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Harry was so caught up in his work, he didn't notice Ginny slip through the door. In fact, it wasn't until Sirius muttered, "*Ginny,*" inside his head - along with her gasp - did he notice her presence.

Without looking up from the artwork he was creating, Harry cheerily said, "Hey Ginny!"

"Harry!" Ginny reprimanded him, clutching her chest in fright. "Don't scare me like that!"

"You did that to me," Harry shrugged cheekily.

The youngest Weasley child merely rolled her eyes, before moving to look over Harry's shoulder.

The boy in question sat back from his masterpiece. "So, Gin," he asked, "d'you like it?"

"Do I LIKE it?!" Ginny repeated in disbelief. "It's stunning, Harry!"

Indeed, the piece of art WAS stunning.

It depicted a quiet, peaceful meadow with the morning sun's rays playing peek-a-boo over the tops of the trees in the background, and cheerful flowers dotted around the lush grass. But, if you looked closely, the meadow and forest were full of life. Little fairies danced between flower petals; a red, regal-looking lion stretched out in the first moments of daylight; a green snake and a honey badger played tag in the grass, while a golden eagle swooped easily around the sky. However, there were four animals that stood out to Ginny...

'A stag, a dog - where do I recognise that dog from? - a wolf and a rat. The other four creatures I understand, being the four house mascots, but do these of any significance to Harry, I wonder?...'

Harry interrupted her musings by answering her thoughts. "Those -" he indicated to the animals charging each other through the thick forest, "- are the Marauders. The stag is James Potter; the dog is Sirius Black; the wolf is Remus Lupin; and the rat is Peter Pettigrew."

"Oh," Ginny had heard all about Pettigrew's tale, and didn't really know what to say to that.

Harry finished off the painting and broke the silence by informing Ginny that it was almost dinner time. Sure enough, the young Weasley's stomach rumbled loudly and the pair laughed, all tension disappearing.

"Harry, I've been meaning to ask you for a while; are you gonna reform the DA this year?" Ginny asked, sitting up from the slouched position she was previously in.

Harry and Ginny had joined Ron, Hermione, Luna Lovegood and Lavender Brown in the Room of Requirement after dinner for a small catch-up session. Lavender had seemed very interested in Harry's new look, much to Ginny and Ron's annoyance. And even though he was highly embarrassed, Harry managed to skirt around her questions and change the subject quickly. (Ron may of helped slightly by scooting closer to the excitable Gryffindor, effectively averting "Lav-Lav's" attention elsewhere.)

Harry blinked and digested what Ginny had just asked him. "Uh... I haven't really thought about it, Gin." (Lavender's ears practically perked up at hearing Harry's new nickname for Ginny.) "It didn't really work anyway, did it? Even though you, Luna, Hermione, Neville and Ron did a good job back in the Department of Mysteries, Sirius still died, didn't he?"

Suddenly, the tension in the room became thicker than ever. Not that Ginny noticed, as she continued her questions.

"I suppose, but you were a very good teacher, Harry, and we need someone to teach us how to defend ourselves. After all, if Umbridge was anything to go by, this year's DADA professor is bound to be crappy."

Hermione looked sharply at Ginny, and was about to reprimand her before Luna cut her off.

"You know," Luna said in her typical dreamy manner, "Ginny is correct. The baby Nargles told me so. They're very clever, you see."

Everyone stopped what little conversation was in the room to turn and stare at Luna who, for her part, just stared into space while twiddling her thumbs.

Then Sirius piped up, "*damn, that's a strange child right there.*"

And Harry couldn't hold it back any longer. He burst out laughing, not believing his ears. And then everyone else joined in, while Luna blinked owlishly at all of them.

After the laughing fit (mostly) died down, Harry said in between snickers, "you know what, Ginny? I might re-form the DA. But this time, I think we should add in some Slytherins. Last year, we only had one or two, and they could really help with our tactics and so on."

Ron had barely opened his mouth to protest, before Hermione stood up and muttered, "I have homework to do."

A deathly silence followed her abrupt flight.

An hour later, the group split up, not knowing that a certain pair of blue eyes was following them.

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