barely said anything but I already felt better. I didn't believe him but I still felt better. His arm around my shoulders he lead me through the school telling me a random (probably not true) story that made me laugh. Walking outside the cold air hit me and I pulled my coat tighter around me.

My feet slid on the ice but Emmett kept me up right until we finally reached the cars.

The others looked at us and smiled, I knew they'd heard the conversation and I was thankful when they pretended they hadn't.

"Bella, I'm sorry if I upset you earlier. I was confused and frustrated," Alice said bouncing on her toes in front of me, biting her lip nervously.

"It's not your fault Alice. I'm just tired," I told her. She smiled and hugged me tightly. Edward held open the passenger door and I slid into the car, trying to ignore the banging pain in my head.

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