HEYY PEEPS! So, this is my new fic! As I said I hoped to do, this is (obviously) a Super!Harry fic, with lots of Manipulative!Dumbledore, and consequently heaps of Dumbles bashing. (As much as I like him, ol' Dumbles made one too many mistakes, in my eyes, to have them classed as mistakes, the twinkling fool.) Anyway, this fic first takes place when Harry goes back to the Dursleys' for the summer after his fifth year. I don't know how long it will last for, but I'm hoping this fic will be quite long.

Sorry to keep going on, but I just wanted to say, for anyone interested, I WILL NOT be giving up on The Prankster Kings Have Been Over Throned. If, however, I do not update within the next two weeks, I will put it up for adoption, just in case you're interested. So I guess then, if I don't update then I am giving up on it... Eh.

Last thing: thank you to Bellamort500 for helping me choose the title! (I really am crud at choosing! XD)

Thank you if you do read my excessively-long A/Ns, I'm really chatty! ONWARDS!

Harry Potter stared, unmoving, at the undecorated wall of the smallest bedroom in Number 4, Privet Drive, remembering the events that had taken place in the car ride back 'home' after being picked up by his aunt and uncle from King's Cross.

The 15-year-old (A/N - 15 or 16?) sighed, earning the attention of his uncle, Vernon Dursley, who was currently prattling on about drills. "What, boy? You have something better to say?" Vernon growled, snapping Harry out of his daze. Harry wasn't going to answer until he saw the blood slowly creeping into his uncle's face - a sure warning sign.

The young wizard sighed again. "What do you want me to say, uncle?" Harry asked patiently.

The redness was now moving at a faster pace now. "What happened at your freak school this year, Potter?"

Harry scowled and turned back to the scenery rolling by.

"Freak!" Vernon barked. "I asked you a question! ANSWER IT!"

Harry's anger levels were rising - quickly. Vernon, unfortunately for him, didn't catch this, as he raised his hand to strike Harry.

"DO NOT HIT ME!" Harry roared. Vernon was only slightly cowed, but then, Vernon Dursley wasn't an easily intimidated man.

"You want to know what's happened to me this year, do you, Vernon? Well, let's start from the dementor attack," Harry's voice was barely louder than a whisper, yet it carried around the silent car. A haunted look in his eyes, the young wizard continued. "The Ministry of Magic," Harry ignored the flinches from his 'family', "sent two dementors after me, creatures that can suck a person's soul out of their body, to try to prosecute me for performing underage magic." Another round of flinching. "I was then given a trial in front of the entire Wizengamot. I am only here and not in Azkaban because my Headmaster, who is an influential person in the Wizarding World," some more flinching, to which Harry rolled his eyes, "saved me. And then he ignored me for the rest of the year.

"Some crazed Ministry woman then gave me detentions for trying to tell people that Voldemort has returned, which the Ministry is denying, and making me write in my own blood." Harry lifted up his left hand, showing the pearly-white scars on the back of his hand, clearly reading the words, 'I must not tell lies'. Petunia blanched.

"And then, to top off my brilliant," Harry bit out the sarcastic word, "year, my wrongfully-accused godfather, whom I barely knew, was killed. Sirius Black. I assume you've heard the name?" Harry asked rhetorically. Of course the Dursleys had heard of the infamous 'murderer' Sirius Black. Their eyes widened in fear.

"Does that answer your question?"

Harry went back to staring blankly out of the window. The entire car was stunned into silence.

The rest of the car ride was silent after his rant. And now, staring at his plain bedroom wall, Harry was thankful for that. He didn't know if he could've contained his anger if Vernon had said anything negative.

Suddenly realising that some needs needed taking care of, Harry got up to walk to the bathroom. On his way out, he saw the clock and started. 12:06?!, he thought. Well, he then added to himself, at least I now have unrestricted access to the kitchen. Harry's belly rumbled in agreement, reminding him that he had eaten nothing since a meager pumpkin pasty on the Hogwarts Express.

Fixing himself a ham sandwich, Harry sat on the spotless counter (Petunia would have a fit if she knew) and looked out at the navy blue sky. Only the brightest few stars were visible due to the bright orange lighting of Little Whinging.

And... What was that speck in the dark sky, coming closer and closer to Privet Drive?...

An owl.

Harry immediately jumped off of the counter to open the window. The owl soared gracefully through, thankfully receiving the bowl of water and bread crusts that Harry had presented it with a quiet hoot.

While the unknown owl refreshed itself, Harry opened the blue wax seal and read the letter inside the envelope.

Dear Mr Potter,

It is with my deepest sympathy and regret that I tell you that you are required to be at the reading of Sirius Black's will. The reading will take place at 3 p.m. on Saturday 1st of July.

On a more personal note, Mr Potter, there is something else that we goblins would like to tell you, against the wishes of Professor Dumbledore. I will meet you in my office after the reading. All will be explained there.

May your investments be wise and your gold flow,


(Head Goblin and Director of Gringotts Bank)

Okay, so this is a kind-of prologue, but sorry that it's not much.

Question: does anyone know a good, well, 'farewell' that I can use for the goblins? As you can see, I used "May your investments be wise and your gold flow", but I don't know if there is a specific, uh, saying... Any help?...

I know I say this all the time, but...


-Lolerator xx